Leo Tattoo Meaning

A great way to represent the kind of person you are is through your zodiac sign or horoscope. The descriptions of “your sign” is such a deep and sometimes very accurate way to describe someone that it only makes sense that you would attach yourself to these symbols. We can talk about what we represent or we can get something a bit more permanent, like a tattoo.

The Leo tattoo is a popular choice as those that get this tattoo feel they are represented by this zodiac symbol and want to show it off. In this post we are going to dive into the description of those that are affiliated with this sign and talk about what it means to be a Leo. By the end of the post you should feel more informed about the personality of a Leo and you should also grasp the Leo tattoo meaning.

About the Leo Zodiac Sign

Of the 12 signs of the zodiac, Leo is the fifth. The dates are roughly around July 23 and go until August 22 during the mid-summer cycle. Those that fall in these dates should understand the energy of the sign so you can learn more about yourself.

Leo Tattoo Variations

Below are some of the major symbols of the Leo zodiac and what they symbolize. We often see those with zodiac sign tattoos getting very creative but you will usually see some of the common symbols incorporated into the tattoo. Below are those symbols and what they mean.

Lion Tattoo

The Leo energy is represented by the fierce and proud lion. The energy of this symbol is flamboyant and expressive in nature. This is why you will see those with the Leo or lion tattoo showing it off by having vibrant colors and placing them on parts of the body that are noticeable. The people born under the Leo sign are passionate about their family and projects, and very protective as well.

Leo’s can get caught up in their romantic affairs and personal theatrics, completely opening their selves to the greatness of what they desire and their self-expression. The Leo tattoo is a symbol of someone that is generous, loyal, totally honest, entertaining, courageous, kind and protective. On the other hand, the Leo can also be sloppy, jealous, arrogant, greedy, sloppy, vain and aggressive. The flair of the Leo can be directed into powerful leadership so that everyone can have their time to shine.

Leo Horoscope Tattoo

The Leo horoscope symbol is ♌. This is a symbol that is often used as the subject of the Leo tattoo. The constellation of the Leo sits between Virgo and Cancer. The name happens to be Latin for lion. In terms of what it means to the people of Greek heritage, the sign represents the Nemean Lion that was killed by Heracles (also known as the Greek hero, Hercules). It is said that Hercules couldn’t kill the lion with arrows so he trapped the lion in a cave and wrestled with the lion until he was able to end the lion’s life by choking it to death. He then used the claws of the lion to take the pelt, which he wore as a cape along with the head of the lion to represent his fierceness.

It was written that the lion was placed in the sky as a constellation because he was the king of beasts and belongs up there forever.

Fire Tattoo

Fire is often used to represent Leo and it is one of the three signs of the zodiac that is ruled by the element of fire. Sagittarius and Aries are the other two. Because Leo is second in fire elements in the zodiac, the fire is at its strongest during this time and its intensity can be felt by all. Just like the personality of the Leo, the fire burns strong and it can make a great tattoo. Many people that are Leos are natural born leader and alluring performers. The Leo has a tendency to try to steal the spotlight because they feel that fire inside of them but that is what makes the Leo so mesmerizing. What better way to represent this passion than with a tattoo of some fire incorporated into the Leo tattoo.

Sun Tattoo

The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun. The sun is a giant ball of fire which makes total sense when referring to the personality of the Leo. Often you will see the Leo symbols incorporated into a sun image. In Roman and ancient Greek Mythology, The Sun god, Apollo, rode his chariot led by flaming horses around the earth during the day time and lit the sky up with bright lights. That being said, the sun tattoo already looks great and when you incorporate any of the other Leo symbols into the work. The great thing about the Leo tattoo symbols is that they all make bold statements and are easy on the eyes.

Leo Personalities

We talked briefly about the personalities of the of the Leo but at the core, the Leo is an entertainer. If you are sitting down with a Leo and listening to a story, you will not be disappointed. They are authentic and warm hearted. They will also give you great heroism and strength when faced with hardship. They will be the first to spring into action when faced with these issues so you can always count on that.

Just like their personality, they will wear their Leo tattoo with pride. If you are in the market for your own Leo tattoo, just make sure you are comfortable with the artist you choose. If you have a style in mind, make sure you look at the artist’s portfolio online before you go in. That way you can narrow down your choices. After you have an idea, have a consultation with them and see if you mesh with that person. At that point, if you are still having trouble finding someone to work with, let us know and we can help you find an artist that will suit your needs.

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