Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos are a bold statement for anyone getting a tattoo. Also known as a “job killer”, when you get a neck tattoo, you’re not trying to hide anything. It’s a bold expression of who you are. It may not be conducive to an office job but if you’re able to, getting a neck tattoo can be really cool. Whether it’s realism, traditional, new school, or any other style, if you get a neck tattoo, you want everyone to see it.

Below we’ll take a look at some very popular neck tattoo ideas and why they work so well in the neck area.

The feather

If you have Native American roots or simply love one of the many great meanings associated with the feather, then you might find it to be the perfect neck tattoo. In most cases people get their feather neck tattoos starting behind their ears and then going down their necks, but you really can get this one in any size and in any location on your neck.

The stars

Star tattoos have to be one of the top two or three most popular neck tattoos. Some people get them because they are simple designs and look great on the skin, while others get them specifically because they want a constant reminder to get the most out of their lives. You will find that single star and multiple star tattoos share the same meanings, so it’s up to you to decide how many you want based on the look you’re going for.

The floral

When done correctly, a flower tattoo on the neck is both meaningful and beautiful. The key here is to pick a flower that you love and that has a meaning that works for you. You’ll also want to work with an artist who is able to shape the flower in a way that works with the lines of your neck. This is yet another neck tattoo that can start behind the ear and work its way down or just be a smaller neck tattoo.

The necklace

If you have a favorite necklace or you have come up with a new necklace that you want to make permanent, then getting it as a neck tattoo might just be the perfect option for you. You shouldn’t just get the necklace tattoo just to get it, though; you’ll want to make sure that you come up with a design that it very meaningful to you since you will be looking at it a lot for the rest of your life.

The bird

Like the majority of the tattoo designs listed here, the bird tattoo can go anywhere on the neck, but it might be best on the back of the neck. Some people will get a simple bird perching on their necks, while others will have their birds flying towards their ears. Again, the key here is to choose a bird that has a special meaning to you and that you think will look great as a neck tattoo.

The keyhole

This is a very popular back-of-the-neck tattoo. This design lets people know that there is quite a bit of mystery to you and that it’s not easy to “unlock” what you have inside of you. Many people love the idea of having a fantastic mystery tattoo in such a simple neck tattoo design. In just about all cases, the keyhole tattoo is done in black ink and it goes directly in the middle of the neck. This is a good one to get if the meaning means a lot to you and you want a neck tattoo that you can hide away during the day.

The quote

You can get a quote tattoo absolutely anywhere on your body, but those who choose to get it as a neck tattoo usually want those words to be seen by everyone. These words are often the most important to the owner and are designed in a way to “pop” off of the neck with some added shading and extra effects. Of course, you can also stick with a simple font on your quote tattoo and have the words wrap around your neck or place them on the side.

The initials

This is yet another excellent small neck tattoo that is both extremely meaningful and not so in your face as other neck tats. If you have or had a very special person in your life and you want to get a tattoo to honor them, the initials tattoo might just be the perfect choice. You can even get this type of design as an extremely small tattoo where it almost looks like a couple of freckles.

The portrait

If you get a portrait tattoo on your neck, you are saying that the person in that portrait is about as important to you as anything on earth. Some people get very realistic portrait neck tattoos, while others will get just a portion of a person’s face with a lot of shading around it. These look excellent as black and gray neck tats, but they can also work in color.

The Chinese words

Chinese word tattoos are extremely popular because they are look cool and they allow people to get the exact tattoo meaning that they wanted without having to get a big design. They also bring with them a bit of mystery sine most people will have no idea what they say. These tattoos are pretty much always done in black ink and are often placed on the back of people’s necks.

The tribal

Yep, tribal tattoos are also excellent neck tattoos! What draws people to these designs is the intricate line work that goes into them. Some people decide to get a big tribal neck tattoo that either covers the front of their necks or wraps completely around. Other folks will opt for a smaller tribal design that goes in a straight line down the back or sides of their necks. Either way, be sure to check out all of the tribal tattoo meanings out there and work with an artist who can help you out with sizing and placement.

The collage

If you want to put a lot of designs into a single neck tattoo, then you might want to go with a collage. These designs allow you to mash up a bunch of different images, text, and lines to make a totally unique neck tattoo. These are harder to create, though, so you will want to take your time when designing one.

Below are some neck tattoos to look at if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Neck Tattoo 1
Neck Tattoo 2
Neck Tattoo 3
Neck Tattoo 4
Neck Tattoo 5
Neck Tattoo 6
Neck Tattoo 7
Neck Tattoo 8
Neck Tattoo 9
Neck Tattoo 10
Neck Tattoo 11
Neck Tattoo 12
Neck Tattoo 13
Neck Tattoo 14
Neck Tattoo 15
Neck Tattoo 16
Neck Tattoo 17
Neck Tattoo 18
Neck Tattoo 19
Neck Tattoo 20
Neck Tattoo 21
Neck Tattoo 22
Neck Tattoo 23
Neck Tattoo 24
Neck Tattoo 25
Neck Tattoo 26
Neck Tattoo 27
Neck Tattoo 28
Neck Tattoo 29
Neck Tattoo 30
Neck Tattoo 31
Neck Tattoo 32
Neck Tattoo 33
Neck Tattoo 34
Neck Tattoo 35
Neck Tattoo 36
Neck Tattoo 37
Neck Tattoo 38
Neck Tattoo 39
Neck Tattoo 40
Neck Tattoo 41
Neck Tattoo 42
Neck Tattoo 43
Neck Tattoo 44
Neck Tattoo 45
Neck Tattoo 46
Neck Tattoo 47
Neck Tattoo 48
Neck Tattoo 49
Neck Tattoo 50

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