Cross Tattoo Meaning

The cross is by far one of the most recognizable symbols in the world as well as one of the oldest. It is also one of the most popular choices for tattoos. While you might see the cross tattoo as having a simple (and powerful) Christian meaning, it’s actually a much more complex symbol than … Read more

Armor Tattoos

When looking for a tattoo that will have meaning, there are a million symbols out there that would do the trick. From animals to flowers, nothing is off limits when looking for your next tattoo. Some of these images are easier to read, as far as meaning goes, than others. In this case, the tattoo … Read more

Black Light Tattoos

Recently, a type of ink has been created that can be safely injected into the skin that remains incredibly faint until it is placed underneath a black light. When placed on the skin, these designs have come to be known as black light tattoos. They certainly are not for everyone, but a lot of people … Read more

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Let the animal out. Let it show. An animal tattoo can speak volumes of a person’s personality, so you want to pick this one carefully. A sleek fox with deep orange and black colors can be sexy and classy, while a grinning tiger on your shoulder might just be a tattoo as bold as you … Read more

Triangle Tattoo Meaning

Everything on the planet seems to have its own meaning and this goes down to simple designs like a line. From animals to lyrics, everything has meaning to somebody and shapes are no different. Many shapes like circles, squares and ovals have specific meaning. So, it should be no surprise the triangle is a very … Read more