Miscarriage Tattoos

Miscarriage tattoos give people a way to both remember their lost children and to help aid in the healing period after a miscarriage happens. These tattoos come in many forms and are sometimes added to other tattoo designs to help personalize them a bit more. On this page we are going to take a look at why people decide to get miscarriage tattoos and some of the designs that you can get if you are interested in getting one.

Easily the most common reason why people make the decision to get a miscarriage tattoo is because they have lost a child. Obviously this is a very tough time for anyone to go through, but there are a lot of people who find that getting meaningful tattoos like these eases the pain a bit. We’re not going to recommend that anyone who lost a child due to a miscarriage should get one of these tattoos, but it really is a good idea for people who find that tattoos can help in the healing process.

Some people will get their miscarriage tattoos to honor a child that a family member or friend lost. This is an excellent way to show that the person or people who lost the child are not alone and that the child will not be forgotten. Sometimes the best way to make this type of tattoo is to include the child in a family tree tattoo or another tattoo design that includes other memorial elements.

While to some people a miscarriage tattoo would be a bad idea because it would be a constant reminder of the child they lost, plenty of people find comfort in these designs. It’s always going to depend on the person and how they feel about tattoos and how they deal with their mourning. For those who are thinking about getting one of these designs, it’s always a good idea to think about how to represent the child in a way that will make you feel proud rather than down.

One of the most popular miscarriage tattoo designs is to have a mother and/or father holding a baby. This can be a fully detailed image or it can be more of an abstract design. This is a way to show that you really did lose a child even if that child never saw the world. It’s also a very powerful image that a lot of people would be pleased with.

Another common miscarriage tattoo design is to get the name of the child in text rather than including any images. This is a good idea for people who like the look and impact that text can have in tattoo form and for those who don’t want to include and image in their designs. Plus, more people will be willing to put the child’s name in a public place since the meaning behind it can still be kept private and they get to look at it more often than they would with a tattoo that is in a more private location.

“Never Forgotten” and other similar phrases are also great ideas as miscarriage tattoos. These phrases can be used to honor the child alone or you can get one of these text tattoos to honor everyone in your life who has passed away. It’s one of those rare all-encompassing tattoos that people like to get because it can represent so many different meaningful things.

If you do have text in your miscarriage tattoo, then you will want to come up with a font that you will always be happy to look at. Obviously you do not want to get a very flashy font, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a font that you find to be attractive. You will want to know where you want to place the tattoo before you choose your font, though, since some definitely do look better as large text tattoos than others.

Hearts are also quite commonly used as miscarriage tattoos because they are recognized as love designs but the meaning can be kept private. Also, you can design your heart any way that you want to, making very easy to have a unique heart design on your skin to honor the lost child. You can also very easily combine the heart tattoo with some of the other ideas mentioned above if you were looking to get a larger design. Some people will get multiple heart tattoos in a single design, and each of the hearts have people’s initials in them; if you decide to go this route you can very easily honor your child and other loved ones, and the design doesn’t even have to be very large.

Since miscarriage tattoos are so extremely meaningful, it’s key to have them applied by great tattoo artists. A good artist will give you some tips on how to tweak the design idea that you have, and you can be confident that the final tattoo will look exactly as you imagined it. Even if you are planning on getting a very simple design, you still will want to hire a good artist to apply the ink for you to guarantee that the line work and any coloring you have in the design looks nice.

If you or someone close to you has lost a child to a miscarriage, you might find that a miscarriage tattoo is a great way to ease the pain a bit and to have that child with you (in a way) for the rest of your life. There are just as many great small designs as there are large ones, so it shouldn’t be too tough to come up with a tattoo that you will always be proud to wear on your skin. If you do plan on getting any type of miscarriage tattoo, be sure to have multiple designs drawn up for you so you can get a better idea of what you want, and then hire a good artist in your area to do the work for you.

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