Hebrew Tattoos

The term Hebrew defines a group of people. While related to Jewish and Israeli, Hebrew is more of an all-encompassing word and includes all those that are Jewish and Israeli. All Israelites were Hebrews, and this is because they are descendants from Abraham. On the other hand, not all Hebrews were Israelites. Hebrews that were … Read more

Seahorse Tattoo Meaning

When debating on your next tattoo, you might have determined you want to get some sort of fish tattoo. However, you might be thinking that everyone has some sort of fish tattoo and you generally see the same stuff. These would include sharks, eels, bass and other cool looking animals. Maybe you are looking for … Read more

Black Cat Tattoos

Black cat tattoos are the types of tats that are commonly misunderstood. They can actually have meanings that span from the very positive to the very negative, so it really comes down to who the owner of the tattoo is and what they want their black cat to symbolize. On this page we are going … Read more

Sacred Heart Tattoo Meaning

In terms of religious tattoos, Christianity has a plethora of symbols that are used to represent the faith in a tattoo. Because the religion is so old, the symbols of the religion are old as well and therefore, have a great deal of meaning and history behind them. That is part of what we will … Read more

Lips Tattoo Meaning

Whether you are talking sex appeal or fandom of the Rolling Stones, the lips tattoo is one that has been around for a long time. It’s got a really cool vibe and for being a feminine looking image, it screams, “bad ass”! If you are looking for a tattoo that sets the trend and still … Read more

Hannya Mask Tattoo Meaning

When debating on getting a tattoo, there are many options out there. However, one of the oldest and most symbolic style of tattooing comes from the Japanese. Tattooing in Japan has been a long journey. From being accepted, to being outlawed, back to being accepted again. From dragons to cherry blossoms, there are a plethora … Read more

Fleur de Lis Tattoo Meaning

The Fleur de Lis/Lys is an iconic symbol of Frankish and other Western European nobilities. In English, it is literally translated to “flower of the lily”, although it is disputed as to whether the symbol represents lilies or irises, and has been a regal symbol for centuries. It is found on the flag of Quebec … Read more

Roman Numeral Tattoo Meaning

Roman numerals were developed in ancient Rome over centuries using the letters of the Latin alphabet, I, V, X, L, C, D, and M. This numerical system was used exclusively in Western Europe until the adaptation and development of the current Hindu-Arabic originated system. So why are Roman numeral tattoos so popular? Well, for a … Read more

Pocket Watch Tattoo Meaning

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the pocket watch was a personal timepiece most often carried by men in order to keep time. Pocket watches were often given as special gifts or handed down as heirlooms through the patriarchal line of the family. They made significant presents because they could be designed ornately and made … Read more

Yin Yang Tattoo Meaning

Many people are attracted to the yin yang symbol because they know it holds deep meanings and has a cool-looking design. On this page well will take a look at the history of the yin yang and all of the popular yin yang tattoo meanings that people like to attach to their designs. The yin … Read more

Maori Tattoo Meaning

Maori tattoos are both beautiful and meaningful, which is why many people are very interested in understanding what these tattoos are. Some people assume that there is just one Maori tattoo meaning attached to all of these designs, but the truth is that these tattoos can have an assortment of meanings, just like with any … Read more

Jellyfish Tattoo Meaning

Looking for a jellyfish tattoo meaning? Well, as you will see below there are plenty to choose from. The jellyfish tattoo has been pretty popular for a while now, but it has definitely gained in popularity in recent years thanks to new-age tattooing techniques that give this creature an even better look on the skin. … Read more

Ankh Tattoo Meaning

The Ankh tattoo is one of the most popular Egyptian tattoos in the world for a variety of reasons. Not only does the symbol have a unique shape, there are also quite a few fantastic meanings attached to it, giving owners of these tats an attractive and significant symbol to represent who they are. Below … Read more

Geometric Tattoo Meaning

The styles of today’s tattoos vary a great deal. No longer are we in the days of only Sailor Jerry and traditional tattoos. These days, artists are getting more creative and are inventing new styles to work with to make tattooing a completely unique process that offers us the opportunity to let an artist’s creative … Read more

Buddha Tattoo Meaning

One way that people show their respect and love for their religion is to wear a symbol that represents the way of life. There are plenty of symbols out there that represent the different religions and ways of life. The reason why we keep mentioning a way of life is because those that follow the … Read more

Circle Tattoo Meaning

Sometimes the most simple of images provide the most powerful meanings. If you look around you or pay attention to what’s happening in the world, you will see simple images all over the place and many of these images hold a great deal of meaning. For example, how simple is the heart? One or two … Read more

Barcode Tattoo Meaning

Barcode tattoos seem to be all the rage these days, but many people wonder about their meanings. Well, in some cases those meanings are quite strange, but you’ll usually find that they give you a better understanding of who the person is who has the tattoo. On this page we are going to take a … Read more

Ampersand Tattoo Meaning

The ampersand is an allusive image that can represent a plethora of significant meanings depending on the intent of the symbol. Above all else, it is a symbol of continuation, an additive relic from the Latin language that is completely inclusive. The ampersand (&) is a typographical symbol that was created from condensing the Latin … Read more

Shark Tattoo Meaning

Anyone looking for a menacing and often very meaningful animal tattoo design should look into getting a shark tattoo. Not only do these animals look amazing on the skin, they you’ll also find that there are quite a few shark tattoo meanings that people like to use. Below you will find out why so many … Read more

Sunflower Tattoo Meaning

If you are looking for a flower to represent your characteristics or trait in a tattoo, you have a lot to choose from. Some of the more popular floral tattoos include the rose, lilac, lily and carnation to name a few and all of them are packed full of meaning. However, we aren’t here today … Read more

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