Love Tattoo Ideas

Love is an incredibly strong human emotion. There are several types of love; the love a mother has for a child and vice versa, a feeling of kinship between friends and of course, the passionate, romantic feeling of love.

This emotion can be represented in many ways when it comes to tattoos. Some choose to use a heart symbol or by simply using words to convey the message when adding a permanent embellishment to their skin.

Unsurprisingly to everyone, simple heart designs still remains the most popular way to get a love tattoo. While they are popular, hearts are still excellent love tattoo ideas because you can go in any direction with them, design-wise. You can get them in any color and you can include other symbols in or around them if they make the design better for you. You can even keep the design as simple as possible bit chance change the line work a bit to make it unique.

Another cool love tattoo idea is to get a heart with an arrow going through it or over the top of it. This represents being lovesick, which is exactly how many people feel whenever they are away from the ones they love. This is an excellent love tattoo idea for couples, though it also works for individuals who want to show off just how much they love that special person in their lives. What’s really great about this idea is that you can make the heart design any way that you want to and the arrow itself can be a very cool custom design.

No flower on earth represents love more so than the roses. Sure, it’s a bit of a cliché to get a rose in a love tattoo these days, but that’s really only if you get one of the same designs that people got back in the 50’s. It’s very easy now for artists to come up with some very cool love tattoo ideas with roses included in the designs. For example, you can very easily make a unique rose tattoos that goes down your forearm and that doesn’t look anything like any of those classic rose tattoos.

The Cupid tattoo is yet another great love tattoo idea. You can go in so many directions with Cupid tattoo designs, but you can be sure that everyone that sees it will recognize that it is a love tattoo. You can keep the design simple by just getting the silhouette of Cupid, or you can go all out by getting a heavily detailed angel with the bow and arrow. These designs often include a heart or two, though that definitely isn’t necessary. This is a fantastic love tattoo idea for anyone who wanted a larger design.

Believe it or not, even fruit can make for a great love tattoo idea. Apples and cherries are often chosen to represent love, fertility or chastity and passion. In most cases the “love” meaning will not be very obvious to outside observers, but you can make the meaning come through a bit more by adding in the word “love” or by adding in a few more love symbols. However, if you want to keep the meaning private (maybe you and someone else get them together and want to keep the meaning personal), then by all means just get the fruit in your tattoo design.

Some may also choose to go with a portrait of their loved one to show their devotion and connection. This a popular choice used to memorialize a loved one who has departed as well. Either way, in most cases these are usually larger love tattoos that often go on the back, the chest, or the arm. If you decide to get a portrait in your love tattoo, be sure to work with an artist who has done these types of designs in the past since they do require a bit more work than the other love tattoo ideas found on this page.

Another cool love tattoo idea is to get an infinity symbol either by itself or with another love symbol. The infinity symbol can be used to represent many different things, but in a love tattoo you are saying that the love you have will last forever (“for infinity”). If you and the person you love have other symbols in mind for your love tattoos, then you can usually very easily use them to make the infinity symbol rather than just having a line making the shape. Another popular variation of this love tattoo idea is to get the word “love” written and have the line lead into the infinity symbol.

Lovebirds are some of the most popular animal love tattoos out there, specifically for those looking for a romantic love tattoo. Lovebirds are known for always pairing with other lovebirds for life and being extremely sad when their partner is not with them. That bond is what many people want or have in their lives, making the lovebird design one of the better love tattoos out there. This is a fantastic idea for anyone who already loves birds and also happens to be looking for a great love tattoo idea.

Doves are also very popular bird love tattoos. Not only are they beautiful creatures, they also have some fantastic meanings attached to them. Like lovebirds, they are often found in twos, which is a great love tattoo meaning for people who use doves to represent their love lives. Doves also symbolize nurturing and motherhood, which is a whole other type of love meaning that some people might find to be perfect for them.

Some people choose to skip love symbols all together and instead opt to get the word “love” tattooed on their skin. Of course, other symbols can surround or touch the letters of these love tattoos, but that is definitely not necessary. If you choose to go with one of these designs, then you will want to pick a font type that you think will look great on your skin. The safest choice is to go with some type of cursive writing, but you can really use any font as long as you like the way it looks and it makes sense for the design.

Another common choice is to get the name of the person’s loved one inked on their skin. This choice however should be thought about very carefully. The best option if getting a name would be to get one of a child or other family member. While many choose a significant other, there is no guarantee that if you go with the name of a boyfriend or girlfriend that it won’t be something that will be regretted down the road if the relationship comes to an end.

Many lovers choose to show their bond with matching tattoos. Examples of this would be matching quotes or symbols, or symbols that fit together such as a heart shaped lock and key. This can also be done with parents and children, or even friends. It is best to choose something that also has meaning on its own in case, for whatever reason, you were to cut ties with the wearer of the matching design. A simple matching love tattoo idea is for one person to get the L and the O on their skin and the other to get the V and the E.

As you can see, there are plenty of incredible love tattoo ideas out there that could be perfect for you. The key is to find a design that symbolizes the type of love you feel, whether for a romantic partner, a friend, or someone in your family. If you have taken your time and found the perfect love tattoo design that will look great on your skin and mean a lot to you for the rest of your life, then that’s all that matters.

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