Literary Tattoos

Literary tattoos, also known as book tattoos, are a way for people to show how much their favorite books have meant to them. Most of these tattoos bring back great memories for their owners, whether because they were happy when they read the books or they learned something while they were flipping through the pages. Below we will take a look at why people choose to get literary tattoos and some designs you might like.

What’s kind of great about literary tattoos is that we are able to attach our own meanings to the stories themselves or the characters in them. In fact, some people will get completely different meanings than others for the exact same book. It’s all about where you were when you read them and how you were feeling.

Sometimes it’s worth it to get a literary tattoo just for the memory of reading the book rather than for something specific found in that book. For example, if you were dealing with a long bout of the flu and a book kept you mentally strong, that might be reason enough for you to get a literary tattoo. Or you might have a great memory of reading a book with your parents and you want to honor them by getting a specific book tattoo. The point is that there aren’t right or wrong reasons to get one; if you feel like it is the right type of design for you and you know you’ll always like it, that’s reason enough to get a literary tat.

Harry Potter tattoos are probably the most popular sets of literary tattoos out there right now. Some people like to get one or more of the book’s characters in their tattoos, especially the actors who played those parts in the movies. There are also quite a few Harry Potter symbol tattoos out there, each of which comes with its own meanings. Lastly, some people will pick out their favorite lines from the books and will get nice-looking Harry Potter text tattoos.

Another group of literary tattoos that are quite popular are fairy tale tattoos. These are great ideas for anyone who is looking for a nostalgic tattoo. You can pick out one or more of your favorites and get some of those characters inked on your skin. You can even take it a step further than that by picking out stories that represent something that is important to you in your life.

Often people get their literary tattoos because they felt a connection to one of a book’s characters. Even if the book was not illustrated, you can pretty easily come up with an image of the character you want to get tattooed just by following the description in the book. In most cases, though, people will decide to get one of that character’s quotes.

Probably the most common types of literary tattoos that people get are text tattoos that cover quotes and other lines from their favorite books. These can range from two or three-word lines to page length quote tats. Just be sure that you have the skin area to work with before you commit to any type of long text tattoo.

Sometimes people will get a full picture of a character or two from their favorite novels in their literary tattoos. As we pointed out earlier, you can come up with your own vision of those characters, but it’s usually best to have some type of reference. For example, you can easily find images of characters from most of the classics, but it will definitely be tougher to find images of characters from something that is currently on the best seller’s list, unless it was illustrated to begin with.

With some book tattoos, as in the cases of some Harry Potter tattoos, people will get symbols that were made popular in those stories. This is a fantastic tat idea if you want to get a smaller design that holds a lot of meaning. You should keep in mind that most people will not recognize what your symbol represents, but that is okay in most cases since these are generally very personal tattoos.

Literary tattoos are also excellent for two people who happen to love the same book. You can get matching quote tattoos or even get two different characters tattooed on the same locations on your bodies. Obviously these tattoos will mean even more if you happened to both have the same connection to the book or you met each other while reading that story (that’s pretty rare, but it would be a great reason to get matching tats!).

We could go over every type of popular literary tattoo, but the main thing to realize is that if you have a favorite book that has impacted your life in any way, you might just be a great candidate for one of these tats. Coming up with the actual design can be a bit tricky, but the main thing is that you come up with a tat that you can look at and feel that it represents your feelings towards that particular story.

Since literary tattoos are so meaningful, we highly recommend getting an experienced tattooist to design yours for you if you decide to get one. The good ones will recognize how much the tat means to you and will not rush you through the process. Even if you are getting a simple text tattoo, you still want a top artist to do it to ensure that the words are aligned correctly and the line work is solid. This is the type of tattoo that you’ll want to pay a bit more for to get a better final result.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what literary tattoos are and why so many people are getting them these days. If you are a book lover or you happen to have a special connection to one story, then definitely consider getting a literary tattoo to show off your love of that novel.

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