3D Tattoos

3D, or three dimensional, tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. These tattoos are incredibly detailed and hyper realistic and can make the viewer think the image is popping right off the skin. 3D tattoo designs can range from small inanimate objects to huge portraits. Regardless, 3D tattoos are gaining in popularity because they are able to … Read more

Cover Up Tattoos

Cover up tattoos are a tattoo that is designed to cover or alter a tattoo that was received earlier but is no longer desired. The tattoos that must be covered up with a new design are often regarded as mistakes or regretted by the individual and is no longer interested in the message that it … Read more

Biomechanical Tattoos

Biomechanical tattoos were the types of designs people could only dream about a couple of decades ago, but they are now totally possible and extremely popular in the tattooing world. They are great tattoo ideas for people who love science fiction, or who just want to get designs that make them look half human, half … Read more

Abstract Tattoos

Abstract is defined a few different ways, but these definitions combined may explain the complexity that is you, and this in turn can be expressed artistically through the art of tattoo. Abstract as an adjective can mean “existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence”, which describes the … Read more

Chinese Tattoos

Chinese tattoos seem to be just as popular in the western world as they are in the country they derive from. These are the types of tattoos that you will want to get if you are looking for an extremely meaningful design that also happens to look beautiful in tattoo form. On this page we … Read more

Pinup Girl Tattoos

The quintessential pinup girl tattoo is a throwback to a time when people had only one outlet for displaying and advertising sex symbols, a photograph or picture cut out from printed media. The origin of the term is a literal definition, as a woman so memorable that men would cut out her picture and pin … Read more

Spiderman Tattoos

The beloved and classic Marvel superhero, Spiderman, has been increasingly popular since his first appearance in the 1960s. The vibrant red and blue of his costume covered in a spider web pattern, along with the long-legged spider emblem, is an instant indication of the hero. Completely enshrined from head to toe, Spiderman is a classic … Read more

Serenity Prayer Tattoos

If you are the type of person who takes your own inner peace seriously, then you might be very interested in serenity prayer tattoos. These are a collection of tattoo designs are meant to bring the famous mantra and prayer to life in tattoo form. Below we will take a look at what these serenity … Read more

Warrior Tattoos

Warrior tattoos are extremely popular because they can be designed in so many ways and they represent many of the traits that people want to have represented in their ink. These tattoos can symbolize someone’s personality or they can even represent a person’s culture. On this page we will take a look at some of … Read more

Best Tattoo Kits

Tattooing is an ancient practice but it has only been in the last hundred years that tattoos have become common practice outside of small pockets of the East. While the origins of tattooing are relatively unknown, they have been found on ancient human remains from Egypt to Sumer to pre-historic Europe. Tattooing is rooted in … Read more

Triforce Tattoos

Triforce Tattoos Stemming from the Nintendo video game series The Legend of Zelda, the history of the symbol is rooted in the plot of the game. The triforce symbol is a representation of the Golden Goddesses, three fairies that serve as a form of creator. The three triangles of the triforce icon symbolize these three … Read more

Yakuza Tattoos

Yakuza tattoos are not the type of tats that you will see every day, but they’re definitely worth learning about. There is a rich history to these tattoos and, though many see them as symbols of hate and destruction, the images inside of the tattoos are actually the same tattoos that many people all around … Read more

Loyalty Tattoos

Text tattoos continue to be popular these days even as artists get better and better at making more elaborate tats. One of the most popular of those text tattoos is the Loyalty tattoo. The reason for this is because the word loyalty holds deep meaning to just about everyone and it is equally important to … Read more

Husband and Wife Tattoos

Many wedded couples decide to solidify their marriage with matching or correlating husband and wife tattoos that convey their connection as well as their eternal love for one another. These are the types of matching tattoos that bring with them a wealth of meaning since both people are pretty sure that whatever designs they choose … Read more

Browning Tattoos

Popular with hunters and fishermen, Browning Arms Company is an American company that manufactures firearms for hunting, fishing equipment, and other hunting and wilderness gear. The company is named after famed firearms designer and developer John Moses Browning whose designs heavily influenced civilian and non-military firearms, as well as military. Browning, as an infamous firearms … Read more

Basketball Tattoos

Basketball Tattoos Basketball is a majorly popular sport, especially in the United States, that speaks to many different people from all types of backgrounds. The sport is accessible to anyone as there is little to no equipment aside from the basketball itself and can provide a sense of belonging to those who join a team. … Read more

Wave Tattoo Meaning

Waves, rendered very simply or with incredible detail, are a representation of the ancient and natural undulation of the Earth’s oldest resource. The image of a wave is a symbol of the daunting power of the ocean as well as the calm waters that lie beneath. Unsurprisingly, people who love these things about the ocean … Read more

Illuminati Tattoos

There are a lot of great-looking illuminati tattoos, but most people get these designs because of the meanings that are attached to them. Some of those meanings are pretty dark, some are meant for people who spend a lot of their time thinking about conspiracies, and some are just different ways to define who the … Read more

Hello Kitty Tattoos

Hello Kitty Tattoos Created by the Japanese company Sanrio in the 1970s, Hello Kitty has become an enormous brand that branched into innumerable amounts of merchandise, franchises, and television. She is an icon of Japanese pop culture that has transferred over to the Western world. The face of Hello Kitty is recognizable as an adorable … Read more

Best Tattoo Ink

 Tattoo Ink Through History Tattooing has been a deeply-seeded cultural practice founds in countless cultures from Ancient Egyptian, to Japan, and Polynesian peoples like Hawaiian, Maori, and Samoan. For millennia, tattooing was done for to denote significance, accomplishment, and for spiritual reasons such as a sacrificial act in deity worship. Long before tattoo ink was … Read more

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