Palm Tattoos

With tattooing being as popular as ever, things are already starting to become cliché. We all know the tattoos that we see out there that are the same or always in the same places. Tattooing used to be for people that lived on the edge and now it seems like more and more people are getting tattoos every day. This means we are going to run into many duplicate tattoos and tattoos that are in the same spots.

More adventurous tattoo enthusiasts are getting creative with their tattoo placement these days and getting them on their palm. You heard me correctly, the palm tattoo is something that seems to be taking off a bit while more and more try to do something different.

In this post we will talk about the palm tattoo and what it means to the people that are getting the inner parts of their hands tattooed. We will also talk about the tattoo pain chart as far as the pain level of the palm tattoo and why people are doing this. We will give some of our advice on the subject and give the information to be informed. By the end of this post, we hope you have a better understanding of the palm tattoo and if you were thinking of getting one, we hope this helped.

Do palm tattoos hurt?

We hate to upset you but yes, the palm tattoo hurts. As a matter of fact, all tattoos hurt but according to the pain chart, the palm tattoo is up there as far as pain goes. The palm is a spot that is more sensitive to touch and pain than other parts of the body. The reason this happens is because the receptors in your skin are sporadically distributed throughout your body. Some areas are more sensitive that others. Specific areas, including fingers, lips and hands are more sensitive than places like your thing, shoulder and back. They say the palm is roughly four times more sensitive than the more common tattoo spots on your body.

The main reason the palm is more sensitive in getting tattooed is because there isn’t much fat on that part of the body. This is basically a rule of thumb in tattooing. The fattier of your body are going to be spots that are less painful. For instance, it’s going to hurt more to get a tattoo on your head than it would on your shoulder. However, the palm isn’t the worst pain you will have when being tattooed. Tattoos on your knuckles, spine and top of foot are pretty painful as well.

Are there any risks?

The palm of your hand has a faster and different regrowth pattern than other parts of your body. This means that the palm tattoo is more likely to fade faster than a tattoo on your arm. You may have to get this tattoo touched up more often than a normal tattoo, but you will know there aren’t a whole lot of palm tattoos out there.

Another problem with the palm tattoo is that in order to keep it from fading fast, you need to have bold, thick and deep lines. This knocks a bunch of designs out of the running if they are intricate whatsoever. Any tattoo with fine lines and details are not going to last long in your palm so you should definitely think of that before you get your palm tattoo. You will notice that many palm tattoos tend to be in the American Traditional or Neo Traditional genre because of their bold lines and dark colors.

As far as other risks go, you’re looking at the same risks getting tattooed on your palm as any other place. It is always possible to have allergic reactions to ink, keloid scars, skin infections, granulomas and other blood diseases that come from that artists not taking care of their equipment. This is why you should research any tattoo shop you go to and make sure the shop looks clean and it is up to code. There are many sites that review shops and if you have questions about that, you can ask us at Tattoo SEO as well.

How to keep my palm tattoo looking fresh?

You are going to run into some issues with the palm tattoo just like any other tattoo. However, you have to worry about fading a little bit more with the palm tattoo because of the way the skin regenerates in the palm. The good thing is, you can mitigate these issues by making sure you keep your palms protected from the sun. Sun damage is something you should be on the lookout for with any tattoo and especially one that is already susceptible to fading.

Another suggestion that we can offer to help your palm tattoo heal and stay looking good is make sure the healing process goes flawlessly. Many artists will suggest that people get unpowdered exam gloves for protection. You would put these gloves on after you put the healing lotion or oil on your tattoo. This way, you can keep the tattoo clean and moist. It is suggested the gloves are changed four times a day and between each change, make sure you wash, dry and moisturized again.

You will find tattoo artists that will not want to do your palm tattoo or advise against it. In addition to being a painful place to get a tattoo, the palm tattoo is extremely visible so if you are employed at a place that frowns on tattoos, you may want to reconsider. Unlike other tattoo spots, you can’t cover your palm tattoos unless you wear gloves all day and there can only be so many limo drivers in the world.

All that being said, the palm tattoo is a really unique looking tattoo that only the bravest of the brave get when being tattooed. Just make sure you do your research on artists before going in and try to find someone with experience in palm tattoos. If you need any help, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to offer a recommendation.

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