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Painful Pleasures is an online retailer and distributor of thousands of tattoo supply products as well as body piercing supplies and body jewellery. Founded in 1999, the company built themselves on a foundation of product variety and customer service. The inventory warehouse is located in Hanover, Maryland and contains Pain Pleasures’ entire stock of product so that every item is shipped from the same location. They are trusted by countless artists and tattoo shops as their exclusive supplier because of their promise of fair prices, wide selection of products, and prompt, helpful customer service.

Painful Pleasures makes shopping for body art supplies easy. With their online store, products are made available to individual customers, artists, and shops and studios all around the globe. All products are pictured on the website and accompanied by a full description of the item, prices, reviews, details on shipping and handling, as well as related products that will work in conjunction with the described item. They also have video tutorials of how to use and care for certain items to ensure that their products are utilized to their full potential. There are special deals for those who buy in bulk to better suit tattoo shops and their employees. Painful Pleasures employees a number of specialists who are hired specifically to focus on the customer and their purchases to ensure that each order is packaged and shipped correctly and on time.

For tattoo supply, Painful Pleasures offers everything from dozens of brands of tattoo ink to machines and parts, medical supplies like sterile gloves, tattoo aftercare products, and studio furniture. Everything necessary to begin and maintain a tattoo studio can be purchased and shipped directly to the customer from this website. All types of jewellery, clothing, and accessories are available as well.

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