Lilac Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Lilacs are loved for their looks, their fragrance, and even the symbolism attached to them, so it’s not surprising at all that the lilac tattoo is one of the most popular flower tattoos in the world. Just about everyone can find at least a lilac tattoo meaning that works for them, but the key is to not only have a meaningful tattoo but also one that you will continue to love for the rest of your life. Is the lilac tattoo for you? Well, take a look at the info below to see if it is!

One of the most common meanings attached to lilac tattoos is confidence. Not only can it represent someone’s confidence in themselves, it could also mean that they are confident that other people they love will do great things in their lives. That’s a pretty unique meaning to this flower, which is one of many reasons why so many people choose to use it. If confidence is a quality that you take a lot of pride in, the lilac tattoo could be the perfect design for you.

Another popular meaning that people use with their lilac tattoos is innocence. Most people want to grow up quickly and get away from being treated like a child, but there are some folks who quickly miss those childhood thoughts and feelings and hold on as tightly as they can to their innocence. These are the people who look at lilac tattoos as the perfect way to show that they will hold on to their innocence for as long as they possibly can.

Interestingly, some people use the classic lilac tattoo to remind themselves of a long-lost love. This could be someone who broke your heart, someone who never knew you loved them, or maybe even someone who passed away. Usually, people keep this meaning to themselves and will often put the tattoo in a hidden location. In some cases, though, that lost love is not an embarrassment of any kind to the owner and they will proudly wear it in a visible location, such as on their arm.

Those who are happiest in the spring will often get a lilac tattoo to share that with the world. The lilac is one of just a few flowers that people associate with the season, so those who get this tattoo will often look at their designs and think of the beautiful weather and the smells of spring. This same meaning can be used by people who want to “spring forward” with their lives and not look back, using the tattoo as a sort of motivational tool.

A meaning unique to the lilac tattoo is enthusiasm, which is perfect for anyone who is always full of energy and the life of the party. The flower itself holds this meaning, but to make the meaning more obvious you could add in other symbols that share the enthusiasm meaning. You don’t have to add in any other images, though, especially if you are using other lilac tattoo meanings.

The lilac is also the state flower of New Hampshire, so anyone looking to get a design that can show off their love of their home state should definitely consider getting one of these. You can get the lilac by itself in the tattoo or you can add it to a larger piece. A nice design choice is to get the New Hampshire flag with lilacs surrounding it.

People sometimes choose to get lilac tattoos simply because they want to get a flower tattoo and they love the color purple. The color purple actually has its own symbolism, including ambition, power, creativity, and luxury, among other things. If you do love this color and are already getting other images with the purple theme, definitely at least consider adding in some lilacs.

A lilac tattoo can be designed in many ways, so it really is up to you to decide how you want it to look on your body. It’s pretty rare to see a single lilac in a tattoo, though it can work in smaller designs. It’s more common to see them the way they look in nature, in bushels. It’s somewhat easier to design a group of lilacs since you can tweak the shape to fit wherever you want to place them.

Speaking of placement, after you’ve come up with lilac tattoo meanings to use and a design that you love, you’ll need to figure out where to put it on your body. Like most flower tattoos, lilac tats can fit just about anywhere, but it still might take a little effort to figure out where it looks best on you. A good idea is to have multiple designs drawn up so you can get an idea of how they will look on your body. You might end up finding out that one design looks a lot better in your preferred location than all of the others.

What’s great about lilac tattoos or any other flower tattoo is that most tattooists have plenty of experience working with these types of designs. Still, you should do a bit of research on the tattooists in your area so you can up your chances of getting exactly what you want. This research doesn’t take too long, but it could be the difference between getting an average tattoo design and an amazing one.

Hopefully now you can see why the lilac tattoo is so popular these days. There are hundreds of ways that it can be designed, it looks amazing on the skin, and you can attach some really great meanings to it. If any of the meanings listed above work for you – or you simply love flowers and the color purple – then definitely consider getting one of these tattoos.

Just be sure that you get a bunch of designs drawn up, you choose one that will work wherever you want to place it, and you hire an artist who can make it look great on your skin.

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