Leo Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Perhaps more than any other set of people, Leos loves to tell people that they are, in fact, Leos. One great way to do this without even having to open your mouth is by getting one of the many great Leo tattoos that are out there right now.

On this page, we will take a look at what the Leo zodiac sign actually is and some of the meanings that come with Leo tattoos.

Those born between July 22nd and August 22nd fall under the sign of Leo and are known for their bold personalities and leadership abilities. And these happen to be two of the more popular Leo tattoo meanings that people like to use. It’s especially common for people to use the leadership meaning since they want others to know that they take pride in taking charge. If you are a Leo and are proud of your daring personality or your leadership skills, then you might be the perfect candidate for a Leo tattoo.

As the lion-hearted sign, the Leo is the symbol of the lion in the Western Zodiac and a representation of honor. Those who want to use the honor meaning will probably want one of the larger Leo tattoos, such as a profile image of the animal. Some folks even opt to put a crown on their lion to make this meaning a bit clearer, but that’s certainly not necessary. Most people who see these Leo tattoos recognize that the lion is possibly the most revered animal in the wilderness, so they don’t need to see any other images to clarify that.

Leo tattoos can also symbolize their owner’s pride. Sure, pride is often connected to arrogance, but in these cases, it often means that people are proud of very specific things in their lives. It could even be used as a motivational tool for those who want to be proud of the things they do. Of course, there are some cases where the owners of Leo tattoos truly are proud of who they are; they are Leos after all!

Yet another great Leo tattoo meaning is strength. This can be your own physical strength, your strength of character, or your ability to deal with tough moments in your life. If you have any or all of these qualities, then the Leo tattoo might be a great way to show your pride in them. Unlike many other symbols of strength, you don’t need to add any other images with your Leo tattoo design to get the message across to people looking at it.

The lion is the most common representation of the astrological sign, a symbol of the alpha, and for good reason. Lion tattoos are often very striking images, which is exactly what most people want from their tattoos. Even if you opt to just get a lion silhouette, people will be able to get a good idea about who you are and what you represent.

The only “problem” that people run into when they use a lion in their Leo tattoos is that it can be pretty tough to figure out the perfect image to use. There are thousands of great lion images to work with, so it’s a good idea to save a bunch that you like and then narrow that group down after figuring out exactly where you want to place your Leo tattoo. These are the types of things you can talk to your artist about, too, since they will have a better idea of how an image will end up looking on your skin.

The symbol of Leo is often represented by the Nemean Lion, a mythological creature taken from ancient Greek legends. The lion was an opponent of the demi-god Hercules (or Heracles), whose glorious golden fur was impenetrable. The lion is only defeated by its own claw, an analogy of the invulnerability of the thick-skinned Leo, taken down only by his or her own strength.

The Nemean Lion symbol also depicts the self-reliance of those born under Leo, a quality that makes for an independent and authoritative personality. These are qualities that many Leos have, so if you are proud of having an independent mind and don’t hesitate to show leadership, then definitely consider a Leo tattoo.

The Nemean Lion legend is symbolized by the constellation of Leo, one of the brightest constellations in the night sky, for which the sign is named. The constellation takes the shape of a lion’s tale, depicting the prowess of the powerful lion which makes a delicate but striking image. The constellation isn’t a very popular Leo tattoo, but it can work well if you also happen to love space and the stars. In fact, the constellation can work well when combined with other Leo tattoo images mentioned on this page.

The constellation’s prominence in the sky is another metaphor for the unforgettable personality of Leo. It’s not uncommon for Leos to be told that they are unique, and many of them take pride in this. If you are one of those people, this constellation tattoo might just be the only Leo tattoo that makes sense for you.

The Leo is also symbolized by fire and the sun, a powerful and central celestial body, personified by the fiery sign. A sun and lion together is a double force of dynamic power, a symbol of Leo’s enthusiasm and passion. Some people even choose to have flames around the lion to make this meaning crystal clear.

A lion on its own, often depicted roaring to emphasize its ferocity, is a strong image that conveys the qualities of Leo. The sign of the Leo is often incorporated into the image of the lion as well to indicate the significance of the Zodiac. Some people think that the ultimate Leo tattoo is one that has a roaring lion and some version of the sign.

Additionally, people’s birthdates can be added to their Leo tattoos as a tribute to one’s roots. This is especially true when the owner has parents or other loved ones who were also Leos. It can work equally well as a personal or memorial tattoo, and it can even work as both! In most cases, memorial tattoos are larger since more images and symbols need to be included, but with these types of Leo tattoos, you can usually make it work with just a lion and names and/or birthdates on top of or around it.

Like most other zodiac sign tattoos, people have to go over all of their design options before committing to one or more of them. That can be pretty tough with Leo tattoos since there are so many designs and meanings that can be used. What’s important is that you are happy with the design and that you pick out meanings that really do make sense for you. This is why it is vital that you are patient in the process so you don’t end up regretting anything about your design.

It’s also very important that you think about the many Leo tattoo meanings out there and if you want to use one or many of them. If you decide that all of the meanings make sense for you, then any of the Leo tattoo designs should work for you. However, if you want to narrow down the meanings to just one or two, then you might want to add an extra image or two to your Leo tattoo to make those meanings clearer.

If you take your time and figure out the perfect Leo tattoo for you specifically, then these are designs that you will probably be proud of for the rest of your life. Just be sure that you work with a tattoo artist who can get the most out of your design, including making the meanings obvious and having the image itself come to life on your skin.

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