One Piece Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

One Piece has long been one of the most popular manga and anime series in Japan, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that One Piece tattoos are popular as well. The stories themselves are rich and humorous, but those stories are taken to a whole other level through the amazing artwork found in the manga and anime series.

On this page we will take a look at some of the best One Piece tattoos out there and some ideas for where you can put them on your body.

Easily the most popular One Piece tattoo is that of Monkey D. Luffy (aka Straw Hat Luffy), the main character in the series. If you see someone with a Straw Hat tattoo, you can be sure that they are huge fans of the show and its main protagonist. Some people get the younger version of Straw Hat, while others like to get him in one of his classic poses. In the majority of Monkey D. Luffy tattoos, he will have his classic cheesy grin on his face.

Another very popular One Piece character tattoo is Roronoa Zoro, who has been around since the very beginning of the manga series and is known for his mastery of swords. In the majority of cases, people who get a Roronoa Zoro tattoo will have him in a fighting stance or at least with his swords drawn.

The Straw Hat Pirates logo is probably the most popular non-character One Piece tattoo. Even people who are not fans of the series will get this tattoo because it is a different way to get a skull and crossbones design. This is a great tattoo choice if you want a smaller design that can fit on your forearm or wrist.

If you want to do more than just get a character in your design, you could even get a One Piece tattoo of your favorite scene or story from the anime series. There are decades’ worth of content to go through from this series and many people decide to choose to get their absolute favorite moments inked on their skin. This is also a great option if you simply want to get more than one One Piece character in your tattoo.

Believe it or not, some people get One Piece tattoos simply because they like the look of the animation. The sinister expressions of the characters and the sheer amount of action in the series are enough to entice some people to get a Once Piece tattoo. The fact is that the series produces some beautiful animation, so it’s not too surprising that people will get these designs for their looks alone.

What’s great about One Piece tattoos is that they can work pretty much anywhere on the body. Of course, you’ll want to choose what type of One Piece that you like before picking a location for it. You have a plethora of great characters and artwork to choose from, so chances are you will be able to find at least one that works where you want to get it.

One Piece tattoos can look amazing as sleeve designs. Even if you decide to just get a single character, you and your artist can probably find a great way to make it go down and around your arm. Popular One Piece sleeve tattoos are the ones with a character or two and some type of One Piece landscape in the background.

If you want to get a larger One Piece design, then maybe you’ll want to opt for a back tattoo. This is a great place to get a One Piece tattoo if you want to include multiple characters and perhaps some type of scenery from the show. If you love the show so much that you want to fit in as many characters as you can, then the back is the best location for you.

Unlike so many other types of tattoo designs, One Piece tattoos are actually pretty easy to create. Since you have a lot of original material to work with, you can simply pick images you like and get those copied onto your skin. Most artists are very comfortable with taking images from manga or anime series and using a transfer kit to apply it to your skin. In fact, many artists love to do this because they can focus on the tattoo work rather than the actual design.

Some people like to go the extra mile with their One Piece tattoos by tweaking some original designs to make them their own. They might come up with a new pose for one of their favorite characters from One Piece, or they might just give their characters unique expressions. If you want to do this, be sure you work with someone who has experience with the anime art style.

Something to think about when you are deciding where to get your One Piece tattoo is how the lines of the characters will line up with the lines of your body. For example, if you want to get a One Piece sleeve tattoo, how do you want it to look from each angle? Will your particular design even look good from every angle on a sleeve tattoo? These are the types of questions you’ll want to ask yourself no matter what type of One Piece tattoo design you decide to get.

Regardless of whether you use artwork from the series or make an original One Piece tattoo design, you’ll want to work with a tattoo artist who can make it come alive in your skin. The coloring work matters a lot more in anime designs, so be sure that you have someone who has a history of doing fantastic animation work.

If you love One Piece or simply love the look of the series, then chances are you will love a One Piece tattoo. You have dozens of fantastic characters to choose from, and this is a way to show off of your love of this amazing anime series.

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