One Love Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The One Love tattoo is an interesting one because it can mean different things to different people. It’s also a small text tattoo, which makes it a very attractive option for people who do not want to cover too much of their skin with ink.

On this page, we are going to take a look at some of the One Love tattoo meanings and we’ll also go over some of the ways that you can get the text designed to make it look great on your skin.

The one thing that most people can agree on with the One Love tattoo is that it represents love in one way or another. It could mean that the owner of the tattoo has one special love in their life, or it could even represent everyone and/or everything that they love. It’s one of those alternative love tattoos that people like to get when they aren’t too keen on getting a heart or one of the other very commonly seen love tattoos.

One of the many reasons why someone might choose to get the One Love tattoo is to honor Bob Marley, who had a song with that title. In his song, Marley was trying to tell people that loving each other made so much more sense than the constant fighting that was going on around the globe at the time. Obviously, a lot of people agreed with him, which is why the song soared up the charts when it came out.

The One Love tattoo can also symbolize someone’s undying love for another person. It shows that they feel that they will never love anyone else since they only have space in their hearts for one person. This meaning also works for people who are trying to get matching love tattoos since both people can say the same thing about the other. This is a bit of a risky meaning to use, though, since if you do ever break up with that person you’ll be left with a text tattoo that you might not like anymore.

Some people get their One Love tattoos to represent the popular saying, “One heart, one love,” which is a way of saying that you only have one heart so you can only love one other person. This is a very cool and unique way of showing that you have a special someone in your life. You can choose to get just “One Love” in the tattoo or you can get the full text if you want to make the meaning a bit clearer.

Another interesting meaning given to the One Love tattoo is “goodbye,” which is pretty cool considering there aren’t too many other tattoos that can represent this word in a different way. You can add in “One Love” to a memorial tattoo to show that you will “see them later” rather than saying goodbye forever. This meaning will not be very clear to people who are not familiar with this alternative meaning, but that actually might be a good thing for some people.

What’s great about the One Love tattoo is that there are thousands of ways that you can get it designed to make it your own. Even if you aren’t the most creative person in the world, you should have no problem finding a style that you like and implementing it in a new with your tattoo. If you do want to get a little help during the design process, most tattoo artists would be happy to help you, especially since this is a simple text tattoo and they won’t have to spend too much time doing the designing.

Since the One Love tattoo is a text design, you will need to come up with a font that you think will make the words pop on your skin. This is fun for some people, but it can be a bit of a job for others. A good idea is to look at some tattoos that you like and find one that has text that you think will work well with this particular tattoo. From there you can make as many tweaks as you need to make until you feel like the text is ready to be inked on your skin.

Some people will also opt to add an image to their One Love tattoos. This is completely an option, though many people feel that a small image or a symbol can give the text a bit more pop. You can even find a way to implement the image into the text so it looks like one tattoo rather than two. If you are getting your One Love tattoo to honor a loved one, you can even make it work with an image of that person above or below the words.

Another great thing about the One Love tattoo is that it is a short text design, which means that you should be able to place it anywhere you want to. It’s a very popular wrist and forearm tattoo, but it works just as well as a shoulder or leg design. It really comes down to how visible you want it to be and how large you want the text to be. It’s a good idea to let your artist know the locations you’re thinking about so they can make some tweaks to the tattoo if necessary to make the design fit.

We hope you now have a better understanding of what the One Love tattoo and can now make your decision on whether it is a tattoo for you or not. It’s a great love tattoo for people who do not want to get the cliché symbols and it also happens to have some deeper meanings than a lot of other love tattoo designs.

If you are thinking about getting a One Love tattoo, be sure to take your time during the design process to make sure it ends up looking great on your body, and then find a respectable artist in your area to make it for you.

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