Mayan Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The Mayan civilization is one of the oldest, most ancient civilizations discovered to this day. Not only did the Mayans discover ways to build large structures with sophisticated water and farming systems, but they had all types of symbols and even created a unique system for writing.

To date, the Mayan civilization is seen as one of the most progressive, before their time nations of all time. Not only did the Mayan civilization have countless inventions, but their legends and ancient beliefs have mystified people from all over the world for generations. Their belief in ancient gods and spirits captivates them as they speak of love, war, death and men.

There are many variations of Mayan tattoos that depict many different meanings. Choosing the right design for you could be based on the image alone or the meaning behind that Mayan image. The mystery surrounding these images is profound and should not be taken lightly. Keep respect in mind when deciding which design to get.

Mayan Tattoo Meaning

Going back over 3,000 years, the symbology of the Mayan culture has always been associated with amazing mystery. Similar to the Egyptian culture in the way they use images such as hieroglyphs and symbols to tell their stories, the Mayans symbols have significant meaning. Some of the most popular and powerful symbols include the Mayan Sun, Bat, Eagle, Jaguar, Calendar, Earth, Hunab Ku, Serpent, and Ouroboros.

The Mayan Sun is one of the most distinctive and important symbols of the Mayan civilization. Not only was the sun considered a god to the Mayans, but it was also seen as the giver of life and something that brought them food in terms of their farms, warmed their homes and help them decipher the time with their use of sundials.

The Mayan Bat, also known in the Mayan language as zotz, was considered in ancient stories to be the guardian of the underworld. The symbol had ties to both light and dark when it comes to symbolism. The line between good and evil was not very defined in Mayan culture. People who decide to get the bat as their tattoo or a part of it, want to display being reborn or power. They may also choose this design to show a trip or challenge they have experienced in their life.

The Mayan Eagle was seen in the Mayan civilization as a sign of growth and heavenly living. The eagle in Mayan tattoos has been seen as a sign of enlightenment and can be an excellent option for those who look to seek a higher peace and knowledge. The eagle has also been seen as a sign of a clear mind and the ability to communicate with others through telepathy.

Not only does the eagle symbolize the wisdom one has achieved or is striving to obtain, but it also symbolizes freedom and strength as the eagle can see all as if flies high above nature.

The Mayan Jaguar holds a special place in Mayan culture. The jaguar, according to legend, had ruled over the underworld and the night. Legend has it that this mysterious creature was the representation of the bond between man and the world. The jaguar was known to sail through the air in the daytime right before the sun set in which he would return to the underworld. The jaguar was also seen as a sign of power and divine control over everything on earth.

The Mayan Calendar, also known as the tzolkā€™in, is a unique representation of how the Mayans counted their days in a year. This calendar is particularly Mayan and was created by the civilization over 3,000 years ago. This tattoo can be inked as a symbol of invention and creation by society. Those who choose to get the Mayan calendar represent their love for Mayan culture and their respect for the society.

The Mayan Earth is a symbol of the society and their strong beliefs in the constellations. The Mayans were strong believers in the power of the sun and earth. The earth was significant because the Mayans believed that the earth was where the gods came to display their power and love. Earth was where you could connect with the higher forces.

One thing that Earth is connected with according to legend is patience. Earth was seen as a symbol of balance as it allowed people to discover themselves as well as become fully focused and divine. Earth allowed people to be coherent and connect with higher powers. Earth was always seen as a mother who cared and loved the people. Even though she was seen as loving she was also seen as powerful with waterfalls and oceans being symbols of this. All of these indications show the power of the earth when it comes to Mayan tattoos.

The Hunab Ku is a very popular design in Mayan tattoos. The Hunab Ku is a detailed circle that means One God. The Hunab Ku is a sign of humility, peace, consciousness, and harmony. These designs are great for the shoulder or calf and can be a stand-alone piece or a centerpiece for other symbols to be placed around it.

The Mayan Serpent or snake is a large part of Mayan culture. Not only do these tattoos look cool but they share a meaning with the ancient civilization. The serpent in Mayan culture is seen as a sign of dexterity, the unknown, and power of the Mayan society. The Mayan serpent is a great choice for thigh and forearm tattoos.

The Mayan Ouroboros can be pictured as a dragon and sometimes a serpent trying to catch its own tail. The shape of this tattoo is typically portrayed as a circle and is seen as a symbol of something that is reborn or transformed.

Mayan tattoos have many variations in design as you can see. The style is typically traditional but can be altered and customized to your own liking. Try to keep as much traditional design as you can to keep to the true art of the tattoo. Commonly, Mayan tattoos are inked in black and gray.

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