Loyalty Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Text tattoos continue to be popular these days even as artists get better and better at making more elaborate tattoos. One of the most popular of those text tattoos is the Loyalty tattoo. The reason for this is because the word loyalty holds deep meaning to just about everyone and it is equally important to both sexes.

If you are thinking about getting a Loyalty tattoo, be sure to check out everything written below to see why it is so popular and the different styles that you can choose from.

What is Loyalty?

Loyalty describes a deep devotion between two or more people, in the sense of friends, family, and other relationships. When people get their loyalty tattoos, they usually want to show how important loyalty is to them, for one reason or another. You can be sure that anyone who has one of these designs is firm in their belief that they find loyalty to be one of the most important traits that someone can have. Also, you can usually be sure that someone with a loyalty tattoo design will always stand by their friends and family.

In some cases, the owner of the Loyalty tattoo wants to show that they are loyal to everyone close to them, rather than to just one or two people. This is a case of someone being proud of being a loyal person and wanting to share that with the world. Of course, sometimes people believe they are loyal while others don’t see it that way, but that is a discussion for another day. If you feel like you are a loyal person and that is extremely important to you, you might just want to get yourself a loyalty tattoo.

Loyalty Tattoo Meaning

The loyalty tattoo itself might not clearly show who the owner is loyal to, which is why this is considered to be a very personal and meaningful tattoo. It’s not necessarily a private tattoo for most people, but they may want to keep the exact meaning of the word to themselves. An example of this is when someone gets “Loyalty” written on their skin to remember how a parent told them how important loyalty is in life.

A connection is indicated with the word “loyalty” as well as a bond that includes mutual trust. While the tattoo might seem to only indicate one meaning, “trust” is usually implied since the owner is trying to show that they can be trusted by the ones whom they are loyal. In fact, sometimes other words are sometimes added to make this meaning a bit clearer to outside observers.

Loyalty is a dedication to fulfill those expectations of trust for others. This is why Loyalty tattoos make so much sense to people who get them. The text reminds them every day that no matter what they will always stay loyal and be trustworthy to those closest to them. This written reminder can be quite powerful.

Similarly, sometimes loyalty is by far the most important thing in people’s lives and they will get the Loyalty tattoo to remind themselves of that fact every day. The fact is that life can blind us to what’s important at times and text tattoos like this can be a great way to stay true to who we really are. If you have the tattoo, you actually up the chances of being loyal even in the toughest times in your life simply because that text is there.

The word is weighted with a lot of significance in terms of a relationship and a responsibility to remain honest and committed. This is why many people see the loyalty tattoo as one of the best family tattoo designs. Some folks even get loyalty written above a larger family tat, such as those with portraits of family members. The loyalty tattoo can also help people remain faithful to their partners in life even when temptations are high.

Everyone has their ups and downs, so getting a Loyalty tattoo can help some people never let the bad times make them forget what’s most important to them. Believe it or not, text tattoos like this can have a major impact on your mood. You might be having a terrible day and the text puts everything in perspective for you and you calm down. Obviously, this isn’t always going to work, but the fact that it can work is pretty amazing.

Loyalty tattoos are often shared between married and other long-term couples. It is meant to show a commitment level that cannot be erased. In a way, these Loyalty tattoos hold more meaning to the owners than the wedding rings they wear on their fingers since they can’t just take their tattoos off.

When people do get matching Loyalty tattoos, they will usually either get it on the same parts of their bodies or the opposite parts, such as when one person gets it on their right arm and the other on their left. Most of the same meanings mentioned above apply to these matching tattoos, but they take on even more meaning for their owners.

The fact that the two people are committing to getting the text shows that they are making a lifelong commitment to one another. These aren’t the types of tattoos that we usually recommend since things can happen, but it just makes sense with the loyalty tattoo; plus, you can always use the other meanings attached to the word should the relationship end.

Even though you will most commonly see people get loyalty tattoos to show off their bond with one other person, it’s not uncommon at all for three or more people to get loyalty tattoos. In these cases, the loyalty tattoos are considered to be friendship tattoos. This is an excellent idea for a group of friends who have been together for years and want to celebrate that friendship with some ink. The tattoos can all match or each person can personalize their designs.

It is not uncommon for people to get the loyalty tattoo in large font on their forearms or in other visible part of their bodies. They want that constant reminder to stay loyal to those important to them, which the tattoo can remind them of daily. They might also do this because they want everyone to know how much loyalty means to them. Just think about it – if you see someone with one of these tattoos you will know right away that they take loyalty seriously.

“Loyalty” placed on the left ring finger signifies an eternal devotion between two people, a promise to remain faithful to one another. A calligraphy-like font is usually chosen to create a more visually pleasing design, enhancing the image and its significance. In some cases, the tattoo completely replaces the wedding ring, while others will place their rings over top of the tattoos.

Family members share a deep sense of loyalty that is also often commemorated with tattoos. This is considered to be one of the better family tattoos since each family member can get the size that they want and the style that suits them best. In most cases, each family member will put the text in the same location, but they will add their own touches to their designs. Of course, it’s also very common for each family member to get the exact same design.

Even people who usually wouldn’t be okay with getting tattoos will get the Loyalty tattoo since it does hold such a significant meaning to them. As we pointed out above, this is the type of tattoo that can help you put things in perspective, which makes it a bit more powerful than the typical tattoo.

A sweeping script is often used in loyalty tattoo designs. However, a traditional style font also works well with the classic simplicity of the word “loyalty” and its meaning. We highly recommend going through a book of scripts to find the perfect one before you commit to anything; you don’t want to just choose the first one you see only to regret it later on. There are thousands of fonts to choose from, so it’s not hard to find one that will stand out on your skin.

A lot of people like to stick with the classic one-word “Loyalty” tattoo, but some people decide to add in additional words to make their tattoos a bit more unique. An example of this is combining “Loyalty” with “Power” to give outsiders a better understanding of who you are. That could say that through loyalty comes power or they could have completely separate meanings. If you have more words you want to add to your loyalty tat, don’t hesitate to do it.

Flowers and birds or other delicate images are often added to feminize the design, along with swirling and curving line work extending from the script. This comes down to the owners’ tastes and whether or not they want to add even more meaning to their Loyalty tattoos. The key to these types of designs is figuring out how to make the words stand out even with other images surrounding them. It is a good idea to work with a top artist in your area if you know you want to add additional images to your design to ensure that it ends up looking great from top to bottom.

As an ambigram, a word that reads the same backward as it does forwards, “loyalty” is a popular choice. The ambigram form emphasizes the value of the word, lending it a sense of eternity. “Loyalty” is often accompanied by “Respect” or “Pride”, as ambigrams or not, drawing more focus to the strong sense of family and connection that comes with it.

Modern symbols of loyalty have been created and can be found in dozens of versions, each with different properties. Although the symbols vary, the meaning of loyalty and devotion is present. One popular example of a loyalty “symbol” is the image of a dog, which is perfect for people who both want to get a loyalty tattoo and also happen to love dogs. You’ll also find that there are unique loyalty symbols in a lot of different cultures that you can pick from, or you can even add them to your text tattoo.

A very common loyalty symbol used is an Ancient Egyptian ankh that has been embellished with a heart shape either in the center of the ankh or placed on top. Swirling line work integrates both the heart and the ankh into one flourishing image. These tattoos look just as great in all-black as they do with color.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what loyalty tattoos are and why they are so popular these days. If you are thinking about getting one, make sure you think long and hard about how you want the text and/or images designed and which part of your body you think it will look best. After that, all you have to do is find an artist who will make it look amazing!

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