Parallel Line Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Parallel lines are seen everywhere in our everyday lives. We see them in sculptures, roadways, train tracks and even something as simple as the shelves on a rack, parallel lines are a part of our sacred geometry. Parallel lines are two lines that have a degree of space between them, both lines on the top and bottom shoot in a straight line and these lines never cross.

These lines run alongside each other forever, never stopping the direction they are heading unless they are diminished by a point in the lines. These lines can run in any direction, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal, yet again as long as the two lines do not intersect, they are considered, parallel lines. This parallel line concept as a tattoo can mean many different things.

The individual with the tattoo, or wanting the tattoo, is sure to have a meaning behind it. Since these are geometric lines, one can only assume the symbolism behind them. Listed below are some examples of how people have turned these lines into creative and respectable tattoos.

Most often, these parallel line tattoos are seen wrapping around the arm, or whatever part of the body you decide to place them. On the arm, a tattoo that wraps all the way around such as this, is called an armband tattoo. The parallel line concept is perfect for an armband tattoo. Seeing as how lines never end in geometry, parallel lines do not end either.

Displaying them going in a circle can represent just that, the never-ending, infinite universe of parallel lines. Tattoos such as armbands, especially parallel line armbands, look great and have a certain level of class among them. Sometimes the simplest tattoo designs are also the most meaningful.

Parallel Line Designs

The parallel line tattoo is a concept that many have just started to grasp. Not many people realize that such a simple design can go a long way. There are many different ways to display these lines, whether you want a wrap-around armband, just two lines that make an equal sign, or you can even put a third line on the armband to accompany the other two.

Two Bold Lines

One of the most common wrap-around tattoos is the parallel lines, boldly placed on the forearm. These two lines can either be thick lines, or thinner, depending on your preference. When getting this tattoo, it is a good idea to adjust the size depending on how big your arms are. If you have a slim build, the lines should not be too thick, for this will not only take up space on your arm but will look disproportionate.

The forearm is not the only spot where you can have these two bold lines; the upper arm looks great too. These are also great ways to end a particular theme you have as a sleeve. The two bold parallel lines can even that gap, so you can either stop the ink there or keep it going. Coloring these tattoos is an idea but keeping them bold and black always looks great.

Through Thick and Thin

Just like the two bold line concept, this tattoo design will give the effect of one line being bigger than the other. By making either the top or bottom line thicker, it shows that although they are parallel lines, they are not exactly the same. Whether you want to color these tattoos with bold black ink or not is up to you, you could also get designs within these parallel lines, maybe even fill in the gap between the two lines for a more unique touch.

Symbols such as stars and other cosmic illustrations could signify a parallel universe between those two parallel lines. This tattoo can be seen starting somewhere near the middle of the top of your arm, perhaps the thicker line is on the larger part of your arm and the thin line on the bottom where the arm starts to get thinner near the elbow. This design also looks great on the calf and lower part of the leg, below the knee.

Bracelet Tattoo

Parallel lines placed around the wrist as a wristband give the effect that you are always wearing a bracelet. Some people feel like they are naked without something wrapped around their wrists. Always wear wristbands and bracelets, if you are one of these people, this tattoo is perfect for you. Not only does it look good, it can be fashioned in multiple ways.

As listed above, you can turn these lines in the way you want, as long as they are parallel! One thick line and one thinner line an example. You can even get one line filled in with bold black ink, and keep the other one transparent, doing this, turns the lines into bar-like shapes. Wrapping around the wrist, this tattoo will be seen by everyone.

The ankle is also another option if you do not want the tattoo to be seen as noticeably. If this design and placement suit you, a good idea is to try replicating the design on your wrist/ankle and see how it looks before you get it permanently done. This is also a great tattoo if you just want something small and simple.

Three Thin Lines Tattoo

Three lines, parallel to each other, can also make for an interesting concept. With this design, choosing a spot for placement should not be any harder than the classic two-lined tattoo. These three lines do not have to necessarily be thin, but the simplistic look of three lines wrapping around the arm says enough.

Any tattoo artist that you decide upon, should most certainly be able to do these designs. As simple as it is, however, it is possible to screw this one up. A word of advice before getting this tattoo, is to make sure that the artist has lined up the lines to your liking, making them as straight as possible so there are no awkward waves or uneven gapping.

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