Marigold Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

Flowers are a popular option for tattoos and the bright color of marigolds makes them a beautiful choice. There are many reasons a person may choose to get a marigold tattoo. These flowers are representative of happiness, healing, and good fortune. They are also prominent in both Hindu and Latin American cultures.

In this article, we’ll look at the symbolism behind marigold tattoos.


Marigolds are bright, cheerful flowers that are easy to grow. They are most commonly seen in shades of yellow or orange, though there are also white and red versions. Marigolds come in over 40 different species.

Tattoos of marigolds are often done in full color, though black and white versions are also popular. They may be illustrated with or without the stem and leaves. Marigold tattoos can be a single flower or multiple blooms and are sometimes accompanied by birds or butterflies.

Zodiac Sign – Leo

People born under the Leo sign have the marigold as one of their birth flowers. This is fitting since the Leo colors are yellow, gold, and orange–the same as the marigold. 

Those born between July 23rd and August 22nd may get a marigold tattoo as a symbol of their astrological sign. 

Happiness and Joy

Marigolds, with their bright colors, are visually representative of cheerfulness. The color yellow, in particular, brings to mind sunshine, warmth, and optimism. The golden hues of the flower have a delightful quality that makes one feel light-hearted.

A marigold tattoo, especially one done in color, may symbolize a person’s joyful nature. It may be a reminder to them to find joy in all things and to celebrate the moments that life brings. 


Marigolds are viewed as a symbol of courage and tenacity. This is in part due to the flower’s association with the Leo zodiac sign, which features the brave lion as its birth animal. The marigold also resembles the head of a lion, particularly in color.

An individual may choose to have a marigold tattoo as an encouragement to be brave. In the face of adversity, it can be helpful to be able to glance down and see a visual reminder that one has courage within.


The marigold flower is seen in some cultures as having protective factors. It is used in Europe during Midsummer festivals which celebrate the summer solstice. Some believe that the marigold has magical properties that can protect people from evil spirits.

For a person who is seeking protection in their life, they may choose a marigold tattoo for this purpose. Whether it is something specific they fear or they are just looking for a general sense of being cared for, a marigold tattoo may fulfill this aim.

Hindu Culture

The marigold is prominent in Hindu culture and is used in religious events and festivals throughout India. Different colors of marigolds have different meanings. White marigolds symbolize harmony, tranquility, and purity. Orange marigolds represent bravery, while yellow ones symbolize holiness.

Known in India as the flower of the soul, the marigold is commonly worn in ceremonies and for weddings and funerals. The flowers can be offered to honor the gods and to show one’s faith.

For some people, a marigold tattoo may represent their connection to the Hindu culture or to India. It may be an expression of their faith and heritage. 

Latin American Culture

Marigolds are used for many purposes in Latin American culture. The flower is used in cooking and to make teas in some parts of Latin America, including Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru.

The marigold is also seen during the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) celebrations in various parts of Latin America. This festival takes place each year at the beginning of November and is an opportunity to honor loved ones who have passed on.

It is believed that the marigold is the flower of the dead. During the Day of the Dead celebrations, the spirits of the deceased are thought to visit the people they have left behind. Marigolds are placed at altars so that the color and fragrance of the flowers can guide the spirits to their loved ones. 

People with Latin American ancestry may get a marigold tattoo as a symbol of their heritage and beliefs. A marigold tattoo may also represent a connection to a loved one who has passed away.

Prosperity and Success

Marigolds are associated with good fortune in many cultures. For example, in Thailand, marigold flowers are viewed as a symbol of prosperity. They are commonly used during Thai weddings and festivals to bring good luck.

People of Thai heritage may choose to get a marigold tattoo to illustrate their desire for success in their life. Marigold can also represent a broader sense of prosperity in terms of wishing good fortune for all of humankind.


Marigolds are also symbolic of healing. The flowers themselves are used in teas and for various medicinal purposes. People use marigold as a remedy for inflammation, sunburns, sore throats, and bruising, among other symptoms.

A person who is looking for healing in their life may opt for a marigold tattoo to represent this. Whether it is physical healing or emotional healing, the flower can be a symbol of a person’s hope that their ailments will be alleviated.


Due to their round shape and bright yellow or orange color, the marigold is commonly viewed as a symbol of the sun. As the sun rises every day, it brings with it all of the opportunities that the new day offers. It represents a chance for renewal and rejuvenation.

Someone who is looking for a symbol of this fresh start every day may decide on a marigold tattoo. The image of the sun invokes feelings of hope and positive thoughts. Sunshine boosts people’s moods and improves well-being. A marigold tattoo can be a reminder to focus on the positive aspects of life and to practice gratitude for the gifts one has been given.

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