Moose Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

With all the animals that are out there in nature, there aren’t many that are quite as impressive as the moose. You might think there are many animals that might qualify as being “cooler” than the moose but this is only because you don’t know about this majestic beast.

The moose is a giant animal and its impressive size can’t be truly understood unless you were to see it in person. Moose have a calm disposition unless they are angry and then they can move fast and be aggressive. With its massive antlers and body, this is an animal most wouldn’t want to mess with.

Some people find a connection with this animal and in many ways, they feel the moose represents who they are or who they aspire to be. In this case, many choose to get the moose tattoo to represent the kind of person they are. The moose tattoo has a great deal of meaning to those who decide to immortalize the animal on their bodies. Outside of what it means to that person, the moose is already symbolic and has been for many years.

And this is why you’ve come to this page. If you are thinking about getting the moose tattoo and are interested in understanding the meaning behind the image, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we are going to talk about the symbolism that surrounds the moose tattoo and talk about what it means to those who have this tattoo. We will also talk about some of the different ways people choose to have the image tattooed as well as talking about some general facts about the moose.

Moose Tattoo Symbolism

In terms of symbolism for the moose tattoo, there is a lot to talk about. The moose is a large animal that looks like a giant deer and it lives in the northern parts of the United States as well as Canada. You can also find the moose in parts of Europe but they are known as elk in those parts of the world and look a bit different than their family members from North America. This large mammal has a lot of symbolism surrounding it and below are some of the meanings.

The female moose and more specifically the mother, can be extremely aggressive if need be. You won’t see this out of them unless their offspring is in danger and if they are, you will see a side of the moose that you don’t hear about often. The moose doesn’t have many natural predators so you won’t see them fighting much unless it’s for territory or protection. In this sense, the moose tattoo is a symbol of family, protection, guardianship and loyalty.

Some of the other traits that can be associated with the moose tattoo are bravery, power, gentle domination, fast, agility, grace, adaptation and enduring.

Power and strength are the most notable traits of the moose. The size alone puts the moose in special company as they can grow to almost 7 feet tall, and 10 feet long and weigh as much as 1,500 lbs. It’s clear that anything this big is able to produce some real power and the moose tattoo is one way to represent the emotional or physical strength that you have. The strength can also represent courage and bravery. If it is something they want or are protecting, the moose will fight until an antler breaks or they are killed.

A moose can also reach speeds of up to 35 mph so their quickness and speed might seem a bit deceiving. Their speed in water or on land is a representation of speed, adaptiveness, grace and endurance. These characteristics are also captured in the image of the moose tattoo.

Moose Tattoo Variations

Below are a few variations of the moose tattoo that you may or may have not seen before but we wanted to give you an idea of some different ways that people choose to get this tattoo. We understand there are plenty of variations out there but we hope this will give you an idea of a few different ways to have this image tattooed.

Realistic Moose Tattoo

The realistic moose is one of the more popular ways to have this image tattooed. Their strength and grace can be captured in the realism tattoo if done by the right person. The ability to capture the soul and character of any creature is not an easy thing to do but when done right, the realistic tattoo looks awesome. Not only does it look great but this image can be the centerpiece of a back or chest tattoo.

Geometric Moose Tattoo

The geometric moose tattoo seems to be another popular way of getting the tattoo. With the angles of the moose head, the geometric style fits perfectly. Their head is almost a perfect triangle with the antlers coming out to the side and the head coming down to a point where the mouth is. This style of tattoo fits in many places on the body but happens to look best on parts of the body that start big and get thinner as you follow it. An example would be the calves or forearms.

Nature Scene & Moose Tattoo

One of the more popular ways of getting the moose tattooed is within its natural habitat. For those who are nature lovers, the moose tattoo surrounded by a nature scene is a great way to represent a love for nature. There are many animals in nature but not many that make you think of the great outdoors like the moose. Therefore, a moose tattoo is a great way to symbolize your love for the outdoors

However, we are pretty sure you can come up with something that will fit the idea you are trying to convey. The important this is to find an artist that will be able to tattoo in the style you are looking for. Make sure to look through their online portfolios and if you see something you like, set up a consultation with the artist and go from there. Happy hunting!

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