Lobster Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

Lobsters are unique-looking animals that make for an interesting tattoo. These tattoos have various meanings, depending on the person who chooses them. For some, the lobster tattoo represents their hometown or their profession. The lobster tattoo can also symbolize strength, adaptability, and growth.

In this article, we will examine the different meanings a lobster tattoo can have.

All About Lobsters

Lobsters are a type of animal called a crustacean. They live all over the world in the ocean; usually, they crawl along the bottom of the sea but they can also swim. Lobsters typically eat a diet of fish, smaller crustaceans, worms, and plants.

While lobsters turn red when they are cooked, they can be a variety of colors. The most common colors of lobster are green-blue and brown-green. There are also very rare albino lobsters that are white–only one in 100 million lobsters are the albino type.

It is estimated that lobsters live to about the age of 50 years in the wild, though some people think they can live as long as 100 years. The largest lobster ever found weighed almost 45 pounds.

Lobster Tattoos

Men and women both like the look of lobster tattoos. They are often found on the back, shoulder, thigh, or forearm. Lobster tattoos are usually done in black, blue, or red ink. The majority of these tattoos show a realistic portrayal of the animal; occasionally, you will see a cartoon lobster.

Lobster as a Delicacy

People all over the world enjoy eating lobster, particularly in coastal areas. In many places, lobster is an expensive dish and thus is considered a delicacy. The meat is often eaten dipped in melted butter. It can also be found in bisque, risotto, dips, and even mac and cheese.

Someone who really likes the taste of lobster may decide to get a tattoo for this reason. Food tattoos are not uncommon and the lobster tattoo is just one example. A person who chooses a tattoo of a lobster may even have other food tattoos on their body.

Lobster Fishing

Various species of lobster are caught in oceans around the world. The most common way of catching lobsters is using a wire or wooden lobster trap. Lobster fishing can be a dangerous profession, with people getting pulled overboard after getting tangled in their trap lines.

Many people get tattoos to represent their job or career. Someone who does lobster fishing may choose to get a tattoo as a symbol of their profession. In this case, the tattoo may include additional imagery, for example, a lobster trap, boat, or ocean waves.

Hometown or Travel

There are certain parts of the world that are commonly associated with lobster. In the United States, this includes places like Maine, Louisiana, and Alaska. In 2020, close to 100 million pounds of lobster were caught in Maine alone.

Some individuals choose to get tattoos that represent either the place that they grew up in, the area where they currently live, or a place they like to travel to. For example, a person who spent their childhood in Maine may decide to get a tattoo of a lobster to represent their hometown. 

Likewise, someone who enjoys traveling to Louisiana may get a lobster tattoo to represent one of their favorite vacation spots.

Strength and Protection

Unlike humans, who have their skeletons on the inside of their bodies, lobsters have theirs on the outside. This is called an exoskeleton. This hard shell is incredibly strong; if you’ve ever eaten lobster, you know how difficult it can be to crack the shell. The exoskeleton provides the animal with protection from predators.

A lobster tattoo may represent strength, either physical or mental. The image of this crustacean can resonate with someone who is trying to get stronger. The lobster is an ideal choice for a tattoo since it symbolizes not only strength but also protection. For a person who wants to feel safe, the lobster’s shell represents this.

Adaptable and Resilient

Lobsters are often considered a sign of resilience and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. If a lobster loses a leg, claw, or antennae, they have the capacity to grow back the appendage. This is just one example of how this crustacean is able to adapt their bodies to the environment around them.

Some people opt to get a tattoo of a lobster because it symbolizes resilience. A person who has experienced many challenges in their life may want this tattoo as a sign of what they are capable of. Just like lobsters, people can also adapt to difficult circumstances. The lobster tattoo is an ideal choice for someone who has shown adaptability to a changing world.

Personal Growth and Development

One of the unique characteristics of a lobster is that it is always growing throughout its lifetime. In order for the lobster to grow, it has to shed its exoskeleton–this is called molting. How often a lobster molts will depend on its age, size, diet, and temperature of the water it resides in.

People sometimes choose lobster tattoos to represent personal development and the ability to let go of the past. In order to move forward in life, a person has to be able to leave some things behind. Just as the lobster has to shed its shell, people must let go of negative habits and beliefs in order to experience growth.

Larry the Lobster 

The most popular cartoon version of a lobster tattoo depicts a character from SpongeBob SquarePants. This television and movie series features a character named Larry the Lobster. Larry is a bodybuilder and lifeguard whose role is voiced by actor Doug Lawrence. Originally appearing in 1999, Larry the Lobster continues to be a well-loved character as of 2022.

Fans of the SpongeBob SquarePants series may decide to get a lobster tattoo. This will generally be a cartoon depiction of Larry the Lobster. He is illustrated with a red exoskeleton, muscular upper body, and wearing swim trunks.

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