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Address: 350 Hiatt Dr Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 33418

Phone: (800) 630-9256

Monster Steel Tattoo and Piercing Supply was established in 2001 and made their name as an online tattoo supplier seeking to make lasting partnerships between themselves and their clientele. They are able to succeed by committing to prompt and reliable customer service as well as fast and easy ordering and shipping. They only advertise and sell products that have been expertly manufactured to be high in quality, long lasting, and durable. Monster Steel advertises themselves as a supplier that helps tattoo artists maintain their practice and stay profitable. The company’s extensive inventory includes dozens of brands and styles of tattoo needles, machines, aftercare products, and body jewellery in order to offer the customer as many options of top quality tattoo equipment as possible.

Monster Steel boasts exceptional customer service which can be accessed online or by calling their toll free number and speaking to a representative. As a testament to their customer service, any and all products that do not meet customer standards for whatever reason can be returned within 30 days of purchasing in order to leave each client completely satisfied. It is also possible to track an order to keep informed on exactly when it will arrive. They also offer free shipping on orders totalling $200 and larger, encouraging convenient bulk purchasing, although products can be purchased individually as well. Monster Steel Tattoo Supply is a retailer that suits both large tattoo shops who cater to dozens of clients every day but also small studios that house single artists.

There is no need to shop anywhere else because the large inventory includes all of the necessary equipment and supplies for tattooing, permanent makeup application, and body piercing. Tattoo studios of all sizes will benefit from counting Monster Steel Tattoo and Piercing Supply as their exclusive tattoo supply provider.

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