Michael Myers Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

If you are into scary movies, especially the Halloween franchise, then a popular tattoo that might interest you is the Michael Myers tattoo! With more and more people becoming interested in iconic tattoos, Michael Myers has become a fantastic choice for fans and Halloween movie enthusiasts all around the world.

Michael Myers is without question the most iconic, evil villain represented in horror movies throughout time. Without saying much, he is the most frightening horror character that was ever formed to be on the big screen. His mask represents his stoic, unemotional character which is represented in ten Halloween movies.

Michael Myers grew up in the 60s and was actually a very intelligent young lad living a very normal life until he started showing signs of a not-so-normal kid. Cursed with the thorn Myers kills his sister and is sent to an insane asylum where he would remain for 15 years until he escaped. Once he escaped he went on to look for his other sister. Myers was found out to be invincible and had an urge to kill his family. Myers lovers find that his character is a timeless, classic character that gave rise to characters such as Jason and Freddy Krueger.

People who get a Michael Myers tattoo could do it because they love the character alone and want to show their passion for the Halloween movies and the role he plays. They could also get the tattoo because they want to represent a classic horror film character and show their love for horror movies.

Other people may get the tattoo to represent how they feel in life and want to represent the crazy feelings that stir inside them. Whatever the case a Michael Myers tattoo is a solid tattoo for anyone looking for a themed piece to complete a horror movie sleeve or for just someone getting their first tattoo.

Most commonly, this tattoo is done in a photo realism style. That does not limit it to that style and can be tattooed in all sorts of styles such as neo-traditional and traditional styles. The style you choose should be what fits your taste or that goes with your other artwork. None is better than the other and all have their unique traits. Photorealism can portray the dark essence of the tattoo and shed light on the evil, sinister feel of the movies. Traditional is immediately recognizable and allows the viewer to see the image right away.

Some people also get symbols such as Michael Myers’ mask or the famous knife he uses to kill his victims to represent him in their tattoos. These are terrific choices if you want to keep the tattoo more subtle while still showing the meaning of the tattoo. These can also be great space fillers if you are working on that leg sleeve and have a little room to fill but don’t know what to put there.

Some tattoos are done with background and filler to allow the tattoo to make more sense to the viewer. In the case of the Michael Myers tattoo, this isn’t always the case. The iconic Michael Myers in his mask portrait is one of the most famous versions of this tattoo and is the most common form of this tattoo. It says everything with just the portrait and doesn’t always need something else to send the message.

On the other hand, getting the famed Myers house or him holding a knife is also a terrific way to show an entire scene. Some people have also added a jack-o-lantern to the tattoo to represent Halloween and the legendary movie franchise that is created around Myers.

Michael Myers’s tattoos can also be placed with other famous horror villains to complete a collage as well. If you want to show your wide range of love for horror, you could get a Jason, Freddy, Chucky and Myers collage tattoo and that would be a classic depiction of the horror genre. This is just another way to stay creative while showing everyone that you love horror as a whole. If you do decide to go this route, make sure you include Myers in the collage. He is the most iconic character in horror and is commonly seen as the forefather of horror characters who gave rise to other characters like Jason and Chucky.

The Michael Myers tattoo can be seen on women and men all around the world and is a great choice for either sex. Whoever chooses to get this tattoo, will be seen as a wonderful sign of admiration towards the character. Although the character is an evil man focused on killing his sister, this tattoo is worn by just as many women as men to show their love for the movie series rather than the acts of evil committed by Myers.

The placement of a Michael Myers tattoo ranges from half sleeves and panels to ribs and back. Whichever you choose will be a great way to represent your love for horror films. Since the most common form of this tattoo is the portrait, you will want to make sure that Michael Myers is facing forward or toward the motion you walk.

For example, if you get this portrait on your right arm you should have the tattoo facing to the right. If you are getting one of the famous knives then this can be placed in any direction. Just make sure to ask your artist the best placement as well as the best direction it should be facing.

Next time you are in the market for a new tattoo and you love horror movies, consider Michael Myers for that tattoo. As you can see from the description above, this tattoo exemplifies more than just a scary villain.

This tattoo can represent your love for horror movies and classic icons. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a horror or timeless tattoo to their body. This tattoo will definitely show everyone that sees it, what kind of person you are, and will give you one more thing to talk about when people ask you if you like scary movies or not.

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