Lily Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

The lily is one of the more recognizable flowers in the world. While not the most popular flower to get tattooed, it is up there with the best since you can go in so many directions with the design. Below you will find information on lily tattoo designs and some of the meanings that people like to use with them.

The lily is very symbolic and the beauty of this flower makes it even more desirable to have placed on the body. This makes it an interesting tattoo to get since you will have more options available to you. That can also make it a more difficult process, but that’s actually a good thing. You’ll need to think about how large you want the lily tattoo to be, the colors you want to use, and which meanings work the best for you.

This flower has many different meanings depending on what culture you’re talking about. For example, in ancient Egypt, the lily symbolizes fertility while in the Chinese culture, the lily can mean purity and innocence. You’ll also find that many other cultures attach their own meanings to the flower and that many cultures share some of those meanings. If you were already getting an Egyptian tattoo, a Chinese tattoo, or another themed piece, then you can always include the lily with some of those meanings.

Many people choose to get lily tattoos because they are known for being one of the most exotic flowers in existence. This isn’t necessarily a deep meaning most of the time, but the owner of the tattoo might actually use the flower to label themselves as exotic. In most cases, people who use this meaning will have other images to enhance it, but that isn’t totally necessary.

Beauty is another great meaning that many people like to attach to their lily tattoos. Those who regularly acknowledge all of the beauty in the world will be perfect fits for the lily tattoo and this meaning. Like many of the meanings listed on this page, you don’t have to do anything different with your design for “beauty” to be represented.

Women who want to find a flower that represents femininity should look no further than the lily tattoo. It is right up there in the rankings as being one of the best flowers to represent womanhood. Lily tattoos used for this reason are usually in very public areas of the body, such as the forearm, wrist, or shoulder.

Yet another great meaning that comes along with lily tattoos is prosperity. If one of your goals in life is to be as successful as possible, then the lily tattoo might be perfect for you. What’s great about this meaning is that it isn’t very obvious, making it a great “personal” tattoo. Of course, you can make this meaning even clearer with other symbols and images that represent prosperity.

The lily is often included in religious tattoos because it also brings with it the “faith” meaning. Most people don’t know this about the lily, so plan on answering some questions if you include it in a larger faith piece. Again, if you want to use the faith meaning privately, you will never have to explain its meaning to anyone since they probably will assume that you went with the lily for one of the other meanings listed on this page.

People who simply want to get a pretty tattoo but don’t want to include any of the cliché flowers in their designs might find the lily to be the perfect addition. As we pointed out before, the lily does represent beauty so you don’t have to seek out a deeper meaning with this flower tattoo. If you are going more for the looks than the meaning, then you will want to design a lily tattoo that really pops off of the skin.

Lily tattoos come in many varieties, so you will need to look around at images or other designs so you can choose one that will look good on your skin. Some people will choose their lily designs by picking their favorite color and then maybe mixing in a few background colors to make the lily stand out a bit more. Other people will go opt to make their lily look as real as possible by getting every little detail of the flower in their designs.

If you’re going for a realistic lily flower tattoo, you have five colors to choose from. White and pink are the most popular, but the red, orange, and yellow lilies are not too far behind. You can use any of the meanings we’ve gone over with any lily, but each color does have its own specific meaning. White lilies symbolize purity; pink lilies symbolize prosperity; red symbolizes passion; orange symbolizes pride; and yellow lilies symbolize determination.

Placement of all flower tattoos is important, and that is especially true with lily tattoos since they are usually a bit larger than other flower designs. It’s a very popular shoulder tattoo since you can easily have the pedals “fall” over your shoulder in a natural-looking way. This isn’t usually the type of flower tattoo that you want to shrink down, but it can be done if you find a good artist in your area to do the work. The most important thing is that the design is done in a way that fits wherever you want it to.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when getting lily tattoos. They are some of the more complex flowers out there both look-wise and meanings-wise so patience is the key here. You’ll want to look over many different designs before you commit to one so you can be sure that it’s the design you’ll be happy with for the rest of your life.

That might intimidate you a bit and might scare you away from getting a lily tat, but it really shouldn’t. Being forced to take your time with the process is great because it gives you a much higher chance of being satisfied with the end product.

Whatever this flower means to you, the lily flower is beautiful and will make a great tattoo for you. It looks just as great on its own as it does in a larger design where it is just one of many elements. It’s also one of the best flower tattoos to get if you don’t want to get a commonly seen flower but still want people to recognize it. If you work with a good artist, there’s a great chance that you will end up loving your lily tattoo.

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