Lord of the Rings Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The Lord of the Rings books and films have millions of fans, so it really shouldn’t come as too much of a shock that many people are interested in getting a Lord of the Rings tattoo. If you are interested in getting one yourself, you will have a nice, big list of design options to choose from, which is always a good thing.

On this page, we will take a look at some of the Lord of the Rings tattoo designs you can get as well as some of the meanings used with those designs.

The majority of people who get a Lord of the Rings tattoo simply want to show others that they are huge fans of the series. In a way, you can look at it as a great icebreaker for both the owner of the tattoo and other fans of the series who see the tattoo. This is one of those series that fans can talk about for years, so it just makes sense to get one of these tattoos if you are a proud fan who wants other fans to know you’re one of them.

Some people will get their Lord of the Rings tattoos because a character, an object or a scene from the series has significant meaning for them. The story itself might have changed people’s lives in some way, which is reason enough to get one of these tattoos. In these cases, the tattoo both honors the source material and allows the owner to forever hold onto that memory.

Easily the most popular Lord of the Rings tattoo is the ring itself, also known as the One Ring tattoo. Some people will get a generic gold ring, while others go all-out with their designs by making it look as realistic as possible, including the real inscriptions found on the ring. What’s great about the One Ring idea is that it can be placed pretty much anywhere you want it, including the wrist, the forearm, and even the foot.

Some people like to get their favorite Lord of the Rings characters in their tattoos, with Gollum and Gandalf probably being the most commonly seen. Again, these usually don’t have deep meanings, but they do tell a little bit more about the people who get them. For example, someone who gets a Gandalf tattoo probably got it to symbolize wisdom or leadership.

One of the best Lord of the Rings friendship tattoo ideas is to get Sam and Frodo. You can get both characters to symbolize the important friendships in your life, or you can get one character and a friend gets the other in the same spot. These two would go through hell and back for each other, so it could be seen as one of the better friendship tattoos to get, especially if you both love the books and/or movies.

Those looking to go all-out with their Lord of the Rings tattoo can get a map of Middle Earth, showing all or some of the world in which most of these stories take place. It could look very cool as a sleeve tattoo, or you can get it completely flattened out on your back. Be warned that other fans of these stories will want to get a close look at this type of tattoo to see the awesomeness of it and the accuracy of it.

Another cool idea for Lord of the Rings fans is to get a text tattoo of your favorite quotes from the books or movies. With most text tattoos we recommend choosing the font that you like the most, but in this case you will probably want to use a font found in the books or from the films. You can even place the words on some aged paper if you want to take this idea to the next step. Shorter texts can go along your arm or even across your ribs, while larger pieces of text can fit great on your chest or back.

Those looking for a more epic Lord of the Rings tattoo might want to get one of the scenes from the books or movies on their skin. Obviously, this will take a lot of time, creativity, and money to make. These are the types of tattoos that should only be owned by superfans of these stories since the tattoo itself will be a big part of who you are after you get it.

With that being said, if done well, it could be an insanely cool-looking tat. You could get one of the epic battles, or you could have one of your other favorite scenes inked on your skin for the rest of your life. If that sounds incredible to you, you might just be the type of person who should get one of these designs.

Accuracy is important when putting well-known characters or objects on your skin, so we highly recommend hiring a great tattoo artist to do the work for you. Ideally, you’ll find an experienced artist who also happens to love the Lord of the Rings, but that really isn’t totally necessary. The most important thing is that your artist recognizes how much this tattoo means to you and puts extra care into making sure it looks amazing. A good idea would be to do some research on your local artists so you can see what they’ve created in the past and what people have thought about their work.

As you can probably tell by now, fans of these stories have a lot of Lord of the Rings tattoos to choose from and a lot of ways to get them designed. Even though the movies stopped being made years ago, the fan base is still huge and some still see these stories as some of the best ever told.

If you are thinking about getting a Lord of the Rings tattoo, make sure that you take your time while designing your piece and find an artist who can make it look great.

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