Matching Tattoo Ideas

Below you will find some matching tattoo ideas and why they might be perfect for you.

The animals

This is a simple idea that could be perfect for people looking for matching tattoos. If you and someone else both happen to love the same animal and want to get matching tattoos, then this is a no-brainer. You can get the exact same design in the same location, or you can get slightly different tattoos by changing the colors or making small changes to the design. You can also get “moving” animals that go one direction on one person and the other on the other person.

The quote

Similar to the animal tattoos, you can get matching quotes or get two halves of the same quote. It’s important that both of you are equally satisfied with the quote, though, since these words will be on you forever. It’s a good idea to get a quote that represents your relationship or one that you have both liked for years. Another creative idea is to get a quote tattoo that you came up with.

The playing cards

One of the more popular matching relationship tattoos are the king and queen playing card designs. Some people get just the “K” and “Q” with hearts (or another suit) underneath them. If you are looking for a friendship version of these matching tattoos, you could get any cards that you want to show your pride for the relationship. For the friendship version, you’ll get even more meaning out of the matching tattoos if you are both fans of playing cards.

The holding hands

The holding hands tat is a fantastic matching tattoo for partners and girlfriends, but it also works for parents and their children. Both people can have both of the hands tattooed in the same way, or each person can have one hand reaching out for the other. This is a fantastic matching tattoo design that has a very obvious meaning.

The drink glasses

If you and the person you’re getting matching tattoos have a love for going out and getting drinks together, then this might be the perfect set of tats for you. What’s great about it is that it is up to you what type of glasses you get and what type of coloring you want. Like with the holding hands tattoos, you can get one glass each or you can both have two glasses.

The incomplete image

If you really want to show that you are incomplete without that other person, then you can both get one half of an image. The tattoos should look great on their own, but they only make complete sense when they are together. You can actually get incomplete tattoos of just about any of the other suggestions listed on this page.

The flowers
Flower tattoo

s often have great meanings associated with them, so they can definitely work as matching tattoos. A simple example of this would be the rose tattoo, which represents passion and love. Most people get the exact same flower tattoo, but it’s not uncommon to see the same outlines but with different colors.

The sun and moon

You definitely have some options with sun and moon tattoo designs. You can both get tattoos that incorporate the two images, or one person can get the sun and the other the moon. Many people find these two be excellent matching tattoo designs because they see the sun being alone without the moon, and vice versa.

The hearts

If you want to keep it simple yet meaningful with your matching tattoos, then you really can’t go wrong with the hearts tattoo. Heart tattoos can come in just about any size, so you can get them places anywhere you want to on your bodies. The love meaning is quite strong with heart tattoos, but you can get them with a friend, a partner, or a family member. You can also keep the heart design very simple or go with a more unique, detailed look.

The significant date

Remembrance dates are huge now in the tattooing world. You can get your wedding date, the day you met, the day that changed your lives, or any other date that holds significance for you. What’s great about date tattoos is that you can be as creative as you want to with the lettering and numbering. These also can be small tattoos that fit on your fingers or very large tats that go on your backs.

The Mr. and Mrs.

If you want the meaning to be extremely clear, then Mr. and Mrs. matching tattoos might be the perfect choice for you. You can get those words by themselves or you can get some complementary images, such as crowns, to add in a bit more flavor. Of course, sticking with just Mr. and Mrs. would allow you to keep the tattoos very small, so maybe that would be the ideal design for the two of you.

The arrows

There are plenty of arrow tattoo meanings out there, but the ones that people seem to like the most are strength and solidarity. Obviously these meanings work very well for people looking to get matching tattoos. As far as design goes, you can both get one arrow apiece in the same location, or you could even get two arrows to represent your relationship.

The musical notes

If you and the person you want to get matching tattoos with love music, you could do a lot worse than musical note tattoos. You can each get a whole bar of music you like, or you can keep it simple with a sweet musical symbol tattoo. These notes look great and a lot of people like that they look best as all-black tattoos.

The symbols

Now this could be just about anything, but it could be the perfect idea for you and the person you’re getting matching tattoos with. You can get matching symbols or you can get symbols that are known to connect together. The possibilities are endless with this matching tattoo idea, but it’s important that you get symbols that mean a lot to you both.

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