Panda Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

From cute and cuddly to big and fierce, the giant panda fills all slots on the application. Just by looking, the giant pandas look harmless. They always seem to be playing and fooling around and playing, but they can turn on a dime if something threatens their cubs.

Because of their personalities, these giant pandas are very popular in the tattoo realm. People get the giant panda tattoo because they can draw from many parts of their personalities. It might depend on the day.

The meaning of the panda tattoo will depend on who you are asking and what they choose to focus on when getting the tattoo. It’s up to the person with the tattoo. However, everyone loves the giant panda and they really are cute as hell. This is another reason people get this tattoo. Whatever your reason is, it is your tattoo, and no one can tell you why you got it. On the other hand, there are a number of traits and symbolism attributed to the panda and some might look to get the tattoo because of that.

In this post, we will talk about the panda and dive into their personality and habits. We will talk about the meaning of the panda tattoo and what the image of the panda symbolizes. In addition, we will be talking about some of the variations of the panda tattoo and talk about what those mean to the people getting them. By the end of this, we hope you have a better understanding of the panda and maybe help you to feel more comfortable getting your own panda tattoo.

About the Panda

The giant panda is native to China and is easily recognized with their black and white coloring. They have black ears and black rings around their eyes. Parts of their body are colored white as well while their legs are black. Sometimes they are mentioned along with the red panda, but they are completely unrelated. They both are part of the Carnivora order, but the giant panda almost exclusively feeds on bamboo.

Giant pandas spend most of their lives walking around on the forest floor and eating bamboo. It seems like a pretty good life they lead. In addition, they can swim and they are fantastic climbers. For this reason, they don’t build dens like other bears do. The panda prefers living in solitary and shallow slopes. They will also head to the valleys if it gets too cold in the mountains.

Giant pandas try to avoid confrontation with other pandas and animals. Because of their low-energy diet, they make sure to avoid running into anything that might cause them to have to fight. They mark their territories which makes it easier to avoid other pandas in the wild. Instead of roaring like other bears and aggressive animals, the panda barks more of a bark or bleats like a goat.

This next reason is one of the main reasons I love the giant panda. They spend about 14 hours a day just eating. They need to consume about 40% of their body weight every day and they do this by making sure they are taking the time. Bamboo is low in fibrins and high in nutrition and the pandas love it. They’ll eat the shoots, leaves and stems of the bamboo as well.

The giant panda is a great tree climber and they do it to avoid danger, win the favor of a female and get away from stronger pandas. They are also known to be fun-loving. They are curious animals and are known to take utensils and other things from villages just to play with and later discard them.

They are also very docile animal. You very rarely hear of attacks on humans by the giant panda. In fact, they might even cover their face when first encountering a human. The only thing you don’t want to do is come near their cubs because they will burst into a rage at that point.

Panda Tattoo Meaning

You can take a lot of information from a panda tattoo. Much of the meaning will have to do with how the panda is displayed in the tattoo but for the most part, the meaning of the panda tattoo coincides with their personalities.

The panda tattoo can represent both the feminine and the masculine. The panda tattoo also represents a sort of yin-yang and balance. Their black and white colors are another example of the balance of colors on their body. They also have a very even-keeled personality which most might call balanced.

The panda is a playful and curious animal and those with the panda tattoo might be tapping into that part of their personality. The panda can be aggressive if it needs to be, but they generally avoid confrontation if they can at all help it. The panda tattoo is a fun-loving tattoo that can invoke the playful side of your personality. If you are the type that enjoys laying around, eating and relaxing, the panda tattoo might be the one for you.

Panda Tattoo Variations

You might find some different variations of the panda tattoo and depending on what you see might define what the meaning is. Below are a couple of examples.

Rolling Panda Tattoo

The rolling panda tattoo or playing panda tattoo is representative of the fun-loving nature of the panda. By having this image tattooed on your body, you are trying to capture that part of your personality and keep it playful. It is a great outlook to have on life and by having this tattoo, you can remind yourself to stay carefree like the panda.

Kung Fu Panda Tattoo

The Kung Fu Panda tattoo is a play-off in the Dreamworks movie starring Jack Black. In this movie, Jack Black is the voice of a fun-loving panda that learns kung fu and uses it to stop evildoers. His personality in this movie is very much like the playful panda. You might see fans of the show with this tattoo.

Growling Panda Tattoo

Some might want to capture the giant panda with a fierce look to let onlookers know that when pushed, you can be aggressive. The majority of the time, the giant panda is a playful and solitary animal that would rather run away than fight but if prompted, the panda can be fierce. This tattoo is a symbol of both parts of the personality. The easygoing and the aggressive.

And these are just a few examples of the panda tattoo. We hope you can use some of this information to create your very own panda tattoo that you will enjoy for years.

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