Microphone Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The microphone tattoo represents much more than just music. By looking at it, you might think someone with a microphone tattoo is just a lover of music but when you get into it, you will notice there is more than meets the eye. The microphone tattoo can be a way to express your personality through the image of a product that amplifies yourself to the world.

The creatives of the world who love music or the idea of letting yourself be hear, are people that might have the microphone tattoo inked on their body. It is a representation of creativity and it can range from music to art. The idea is the expression of artistic ability.

In this post we want to go over the history of the microphone and why the image of one has become such an iconic image and a popular choice to be tattooed on the body. We will also discuss the microphone tattoo meaning and some different variations of the microphone tattoo. We hope that by the end of this article you will have a better understanding of why someone might get a microphone tattoo and what it means to them.

Microphone History

Also known as the mic, the microphone is a tool that converts air pressure variations of a sound wave into an electrical signal. There are many microphones on the market but the most common is probably the dynamic microphone, the condenser microphone and the piezoelectric microphone.

The microphone is an extension of the megaphone. It was a way to amplify the voice so one could reach larger crowds. The first microphone that allowed voice telephony properly was the carbon microphone. David Edward Hughes of England developed this microphone while Thomas Edison and Emile Berliner did so in the United States. Famously disputed, Edison was awarded the patent on the microphone in 1877 while Hughes had shown his working device some years earlier as witnessed by many.

Microphone Symbolism

The microphone symbolizes the creative in all of us. This doesn’t need to mean musically but all forms of art. The microphone is just a symbol but to the person wearing it means much more. However, in many cases it does symbolize a love for music and love for their art. This might be singing or being a DJ. It might also be someone that works behind the scenes on music.

Microphone Tattoo Variations

There are many different variations of microphones. Therefore, we get many variations of the microphone tattoo. We will review some of the more popular models of microphone that we see tattooed on the bodies of people. We will also talk about how people incorporate microphones into other tattoos to represent new ideas and representations.

Shure Brothers Model 55s Tattoo

The Shure Brothers Model 55s is the 1950’s microphone tattoos you would probably see most often. It seems to be the one more people go to when showing their love for music and singing. The Model 55 was created in 1949 and has been seen being used by the most famous of speakers and singers. You might see this 1950’s microphone tattoo surrounded by flames or wrapped in musical notes. Its distinct look makes it a can’t miss tattoo and if you are looking for attention from a tattoo, this one will do it.

New Age Microphone Tattoo

The new age microphone is the one we see everywhere today. This microphone looks similar to an ice cream cone in that the microphone itself sits on top of a casing that has a look of a cone. The new age microphone tattoo is another way to depict the microphone tattoo and is also one that you may see a lot in tattoo flash. This microphone is also the one that seems to be the favorite when someone “drops the mic” and exists a scene. This tattoo also represents the creative in all of us

Microphone and Headphones Tattoo

The microphone with headphones tattoo is one that we have seen tattooed as well. This tattoo speaks to us as symbolizing talking and listening. While it might only mean a love of music to someone on the outside, you can gain additional meaning by being creative. The headphones are used to listen while the mic is used to speak or sing. If you are doing all the talking all the time, you won’t be able to hear other people and communicate effectively.

Ripped Skin Microphone Tattoo

The ripped skin microphone tattoo is one that speaks to the soul of the person inked with this symbol. It shows that if you rip away the flesh, there is microphone under the skin. This symbolizes a true love of music and that without it, one wouldn’t be whole. By getting this tattoo you are letting the world know that you live and breath music and harmony. Nobody will second guess your love of the craft with a tattoo like this.

Microphone with Clef Tattoo

Another, and more specific, way of showing your love for the music is to add clefs or musical notes around the microphone. While a microphone can be used for speaking, there is no confusion when you see the treble and bass clef floating around your microphone tattoo. Only someone with a true love of music would have a tattoo like this.

This is a very specific tattoo and one would surmise there aren’t a great deal of ways a microphone could represent a trait. However, the microphone tattoo meaning is told by the person with the tattoo. This is the beauty of getting a tattoo. It means what you want it to mean.

We hope that by reading this post you have a better understanding of some of the ways people will have the microphone tattoo inked on their person. If you decide you would like to follow through with this tattoo and are not sure where to go, please let us know because we would love to help. We have a lot of experience in matching customers to artists. So, if you are in need of advice, let us help you.

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