Most Common Tattoos

When we start talking about common tattoos and what’s popular in days like these, it all depends on the person. However, we tend to catch certain themes or styles of tattoos that are well liked and some of it will depend on gender. Getting a tattoo is still a very cool thing and all of these tattoos are going to have specific meaning for the person with it. Just because two people have the same tattoo doesn’t mean it has the same meaning for those people. That’s the great thing about getting a tattoo. Your creativity and ideas take it to the next level.

However, there are certain tattoos that we see more of these days than the days of past and we will talk about some of the different designs and styles we have been seeing. This not a conclusive list as there are new tattoos popping up every second, but these are some of the more popular and common tattoos in our opinion.

Most Common Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs have specific meanings and characteristics. There are certain designs that you won’t see on a man and the same goes for women. These aren’t rules but commonalities. We want to talk about some of the more popular designs for men and women before we get into styles. Let us know if we should add any.

Most Common Tattoos for Men

We are going to have to be very vague here, but we will talk about designs that we see on a lot of men.

First comes the tribal work. This style of tattooing goes back to the days of tribes many years ago and it is still very popular today. Many islanders would have these tribal tattoos as symbols of battle other characteristics they hope to invoke. The warrior mentality is one that many men still hold dear to their heart so getting these tribal tattoos are a way to make them look more the part.

Blue birds and sparrows are also very popular tattoo designs for men. Because many of these images are those that sailors would wear while at sea, there is a long standing history with these images. With the blue bird, it was said if you had traveled at least 5,000 miles on the water then you would get this tattoo on your chest, another 5,000 would get another blue bird on the other side of the chest.

Because these sailors were usually men, these symbols have long represented the masculine and men that were at sea for months battling the elements.

Panthers are another design that have been a favorite for men. The panther tattoo represents many traits that men hope to have in their lives. The panther tattoo symbolizes a stealthy and powerful predator that happens to also embody characteristics of poise and grace. Keeping it together and staying cool while knowing you can destroy someone if you need to is a quality many men hope to attain.

Most Common Tattoos for Women

For women, we tend to see softer designs with more color. While not only for women, we see many cherry blossom tattoos. Not only does this tattoo hold loads of meaning, it’s also extremely beautiful and feminine. We see many of these cherry blossom tattoos being inked on a woman’s back, ribs and thighs.

The cherry blossom is the symbol of life in Japanese culture. In Chinese culture, the cherry blossom represents love, beauty, sexuality and the feminine principal. It’s not surprise many women love this design.

In the same light, we could also say any floral tattoo are popular designs for women. The great thing about flowers is that they come in many varieties, shapes and colors. Each one of these plants represent different characteristics so you should be able to find a beautiful floral design that represents the kind of person you are and fit your style.

The butterfly tattoo is a staple of feminine tattoos. Their fascinating designs and colors make them one that any woman would love to have inked on their body. They are easily hidden if need be and they represent love and beauty.

As you can see, most popular and common female tattoo revolve around messages of love and beauty. What woman wouldn’t want to have a tattoo that represents those characteristics on their body.

Most Popular Tattoo Styles

There are probably around 20 different styles of tattooing out there. While all of them are visible in the world and able to be found on Google, there are some styles that we tend to see more that others.

Currently, we see loads of watercolor tattoos. The whimsical and haunting style of watercolor has caught on like wildfire over the past few years. The characteristics of watercolor tattooing makes it look like the tattoo was painted on with a brush. With no solid outlines holding the design in, the watercolor tattoo can flow and end and any point.

Traditional tattoos are as described: traditional. These tattoos go back to the days of sailors and the men that rode the seas. The traditional style has certain rules that need to be followed in order to create a beautiful piece. Traditional tattoos can be defined by their thick bold outlines and sold color fillings. Most times you will see colors like red, green, yellow and black in these tattoos.

Another really popular and common style these days is the realism tattoo style. This style of tattooing takes a very skilled artist to complete. Realism tattoos are probably what you imagine them to be. You are talking about tattoos that look like a photograph. They should look like they photocopied onto your skin. One part of realism tattooing that is really common is the portrait tattoo. These tattoos serve as memorials for loved ones and pay homage to people you respect or look up to. The hard part about a portrait tattoo is that you have to capture the essence and character of the subject of the portrait tattoo.

These are just some of the more common styles and designs we’ve seen over the last few years. If you have an idea for a tattoo you want to get and don’t know where to go, let us know. We’d be happy to make a recommendation.

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