Lower Back Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Lower back tattoos have been extremely popular with women for nearly 20 years now. While they aren’t quite as popular as they were in the early 2000s, plenty of people are still interested in getting a cool design in that area.

On this page, we are going to take a look at why the lower back area is such a prime spot for ink and some of the more commonly seen lower back tattoo designs.

So, why did the lower back tattoo become so popular? Well, like a lot of trends over the last couple of decades, one of the main reasons why people started to get tattoos on their lower backs is because their favorite celebrities were getting them.

Famous singers like Britney Spears popularized these tattoos by showing them off at their shows and in magazine spreads, making them extremely popular for a long time. Younger and older women saw how nice the tattoos looked on their favorite celebs and tattoo shops around the world saw an influx of women coming through their doors to get different types of lower back tattoos.

Another one of the reasons why the lower back tattoo became so popular is because it’s an area of the body that has a unique shape and it simply fits some designs better than in other areas. Just think of any lower back designs that you’ve seen and try to imagine them on any other location on the body; in most cases, you’ll find that the lower back area just works best for specific types of tattoos.

Yet another reason why so many women like lower back tattoos is because it allows them to have something pretty to look at when they have low-cut jeans and belly-showing shirts on. In this way, the tattoo is even more of a fashion choice than most other tattoos since women who get them will then dress a certain way based on the ink that they have.

This isn’t the best reason to get a lower back tattoo design, though, because chances are your taste in fashion will change at some point and then you’re left with a tattoo that functions in a different way. If you are thinking about getting a lower back tattoo make sure that you will always love it regardless of what clothes you are wearing.

Some of the most commonly seen lower back tattoo designs are jewelry tattoos that are shaped to fit perfectly along the waistline. The idea is to create a design that looks like it was made to sit on your skin permanently. It is very important to pick jewelry and accessories that have important meanings to you to ensure that you will always be proud to have that tattoo on your skin.

Butterflies are also quite popular as lower back tattoos since they can easily be designed to go directly in the middle of the lower back and women can use any colors that they want on the wings. Butterflies represent transformation, so these tattoos are fantastic for people who want to show that they have made big changes in their lives and are willing to make more changes if it is in their best interests.

For similar reasons, many women will get their favorite birds tattooed on their lower backs. What’s really great about bird tattoos is that it is very easy to find one that holds a very important meaning to you. There are hundreds of species of birds out there and just about every single one of them has at least one meaning attached to them. Plus, bird tattoos really do look great on the skin, which is why bird tattoos are some of the most common tattoos in the world.

Another extremely popular type of design that works well as a lower back tattoo is the flower tattoo. Flowers, like birds, have many different species and many different meanings, but what makes them really special in the tattooing world is that you can easily tweak the designs to make them unique. For example, you can make a mandala-like flower design, or you can even just get a black and grey outline if you think it would look good on your lower back.

In some cases, women will get lower back tattoos to hide scars or other “deformities” that they have in that area. This isn’t the best reason to get a tattoo, but if you happen to also really like the look of a design in that area, then there’s nothing wrong with covering up something that you don’t like to look at with something you do.

We always recommend that people hire experienced tattoo artists to do their designs for them, and that is especially true when it comes to lower-back tattoos. The lower back has a unique curve to it and making a tattoo look great in that area definitely takes some skill. A good idea is to look through some local artists’ portfolios to see the type of lower back tats they’ve made in the past. Chances are you can very easily find the right artist to work with by doing some research online.

While lower back tattoos aren’t quite as popular as they used to be, it’s still a great place to get a tattoo if you can figure out a design that you will be happy to have for the rest of your life. We don’t recommend choosing to get one of these tattoos for their looks alone, but they are great for anyone who finds a meaningful image or two that also happens to look amazing in the lower back area.

This is a great spot on the body to place unique designs because of the shape of the area, so if you have a cool design in mind and you can find a way to make it work as a lower back tattoo, you might just end up with a tattoo that you will be very proud to have on your body.

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