Square Tattoo Meaning

The square is a shape that we have all seen and recognized for our entire lives, but most people have no idea that there is a lot of symbolism attached to the shape. There are quite a few square tattoo meanings that people can choose form should they like the shape and want to get … Read more

Shooting Star Tattoo Meaning

There are many natural phenomenon that happen in this world that are really powerful. Between the elements of the earth like fires, tornados, tsunamis and earthquakes, there are many things happening that are fascinating. The shooting star is another one of these phenomenon that when you see it for the first time, you are in … Read more

Leo Tattoo Meaning

A great way to represent the kind of person you are is through your zodiac sign or horoscope. The descriptions of “your sign” is such a deep and sometimes very accurate way to describe someone that it only makes sense that you would attach yourself to these symbols. We can talk about what we represent … Read more

Old School Tattoo Meaning

Just about everyone has seen an old school tattoo in their lives, though they might not have known they were looking at one at the time. Old school tats are at least a little bit flashy in most cases and they also have a very classic look to them that is satisfying to the eye. … Read more

Hell’s Angels Tattoos Meaning

The Hells Angels are one of the most notorious biker gangs in the world. According to intelligence agencies such as the police, FBI, and CIA, the Hells Angels are part of what is known as the ‘big four’. This ‘big four’ includes three other motorcycle gangs such as the Pagans, Bandidos, and the Outlaws. All … Read more

Lizard Tattoo Meaning

Lizards are some of the most interesting species of animals in the world. With over 6,000 different species of lizard, they fall into the category known as ‘squamate reptiles’. Squamate reptiles range from animals such as snakes and geckos, chameleons, lizards, and Komodo dragons. These reptiles can range from 3 centimeters to 3 meters in … Read more

Cheetah Tattoo Meaning

As many of us know, the cheetah is the fastest animal on land. This says a lot about this feline considering how few of them are left in the world. Mainly found throughout Africa and some parts of Iran, the cheetah has been in a rough decline as far as their population. Mainly, humans are … Read more

Brick Wall Tattoo Meaning

You may or may not have seen someone with a tattoo of a brick wall. This is a tattoo concept that is not seen very often, but when it is seen it makes a lasting impression. Brick walls are usually constructed as a way of keeping the outside world from getting inside whatever it is … Read more

Italian Tattoos Meaning

The Italian people are very prideful of their heritage and for good reasons. So many great things came from Italy. Some of the best art in the world resides in Italy. The Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo is there, the Opera is rooted in Italy, some of the best fashion designers are there as well. … Read more

Pocahontas Tattoo Meaning

Pocahontas is one of the most popular Disney movies ever made. For this reason, the Pocahontas tattoo is one that seems to be popular for fans of Pocahontas and Disney movies in general. There is a lot of meaning in the form of some of these Pocahontas tattoos and we want to talk about some … Read more

Manta Ray Tattoo Meaning

The sea is a serene and dangerous place and there are many animals in the ocean that are mysterious. This leaves us with an uncertainty and curiosity of the ocean. There are most likely animals in the ocean that we haven’t even seen yet. That being said, the number of different creatures residing in the … Read more

Flame Tattoo Meaning

Chances are that you have seen someone that has a tattoo of a flame, or a tattoo with flames within it. This is a concept in which artists from all backgrounds can come to appreciate. The sight of flames brings a sort of excitement to most people. Fire is an element that man has grown … Read more

Hanger Tattoo Meaning

Hangers, or clothes hangers, are a tool that is used by almost everyone that likes to keep their clothes in good condition. The main purpose of a clothes hanger is to hold your shirts, jackets, coats, dresses, pants, and any other garment that should be free from wrinkles. The coat hanger hangs from a support … Read more

Rhino Tattoo Meaning

With all the different animals in the world, there is probably one out there that is really symbolic of the kind of person you are or the kind you aspire to be. When we think of really popular choices for animal tattoos, we think of lions, gorillas, and butterflies. One animal that we don’t see … Read more

Rope Tattoo Meaning

The average person does not think of ropes on the daily basis very much. This is untrue to sailors however. Whether you are a sailor in the Navy or a sailor who sets out to sea for a day of fishing, you make great use of one of the best tools you have out in … Read more

Grenade Tattoo Meaning

The first thing that may come to mind when you see the image of a grenade are thoughts of war and explosions. To some, this image is a sign of caution. To others, a grenade may remind them of the military; a sign of life or death. All of this may be true, but the … Read more

Helix Tattoo Meaning

We are always seeing new trends in the tattoo industry whether it is getting a tramp stamp, Chinese characters or the barbed wire tattoos. These were trends from the 90’s that didn’t seem to last. However, there are some recent trends that don’t seem to be going anywhere for a while. The one we are … Read more

Gecko Tattoo Meaning

There are a lot of animals and insects out there to have tattooed on your body. Generally, the person looking to get tattooed will find an animal or insect that is cool looking or has a specific look. Tattoo enthusiasts will also look for animals that embody the characteristics or traits that they either believe … Read more

German Tattoo Meaning

The German people are a proud people and will represent their country no matter where they are living in the world. Much like many countries in the world, the people of Germany have a great deal of pride in regard to their nationality. They show this pride in many ways. Clothing and jewelry are some … Read more

Skeleton Tattoo Meaning

One of the most popular tattoo concepts is the use of skeletons, skulls, and other examples of macabre art. Although these tattoos and images may be scary to some, it is actually the exact opposite to those who decide on getting these particular pieces. Surprisingly enough, there are many meanings and symbolism behind tattoos such … Read more

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