Motherlove Tattoo Care is a USDA certified organic and petroleum free tattoo after care product that prompts quicker healing by giving the skin natural moisturizers and keeping the broken skin the vitamins it needs for repair. Avoiding petroleum ingredients in skin care is important to many because they have been known to be comedogenic and are not necessarily environmentally friendly. The ingredients in the skincare balm work to aid the ink as it sinks into skin, sealing in the color’s vibrancy. The company boasts a cruelty-free practice. Motherlove Tattoo Care is completely natural and safe for the environment, as well as swollen and sore tattooed skin.

The thick balm spreads evenly over skin as it warms on contact for quick absorption and hydration. There are no artificial or synthetic ingredients added, leaving only organic herbs, butters, and oils. It is intended for use of broken and damaged skin but is an extremely effective moisturizer on any skin and skin type. The balm contains a blend of shea butter, beeswax, olive oil, calendula, and marshmallow root. Olive oil, a natural antioxidant, is the primary ingredient next to shea butter and the antibacterial beeswax which creates a moisture barrier between the skin and harmful infections. Unique to this aftercare balm, marshmallow root contains natural hydrators called ceramides as well as anti-inflammatory properties essential to fast and comfortable healing. These simple ingredients work together as the perfect moisturizer for the harsh effects of the tattooing process.

Motherlove is certified by the FDA as an organic product that has been manufactured in certified facilities. Their products are guaranteed to be created with the finest carefully selected natural ingredients that are both effective and trustworthy. They support organic farming and labors to be as sustainable and thoughtful as possible in policy and their manufacturing process. The Motherlove skincare company is based in Colorado and is available at a variety of locations in the United States and in dozens of countries around the world.

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