Octopus Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

It’s true that a lot of people get their octopus tattoo simply because it’s usually a really cool design, but the fact is that most people can find an octopus tattoo meaning that works quite well for them.

On this page, we will take a look at just about every popular octopus tattoo meaning out there as well as some designs that might suit you.

Octopus tattoos have a vast array of symbolism tied to them. While some people will only use one of the many octopus tattoo meanings available, the trust is that you might end up using two or three. If you find that two or more of these meanings describe you, or you want them to eventually describe you, by all means, use them.

Many liken this eight-legged creature to depict intelligence. Octopi are extremely clever, camouflaging themselves and using their surprising quickness to avoid being killed. If you take pride in your intelligence and/or find it to be one of the most important qualities a person can have, then you might find that the octopus tattoo is the perfect design for you. What’s great is that you really don’t have to get another image to make this octopus tattoo meaning come across.

Another great octopus tattoo meaning is gracefulness. If you’ve ever seen an octopus swim, then you know that they move their bodies with an almost impossible ease. They have so many body parts moving, yet they seem to have no problem dodging and weaving through the water. This isn’t a quality that most people have, so if you have gracefulness or aspire to then definitely look into getting an octopus tattoo.

Similarly, the octopus also symbolizes agility, which makes it a fantastic tattoo for athletes. If you’ve only seen stills of an octopus, then you’d probably be shocked by how quickly they can get up and go. They can also stop on a dime, and change directions to avoid capture, making them extremely tough to take down.

Octopi also have adaptability, unlike any other sea creature. They have the ability to blend into just about any environment, which both allows them to rest and keeps them from being eaten. This is a fantastic octopus tattoo meaning for folks who take pride in being able to adapt no matter where they are in the world. This is a quality that people should be proud of, so it just makes sense for these individuals to get an octopus tattoo if they like the look of the creature.

Octopi also take much of their symbolism from their aquatic dwelling- such as emotion, fluidity and intuition. If you want these octopus tattoo meanings to come through, you will definitely want to include water in the design. If you work with a talented tattoo artist, they can even make the water “move” around the octopus so these meanings come through a bit better.

The octopus has the ability to change its color and can also disappear into a cloud of black ink when startled. Due to these characteristics, the octopus can be seen as a symbol of wonder, transformation and magic. If you want to use any of these octopus tattoo meanings, it could be a good idea to actually have that black ink in the design to show off those transformative abilities. Just make sure that the black ink doesn’t cover up other key parts of the design; talk to your artist about how you can make this work.

Octopi are invertebrates, meaning they do not have a spine. This accounts for their flexibility, grace and agility. In tattoo form, they can depict the idea of going with the flow and loosening up or trying something new. Simply showing the octopus in its natural, wavy form can make this octopus tattoo’s meaning come to life.

These creatures are also able to detach a limb when being attacked. This conveys a representation of letting go of excess baggage and continuing on with only the things we need. This is a great octopus tattoo meaning for people who have been able to get past their hardships and continue to be happy, and it’s also excellent for those who take pride in being minimalists.

The octopus is also able to regrow the disengaged limb, thus making it a symbol of regeneration and regrowth. There are a lot of great tattoos out there that represent being able to bounce back in life, but with the right artist, you can make this octopus tattoo meaning very clear by showing the detached limb growing back.

An octopus tattoo can also represent the feminine energy. This is because the octopus moves with the ocean which is influenced by lunar cycles- it waxes and wanes with the moon. This is one of the least obvious octopus tattoo meanings out there, so you have the choice of just getting the octopus or adding in more images to make the “feminine energy” meaning a bit clearer.

This bottom-dwelling creature is incredibly intelligent and can reason, strategize and even recall information. As a tattoo, the octopus can be a reminder to be the master of our logic and intelligence. This octopus tattoo meaning makes the design a motivational piece, which means that you might want to get it on a visible area of your body. Every time you look at it you will be reminded to stop and think and to never make rash decisions.

An octopus tattoo can also symbolize the following ideals: reason, illusion, defense, strategy, mystery, diversity, expansion, flexibility, unpredictability and insatiability. As we pointed out up top, it’s pretty rare that people only use one octopus tattoo meaning since there are so many great ones out there.

If you do decide to use two or more meanings and it’s not meant to be private, then you might want to make sure that the design is done in such a way that makes those meanings stand out. You can even add in other sea life that symbolizes those same things if you are interested in getting a larger piece.

As a tattoo design, the octopus has features that can be an artist’s dream. It has a lot of flexibility in how it can be utilized in a design. For example, if you wanted to bring focus to its curvy body, you could get the octopus tattoo designed in a way that works with your natural curves, such as on your leg or around your rib cage. You’ll also want to think about if you want the octopus by itself or with any other elements around it, such as water, coral, and fish.

The tentacles can be drawn wrapped around waists, arms or legs, and their ability to change color to adapt to their surroundings leaves a wide range of colors they can be depicted in. You’ll want to talk with your artist about the colors that might work best with your skin color so it can continue to pop long after you get it done. You can even get an octopus tattoo in all-black ink, though that could potentially take some meaning out of the design.

As you can probably tell by now, there is a lot to think about when getting an octopus tattoo. There are dozens of great octopus tattoo meanings to choose from, and even more design choices to go. This is why we recommend that you take a lot of time thinking about how you want your octopus tattoo to look and all of the octopus tattoo meanings that you want to use.

This is definitely one of those tattoos that you will be proud of for the rest of your life if you are patient and get the perfect design. Just find a great octopus tattoo meaning or two, come up with a fantastic design, and then get it placed in a way that makes the octopus stand out.

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