Paisley Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Paisley tattoos are a very distinct-looking style of tattoo. It has a mysterious pattern that makes it a favorite for tattoo enthusiasts everywhere. The paisley pattern is beautiful and distinct which makes it no surprise that people would get this inked on their bodies.

In this post, we will talk about the history of the paisley pattern and what it might mean to different people. With tattoos, there are historical symbolisms with some things and in other cases, it’s strictly up to the person with the tattoo.

The name ‘Paisley’ is a modern name likened to the town of Paisley in Central Scotland. The paisley pattern is considered a design that is ornamental. The shape of the pattern is a teardrop. Paisley has been a popular theme in the fashion world for centuries. This is especially true in the West where people tend to go backwards in style. They are falling back on the 60’s and 70’s styles of “hippy” style.

This iconic motif has made a journey from its origins in Persia and India to our clothing and bodies today. Paisley has been worn by models to bikers. Kids wanting to freshen up their look and take it back to the 70s will sport the paisley pattern it’s even been made popular by the Beatles.

When trying to figure out how the paisley pattern has made it so far in our history, you must assume the symbolism of this pattern plays a part. The original ‘both’ has been linked to the symbol of life and eternity. The paisley tattoo can also represent this same meaning. Because it is thought to represent a mix of a cypress tree and a floral pattern, you can assume the shape can be likened to a seed. Seeds symbolize life and in Indian culture, paisley meant the time for harvest.

In addition to the floral patterns and seed-like shape, it is thought the paisley tattoo can also represent fertility. If you haven’t noticed, the paisley pattern has been printed on men’s’ ties for many years. Is it just a coincidence that the ancient symbol of fertility is on a piece of fabric that points to the groin area? It’s hard to say but this is also evidence that should be taken into consideration.

People with paisley tattoos also get these beautiful patterns because they can represent growth. The Europeans used to make botanical drawings involving paisley. This is an example of how the paisley pattern can be likened to having an organic nature it. It can represent the seed all the way to the blossoming of the flower. It also creates somewhat of a spiral shape which is a symbol of the physical and spiritual worlds colliding.

The paisley tattoo is also representative of the yin-yang symbol. This means everything has the see of its opposites. There is always a light and a dark side. Depending on your profession or passions, the paisley symbol can mean the ebbs and flows of life. If you’re a surfer, the crest of the wave might be the yin while the trough would be the yang. Life is full of ups and downs like a wavelength and the paisley tattoo can be representative of this.

The floral tattoo with the paisley pattern around it is a popular one incorporating two similar images. Because the paisley pattern is representative of seeds and growth, it makes sense that it might be paired with flowers. They both represent life, growth and blooming. This could symbolize the person wearing the tattoo as having grown in their life. In many cases, this is a growth of the mind. It could be a realization of something important or an understanding of the world around you.

Paisley tattoos with peacocks are also a common theme for people who get this type of tattoo. Because the patterns on the peacock already have a paisley look, these two symbols go hand in hand. The peacock symbolizes the beauty behind our true selves when we decide to open up to people.

You would never know how beautiful a peacock can be until you see them open their tail and expose their wonderful colors and patterns. In Buddhist cultures, the peacock represents an awakening of your consciousness and Kuan Yin, the compassionate goddess. The peacock also symbolizes enjoying life, royalty, awakening, compassion, desire, refinement, beauty, spirituality and immortality amongst other meanings.

The paisley tattoo is just as beautiful being tattooed in black and grey as it is being multi-colored. The unique patterns can almost put you into a trance. Some people get the paisley tattoo simply because of this reason. Humans have always wanted to make themselves look interesting and enticing to the opposite sex. Having a paisley tattoo is an expression of one’s self and is just a really cool-looking pattern to have on your body. By getting a paisley tattoo, you are letting the world know you have a passion for the beauty of life which happens to be one of the meanings of the paisley pattern.

No matter how you choose to get your paisley tattoo, it’s important to remember that if you don’t get the right shop or tattoo artist, you might not get the results you want. The paisley tattoo can be a very intricate one so when you are in the middle of looking for a tattoo artist to finish the tattoo you have been waiting for, make sure they are well versed in fine line work. If you need help narrowing down your search, the team at Tattoo SEO can help. We recommend tattoo artists and shops to people wanting to get inked.

We hope that by reading this post, you have a better idea of what the paisley tattoo represents. With common themes of life and fertility, the paisley tattoo is usually a positive one. Not only does this pattern represent certain meanings but it’s also easy on the eyes. We hope that combined with the pictures below, you will have a better idea of what you want out of your paisley tattoo.

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