Meaningful Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

On this page we will go over some of the most meaningful tattoo designs around and why they might be the right designs for you.

The Musical Notation

Lovers of music probably can’t find a more meaningful tattoo to get than a simple musical notation. For example, the sharp note, represented by a tilted #, can look fantastic in tattoo form and can mean the world to its owner. Most musical notation tattoos are small symbols placed on the wrist, finger, ankle, or neck, but really they can go anywhere. In fact, you can add a musical note to any other tattoo very easily to make it even more meaningful.

The Quote

If one quote has stuck in your mind for a while and it describes you perfectly, then you might want to think about getting it in tattoo form. With quote tattoos, you not only have to think about the words that you want to be included but also the font that will make it stand out the best. After that, all you have to do is come up with a great place to put it, such as running down your forearm.

The Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol represents having endless possibilities, which obviously makes it very meaningful to plenty of people. What draws a lot of people to the infinity symbol is that it is a very simple design yet it means so much to them. If you want to be a bit more creative with it, you can use other meaningful symbols to create the infinity sign rather than just using simple lines. The infinity tattoo looks great and has the same meaning regardless of where you get it placed.

The Anchor

The anchor tattoo has two excellent meanings: stability and reliability. If those two words describe you or you want to work to be stable and reliable, then the anchor is an excellent meaningful tattoo for you. It might mean even more to you if you love the sea or have worked on the water. You have plenty of design options at your disposal here, including going with a very large and detailed anchor, or you can even get a small, simple anchor.

The Religious

To some people, nothing means more in life than their religion, which is why religious tattoos have always been some of the most popular designs around. You can get a holy book tattoo, a cross, a religious figure, or anything else that makes you feel closer to your religion.

The Animal

Some people think of animals as the most meaningful tattoos out there since so many meanings have been attached to them by different cultures over the years. From dogs to snakes to lions to elephants, if you have a favorite animal and you love the meanings associated with it, then this could be the best meaningful tattoo option for you. Again, you will need to think about how big and how detailed you want your animal tattoo to be before you commit to a body part to place it.

The Needle and Thread

If you are the creative type, the needle and thread tattoo is a cool way to show that to the world. These are usually simple black ink tattoos that have a wavy thread with a needle in the middle. They work great as wrist tattoos or even as rib cage tattoos. There are plenty of great ways to show off your creative side with a tattoo, but this is one of the most simple and stylish ways of doing so.

The Semicolon

The semicolon tattoo has taken off in recent years thanks to a movement started to help those who struggle with mental health issues. It’s considered a solidarity tattoo, but you can also get it to represent getting past tough times in your life. A lot of people like the semicolon tattoo because it is so meaningful and because it can fit on the inside of the finger without being too “loud.”

The Family Tree

If you’re looking for a family tattoo that is extremely meaningful, then look no further than the family tree tattoo. What’s so great about these tats is that you can use any tree that you want and you can stylize in a way that conforms to your body. Of course, you can also keep it extremely simple with a basic tree and add names or initials along its branches. You’ll want to take your time when designing a family tree tattoo since you’ll want to get everything to fit in just right. This is a great back tattoo for larger designs, and it can even work as a forearm tattoo for smaller versions.

The Heart

The heart will probably always be looked at as the greatest symbol of love, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the heart tattoo ended up on this list. What we like about the heart tattoo is that it doesn’t gain or lose any part of its meaning regardless of its size. Of course, you can always add more tattoo designs to make it even more personal.

The Specific Date

If you have a specific date or dates that you want to memorialize, then definitely look into getting the date tattoo. These dates can include your wedding date, a loved one’s birthday, the day your life changed, or absolutely anything else. You’ll want to take the time to come up with a great font to work with so the date can look perfect on your skin.

The Paper Airplane

The paper airplane tattoo has quite a few great meanings. If you love flying, this is a fantastic (and unique) way of showing it. You can also get this tattoo to show that you have a child-like side to you that never left as you were growing up. Most of these designs have the paper airplane along with some kind of trail. You can even add in some words along that trail if it makes it a more meaningful tattoo to you.

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