Life Line Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The lifeline tattoo, which is another name for some heartbeat tattoos, is an excellent tattoo to get if you want a unique and beautiful love tattoo. It can also have other great meanings, so it’s the type of tattoo that a pretty large audience would like to have.

Below you will find all of the information you’ll need for the love line tattoo, including some of the ways that you can get one designed and the meanings that you can attach to one.

Life line tattoos have a bunch of different design styles, but most of them have an EKG-looking line going across their skin. It is meant to resemble a person’s heartbeat, which is why it is often considered a love tattoo. It’s also a very simple design, which is a great thing for a lot of people because they like to keep their tattoo designs as elegant as possible.

In most cases, you will find that people get their lifeline tattoos to show that the love they share with their significant others will last forever. This is pretty much the default meaning, so you really don’t have to do anything special with the design to use it. The tattoo shows that your heart beats for your significant other and it wouldn’t work as well without them.

There are plenty of great love tattoos out there, but this is one of the better ones to get if you want to keep the design simple without having to get the plain heart-shaped tattoo.

In many lifeline tattoos people will include the names of their significant others and they might even include their own names in the designs. If you choose to go this route it’s very important that you find a font that is appropriate for the design. Some people skip this step and end up loving every part of the tattoo except for the font that they chose to use.

While many people do get their lifeline tattoos to symbolize romantic love, some also get them to symbolize their love for a parent, a sibling, or their entire family. This is the type of meaning you’ll want to use if you want to show that you are not whole without your family in your life. It’s a great idea for anyone who wants to get a family tattoo without having to get something overly complicated.

Another popular lifeline tattoo is when someone includes their child’s name and/or date of birth above or below the line. What’s great about adding these names or dates is that you can actually interweave them into the lifeline so you don’t need too much additional space. The EKG line is already wavy, so these designs can look great with some cursive words added to them. Plus, that makes the tattoo that much more special because you know you have a unique tattoo.

Interestingly, sometimes the lifeline tattoo doesn’t represent love at all. In some cases people get these designs to show that they take their health seriously and they plan on extending their life lines as long as they possibly can. If living a healthy life is right up there near the top of your must-dos, then this is a great tattoo idea for you. You can even include other symbols in the design to tell a bit more about yourself through the tattoo.

Another reason why someone might get a lifeline tattoo is because they have a newfound appreciation for life. Maybe they made mistakes in the past or they survived an accident, so they decide to get a lifeline to remember to live life to the fullest.

Regardless of whether the lifeline tattoo is for love or something else, many people include some type of heart in their designs. The line does represent your heartbeat, after all, so adding in a small heart symbol can make the design and meanings make a bit more sense. However, you absolutely do not have to include a heart to use any of the meanings mentioned above.

What’s great about the lifeline tattoo is that it is pretty easy to fit anywhere you want to place it. It is just a wavy line and it can come in any size, so you should have no problem at all making it fit wherever you want it. You could even make it a vertical line if you find that it fits better in that style, though in that case, some people might not recognize what it is at first glance.

The arm seems to be the most popular place to put a lifeline tattoo since you can easily wrap it around the arm or have it designed to go straight up your arm. This is the type of tattoo that people usually want others to see since it is so important to them. It’s also the type of tattoo that owners want to look at all the time, so the arm just makes sense for a lot of people.

Even though the lifeline tattoo is a very basic design in most cases, you will want to find an artist who is good with his or her line work. No, you don’t need an expert artist to make a lifeline tattoo, but you do want someone who you feel confident will do an excellent job on your design. If you are adding in any extra images or the lifeline is just one part of a larger design, then you will definitely want to seek out a good artist in your area to do the work.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what lifeline tattoos are and why they have been such a popular option for people over the last decade or so. They’re not the most popular love tattoos around right now, but they are great ways for people to get love tattoos when they want a minimalist design that looks great on the skin.

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