Moving Forward Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

As we grow throughout our lifetime, we run into obstacles that hold us back or get in the way of what we are trying to accomplish in life. Many of us will hit these roadblocks get discouraged and never move past them. No doubt, these life moments can be discouraging but we must figure out ways to get past it or in other words, move forward.

What choice do we have? We can sit there discouraged, feeling sorry for ourselves and nothing will ever change. Truth is, we have one life to live as cliché as it sounds, and we can’t allow ourselves to be taken down forever. We have to push. Get out of your comfort zone. Keep moving forward. This is where the moving forward tattoo comes in. If anything, the moving forward tattoo is the motivation for us to keep pressing forward and push through those obstacles.

In this post, we will talk about the meaning of these moving-forward tattoos and what they mean to the person wearing them. We hope that by the end of this post, you feel a bit more motivated and if you were thinking of getting a moving forward tattoo, we hope you feel a little more comfortable about doing it.

Moving Forward Tattoo Variations

There are quite a few variations of the moving forward tattoo. Most of the time these tattoos are going to encompass the idea of starting off in a rough spot and pushing through while learning from prior mistakes. There are many symbols that represent this message and below are some of the ones we are aware of.

Arrow Tattoo

The arrow tattoo can be broken down in many ways to represent the idea of moving forward. The arrow and bow represent being pulled back before you can move forward. This means that things are bound to happen in your life that will pull you down or at least attempt to. It’s up to you whether you let your life stay in this moment or to release the bow and let your arrow fly.

Some people just get the single arrow tattoo which symbolizes the journey to enlightenment in their eyes. The feathers are the mess you are currently in while the shaft of the arrow is the journey you are on. Finally, you have the tip of the arrow which is the end game and goal you are trying to get to. In other words, the tip is enlightenment through a hard journey.

A variation of the arrow tattoo is to give it a diamond tip. Because diamonds are known as some of the hardest and toughest materials in the world, the diamond tips represent the strength to keep moving forward in the face of hardship.

Unalome Tattoo

The Unalome tattoo is a Buddhist symbol that has a great deal of meaning for the people who wear it. Essentially, if you have ever seen a Unalome, it looks like a tangled mess that eventually starts to straighten out and eventually turns into a straight line. The Unalome is symbolic of the journey we all take through life.

If we were to allow it, we could end up getting stuck in all the mess that is known as our problems in life. However, the Unalome tattoo serves as a reminder that the journey isn’t an easy one but if you stay on the path and learn from prior mistakes, your path will lead you to enlightenment.

Not only is the message of the Unalome great but the design is beautiful in itself. The simplicity in the design of the Unalome should remind us to try to keep our lives as simple as possible. The more things we have going on in our lives, the harder it is to see the path we should be on.

Move Forward Text

Naturally, the moving forward tattoo can be written in text or script. This is about as straightforward as a tattoo can get. A reminder to keep pressing forward is written on your skin for you to see every day. Some people add the word “keep” to the phrase to say keep moving forward.

Like many of you, I’ve come to points in my day, week, or month where I felt like just laying in bed and not doing anything productive. If I had someone there to tell me to get my butt and keep moving, it would help me. However, we don’t all have someone around to coach us. The moving forward tattoo is a coach that is with you at all times.

Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol has a message that seems obvious but as a moving forward tattoo, it might need a bit of explanation. Infinity means forever but we have talked to have used these tattoos as motivation to keep going. They believe that life is eternal but in order to get to a better place, we must progress as people. The infinity tattoo reminds us to stay vigilant and make decisions that will benefit us later in our lives.

Whatever it takes to get you motivated, we suggest doing it. If this means getting a life coach and you feel okay with that, we say do it. If you think a tattoo is going to be the little boost you need to get up in the morning and fight through those tough times, we suggest doing that. Whatever you choose, you have to keep moving forward and the moving forward tattoo is a great way to remind you that things will get better if you keep pushing.

Before deciding on where or who will do your tattoo, make sure you conduct some research and make sure the artist you are looking into has the skills you are looking for in a tattoo artist. It isn’t always as easy as stopping at your local tattoo shop, especially if you want something you’ll be proud of for the rest of your life.

If you need help finding an artist to suit your needs, please reach out to us and we would be happy to give you a recommendation.

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