Naruto Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Naruto is a Japanese anime series that follows the journeys and adventures of a young adolescent ninja who has hopes of one day becoming the leader of his village. The name of this young ninja is Naruto Uzumaki, hence the name of the series, ‘Naruto’.

There are over 500 episodes of Naruto, the first half of the Naruto series, which aired from October 3rd, 2002 until February 8th, 2007, focuses on Naruto being a child in his early pre-teen years. This series ended with around 220 episodes. A week later, the series picked back up but with a slight difference.

While the first half of the anime follows the life of Naruto as he was a child, the second half which aired from February 15th, 2007 to March 23rd, 2017, shows the main character as he grows up to be a teenager. The second half of this series, with double the air time as the first half, came out with around 500 episodes. All together, Naruto has had over 700 anime episodes.

Naruto did not originally air on television, however. Before the anime series took off, Naruto began as a Japanese manga, a comic that was created in Japan. The Japanese Naruto manga was published in 1997. The manga itself has around 72 volumes.

Naruto Part 1

The hidden leaf village in the Land of Fire, known as Konoha, is being destroyed by a rampaging powerful beast in the shape of a fox called Nine-Tails. This beast is captured by the leader of the village and the spirit of the fox is then stored inside the leader’s newborn baby, Naruto. Doing this cost Naruto’s father his life, Naruto being just an infant at the time has no recollection of these events.

Once the leader of the village passed on, the leader of Konoha before him came out of retirement to watch over the village. As Naruto ages, he doesn’t understand why the people of the village look down upon him as if he is a threat. 12 years down the road, Naruto is told the story of how the beast of Nine-Tails the fox beast was captured and put inside Naruto’s body as a host.

Many fans of Naruto get tattoos reflecting the series. If you enjoy the early years of Naruto, a popular tattoo idea amongst the Naruto anime community is the image of Naruto as he was as a child. Since the series grows with Naruto, the episodes in the later years show him being more of an adult.

The young version of Naruto symbolizes a kind of fresh adventure, starting out so innocent and pure just as a child is discovering the world around them. Graphics of Naruto posing with a Nine-Tail fox is a common and neat concept. As the beast is somewhat of Naruto’s ‘spirit animal’ an image of a young Naruto and the display of a fox show off both sides of Naruto and his personality.

Naruto Part 2

Naruto is no longer a young child. Throughout the years, Naruto has been training so he can protect the land he loves. With his skill set and physical well-being in the best shape they have ever been, Naruto is prepared for battle. Naruto is kept on an island, not being told that there is a war going on among the armies of five great countries. Being greatly upset about this when Naruto finds out, Naruto along with his companion, Killer Bee, escapes the island they have been sitting upon to descend toward the battlefield.

Naruto’s grown-up, adult version from the second half of the series, is another popular idea. Unlike the child version of Naruto, the adult version of Naruto is more warrior-like and crafted. Action frames of the adult Naruto in intense battle make a great illustration for body art.

The Tailed Beasts

Throughout the series of Naruto, there are 9 tailed beasts also known as, Chakra Monsters. Each one of these monsters has more than one tail, that is of course besides Shukaku, the one-tailed beast. Each monster has a special ability, each one different from the others. Many super fans of Naruto are spotted sporting their favorite beast. The most popular, being nine-tails because he is the chakra monster that is within Naruto, is commonly seen as a piece of body art.

With all nine of its lustrous and sleek fox tails flowing behind this creature, it makes for a great piece to perhaps wrap around your arm or other limbs. Since there are nine of these monsters that represent a different element of sorts, each individual creature has its own assortment of colors within it.


The one-tailed beast is the incarnation of sand. A tattoo of Shukaku could have him surrounded by sand, perhaps even controlling the sand with his own power.


The two-tailed blazing monster cat. This creature can create powerful fireballs. A tattoo of this monster would go along well with blue flames and other forms of fire as a back image.


The three-tailed Giant Turtle has control of the water. Isobu can be found swimming in the clear waters.

Son Goku

Also known as ‘four tails’, has the ability to combine both fire and earthly elements to form as one. Son Goku’s most notable attack is being able to form rock with fire, creating a molten ball of lava. A graphic of Son Goku unleashing this ball of fire could make for a neat tattoo.


This five-tailed chakra monster has a quiet and polite reserve about him. He enjoys his time of solitude in the peacefulness of the forest. As calm as he is powerful, Kokuo has the ability to manifest an extraordinary amount of chakra power at once causing him to be a very dangerous predator. A forest and wooded area scene would make a good match with a graphic of Kokuo, perhaps meditating or forming surges of chakra energy.


The giant slug is probably one of the most unique chakra monsters. Not having much of a personality, this six-tailed colossal slug has a type of poison, acid-eating component that secretes from itself. A tattoo of Saiken could show him with all six tails spread apart with the slime-like substance oozing off into a trail.


‘Lucky number 7’ is the seven-tailed green-armored rhinoceros beetle that everyone loves. With his positive and upbeat attitude, Chomei is a close fan favorite. Get a tattoo of Chomei, either rolled up in his beetle shell, or his wings and tails stretched out ready to take flight!


One of the more serious and arrogant creatures of Naruto. Since Gyuki has eight tails, he insists that the number of tails you have makes you a stronger chakra monster. Whether this is true or not, Gyuki is no stranger to boasting and speaking in a rude dialect. A tattoo of Gyuki with his Jacob Sheep for a head and flailing tails spread out like tentacles could make for a very creative tattoo. Gyuki symbolizes pure brute strength.


As mentioned before, this is the most popular amongst the beast. Trapped inside of Naruto’s body and soul lies this ferocious nine-tailed fox. This is by far the most popular Naruto tattoo. Images of Kurama are often depicted next to pictures of Naruto himself. Kurama once defeated five other-tailed beasts at once by himself. Fans could argue that Kurama is the most powerful of all chakra beasts.

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