Olive Branch Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The olive branch tattoo is one of those designs that brings with it attractiveness and a boatload of meaning. Most people know that “to offer an olive branch” means to stop an argument and to bring peace, but there’s even more to the olive branch tattoo than that.

On this page, we will take a look at the most popular meanings used with the olive branch tattoo and some design options that you’ll have if you choose to get one.

In ancient wars, the Greeks would put olive branches on banners, artwork, and statues to represent their success in battles. You could get your olive branch tattoo to symbolize your Greek history, or you could get it as a military tattoo. In neither case do you have to add in any additional imagery to the tattoo, but you could include a Greek banner or flag if you are honoring your Greek ancestry.

The olive branch is the classic symbol of reconciliation, so some people get it to show that they are the types to let bygones be bygones and move on with their lives. You could also get one of these tats if you used to let things get to you but are now determined to let things go a bit easier. You can look down at your olive branch tattoo and be reminded that you shouldn’t let petty things ruin your days.

Similarly, the olive branch tattoo can also represent peace in its many forms. If you want more peace throughout the world, this is an excellent tattoo to get. The olive branch is also an excellent design for people who have lived chaotic lives and are determined to bring more peace into their worlds.

Again, you do not have to add in any other peace symbols to use this meaning, but you could if it is your primary tattoo (and meaning) and you want everyone who sees your design to understand what it stands for.

People who feel that they have good instincts or can clearly see the difference between right and wrong might be perfect fits for the olive branch tattoo. In fact, if that is one of your favorite personal qualities, then this is probably the best tattoo for you since there really aren’t too many other symbols or images in existence that represent these things.

The olive branch also represents clarity, so anyone who has an easy time simplifying things in their minds is a great candidate for these tattoos. This is a skill that should be celebrated, so people often put these olive branch tattoos where everyone can see them. What’s great about this “clarity” meaning is that it is attached to the tattoo itself, so you can even look at your design whenever you need clarity.

The olive branch tattoo is also sometimes used as a matching tattoo. When two people get olive branches, it shows that they have love between them and that their special bond cannot be broken. Unlike many matching tattoos, the olive branch is not split up between the two designs but instead is matched-lined for a line on both bodies. You can even shrink these designs down to get matching tattoos on your fingers!

There are a lot of symbols of purity and chastity, but the olive branch gives people a unique way to show their pride in those qualities. This is often meant to be a personal meaning, so we recommend only getting your olive branch tattoo on a visible part of your body with this meaning attached if you also happen to use other meanings. Of course, if you are very proud of these meanings, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with showing that pride by putting your olive branch design on your arm or anywhere else that everyone can see it.

Many of those olive branch tattoo meanings are quite different than the others, but you don’t have to worry about that. You can use one, two, or as many of the meanings as you want to. The key is to find at least one meaning that truly defines who you are as a person and is something that you are proud to call a personal trait. If you do find more than one olive branch meaning that makes sense for you, then this is definitely a tattoo that you should get.

As far as design goes, you’ll want to decide between having many leaves on your olive branch tattoo or just a couple. You’ll also have to decide if you want your olive branch to be the focal point of your design or just one small element of a larger piece. The reason why these decisions are important is because they help you to figure out where you can and can’t place the tattoo and, most importantly, you want to end up with an olive branch design that you will love for the rest of your life.

Finally, you should definitely take your time when searching for a tattoo artist to make your olive branch tattoo. A good artist will be able to make small tweaks to your design to make it fit perfectly on your skin. They will also give you that all-important second opinion on your design decisions and chances are you will end up with a design that you end up liking even more than your original idea. And, of course, you want an artist who you feel confident can give you a beautiful, long-lasting olive branch tattoo on your skin.

Hopefully, now you can see why the olive branch tattoo is so popular and why people seem to take pride in having these designs on their bodies. They may not seem very meaningful at first glance, but olive branch tattoos can help someone nail down their favorite traits while also giving them a very nice tattoo to look at.

If you’re planning on getting an olive branch tattoo design, just be sure that you do a bit of research on some cool designs, and find an artist in your area who can give you an amazing-looking tattoo.

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