Palm Tree Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

If you are looking for a tree to represent your characteristics or traits in a tattoo, you have a lot to choose from. Some of the more popular tree tattoos include oaks, maple trees and willows to name a few and all of them are very symbolic. Keep in mind, that we aren’t here today to talk about those symbols, but the tree you think of when you think of parades; is the palm tree tattoo.

This tattoo has a lot of meaning so we want to help in explaining some of the symbolism. Knowing that all trees have some sort of symbolism if you are going to get the palm tree tattoo, it is pretty important to know what it has historically symbolized.

The palm tree is a wonderful tree and from the looks of it, many others that get this tattoo agree with us. This tree is identified by its long trunk and long, large palm leaves hanging down. We probably also know about the seeds that it produces that we eat but this tree isn’t just here to provide nutrients, it is a very symbolic tree.

In this post, we are going to talk about the palm tree and some interesting facts about it. Then we will move on to talk about the meaning behind the palm tree tattoo and what it symbolizes for the tattoo enthusiasts who choose to get the brilliant tree tattooed on their body. We will also get into some of the diverse variations of the palm tree tattoo. By the end of this article, you should feel a lot more knowledgeable about the palm tree tattoo and what the palm tree and its variations mean.

Palm Tree Tattoo Meaning

Relaxing and calming tropical beaches are adorned with swaying palm trees, moved by a natural, ocean breeze. Unsurprisingly, many people love the feeling that they have when they see a palm tree, so they get a palm tree tattoo.

What might surprise you is that there are far more than just one or two palm tree tattoo meanings to choose from. On this page, we will go over the types of palm tree tattoos that people like to get and all of the meanings that you can attach to your tattoo.

The image of these trees immediately refers to the tranquility of the beach and ocean, calling to mind the serenity of a less hectic life. Someone who does have to work constantly and would like to add more relaxation to their lives might get the palm tree tattoo to remind themselves to slow down every once in a while. The tattoo can serve as a motivational tool so the owner does not forget to enjoy life while also working hard.

Palm Tree Tattoo Variations

Palm trees can be depicted in dozens of ways but most generally serve as a symbol of peace. It is very easy to lose yourself in the day-to-day craziness that is in our lives, so a palm tree tattoo can be used as a sort of reminder to find time for peace. There are a lot of “peace” tattoos out there, but the palm tree tattoo lets everyone, including yourself know that you are someone who values peace above most other things.

However, we will talk about some of our favorite variations of the palm tree tattoo and talk about the meaning behind the images.

Palm Tree Tattoo

On their own, palm trees are often rendered traditionally with bright green and gold to color and enhance the image. Simple lines are used but the message of passiveness is made clear with the figure of the tropical tree. While many people like to add more images to their palm tree tattoos, some still prefer to get the tree alone because it holds the most meaning to them when they are on a beach sipping their daiquiris.

Palm Tree and Coconuts Tattoo

Coconuts are sometimes included in palm tree tattoos, the natural fruit born by the tree, making the simple image slightly more realistic. Palm trees to share some similarities to other trees throughout the world, so those who want to make their tattoo’s message a bit clearer will add coconuts and other little elements so onlookers will know what type of tattoo they have.

Palm Tree Silhouette Tattoo

Silhouettes of palm trees relay a similar message, rendered in completely black or another dark or solid color. This aesthetic choice is much simpler than a traditional style, increasing the nonchalant quality of the carefree tree. This also makes the tattoo a bit more personal since the meaning behind the palm tree tattoo is more subtle. Others simply prefer to get their tattoos with less detail because they like the way they look on the skin more than colorful tattoos.

The island attitude is portrayed regardless of how the palm tree is rendered, offering the message of “taking it easy”. Obviously, this makes the palm tree tattoo a great choice for people who are naturally laidback. People who enjoy kicking back and relaxing more than anything else in the world might find the palm tree tattoo to be the perfect design choice.

Ocean Scene Tattoo

Palm trees are often adorned with other beach or ocean imagery to create a piece that appears fuller and more detailed. The trees can be situated on an island or sandy beach, large or small, often surrounded by gentle waves of water. Sunset or sunrise scenes are added in the background to enhance the serenity of the island scene. Blue skies and white, puffy clouds are often used, as well as tropical or Hawaiian flowers or other flora to add to the image.

These are palm tree tattoo designs that many people pick when they want to send the message that they prefer being on the beach over just about every other local. It could also serve as a reminder of the great times the person has spent in tropical locations.

Birds and Palm Trees Tattoo

Birds or bird silhouettes are another typical figure incorporated with palm trees, rendering a sense of space and sky with the tattoo. If you do add birds to your palm tree tattoo, it’s important that you also recognize the meanings that those specific birds add to the tattoo.

Tribal Palm Tree Tattoo

Tribal designs are used with palm trees, using thick, bold, dark lines to create the shape of the tree. Swirling lines are cut out to make the tribal image unique, enhancing the island vibe of the design. Again, it is important to know what each tribal tattoo design means so you can get the ones that hold the most meaning to you.

Skulls and Palm Tree Tattoo

The addition of skulls, either in place of coconuts on the tree, near the base or otherwise adds a sense of ominousness or foreboding to the design, drawing away from the serenity of the palm tree. Dark clouds or background can be added as well, enhancing the perilous tone.

As you can see, you have quite a few things to think about when getting a palm tree tattoo. Think about the palm tree tattoo meaning before you commit to one design so you can be happy with the tattoo for the rest of your life.

About Palm Trees

Before we get into some of the fun facts about the palm tree, it is important to know that the palm tree isn’t really a tree. On the contrary, the palm tree is actually a type of grass and there are two factors that separate the palm tree from other trees. First, the palm tree doesn’t grow bark and they are essentially the same on the outside as they are on the inside. Secondly, the palm tree’s yearly growth can’t be measured by rings because it doesn’t grow rings.

Palm grass is probably more accurate than calling it a “palm tree”, however, if it looks like a tree with a trunk and crown of leaves, anyone on earth would call it a tree and we don’t expect you to change what you call it at this point.

Palm trees also live a very long time for being grass. There are some palm trees in Mexico that live to be over 100 years old. Scientists have had to find new ways to measure the age of palm trees because they don’t grow rings like the other trees. It is even said that there is one species of palm tree that can live for over 740 years.

While the coconut palm tree might live longer than the average human being, it takes a long time to mature. This palm tree won’t even grow coconuts for the first 20 years of its life. It takes five years to grow the trunk and another 15 years to grow coconuts. This says that just like a human, the coconut palm tree doesn’t fully mature until its 20s.

There are also other ways in which the palm tree is similar to a human and that is that by the time the tree turns about 70 years old, the production of the tree goes down. So, at that point, the palm tree is collecting social security and just blowing in the wind.

When thinking of the palm tree, most people have a specific idea of what they think a palm tree should look like but there are over 2,600 different species of palm trees and many look like the stereotypical palm tree while others look different.

Some of these palm trees grow fruit, some grow feather leaves, some grow fan leaves, some can be grown indoors, some outdoors, some are small and others get very large. There are also some palm trees with really fascinating names like the zombie palm, the fishtail lawyer cane palm, the purple crown shaft king palm and the blond flame thrower palm to name a few.

Another interesting fact about palm trees is that they can grow more than just coconuts. We know this is hard to believe as we grew up having a very specific idea of what a palm tree was but it is true. They can also grow other fruits that can added to our flavorful smoothies on the beach. Some of these include the obvious coconut, dates, bananas and acai berries.

You can also extract palm oil from the palm tree and that is one of the big reasons people start palm tree farms.

These are just a few fun facts about the palm tree but the important thing is that if you want to get a palm tree tattoo, make sure you find an artist that has some experience in that department and make sure their style fits what you are looking for.

If you need help finding a tattoo artist in your area, let us know. The team at Tattoo SEO would love to be of assistance to you and your friends.

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