Penguin Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Residing in the Southern Hemisphere, Penguins are in a ground of flightless, aquatic birds. The Galapagos penguin is the only member of the family that lives north of the equator. These beautiful creatures spend about half of their lives in the water. With their white and dark plumage and flipper arms, these animals have adapted into great hunters of the water.

Not only are these birds excellent hunters and efficient in the water, they are some of the most likeable animals in the world. Who doesn’t like a penguin? It wasn’t until people started traveling more that penguins were even seen. Because of where they live, penguins weren’t see much. This is because the climate is not an easy one to live in on the account of the cold. However, that doesn’t stop people from falling in love with these little guys.

As you could guess, the penguin tattoo is a very popular one. In addition to just looking cool, these animals wreak of symbolism. In this post, we will explore some of the symbolism behind the penguin and what they might mean for the person being tattooed.

As far as characteristics go, one to note is their ability to adapt. Penguins are inhabitants of an area of the world that most animals or humans cannot survive. Most penguins live in the cold and the kind of cold where they reside is a brutal one. In addition to the cold, penguins must endure storms and hurricanes because they live close to water. Having a penguin tattoo could represent your ability to change or how you’ve adapted to change in your life.

Another trait that might be thought of when getting a penguin tattoo is their monogamous behavior. It is quite odd for an animal to stick with one mate. Most of the time the urge to procreate is deep in the bones of animals. It’s their duty to make as many babies as possible with as many different mates as possible. These keeps their bloodlines alive. Think again for penguins. These cute little guys stick with the same mate for life. This is a quality we should all strive for.

As a totem, penguins represent similar traits as mentioned above. As long as the penguin is close water, nothing can chase them away. They are made tough and they will endure harsh weather to stay there. So, if the penguin is your spirit animal, that means you feel you’re adaptable as well

People born under the penguin totem are great communicators as well. It is though that these people easily convey messages to others. You might see teachers or speakers with a penguin tattoo as communication is, by most accounts, the most important attribute. It’s about being around people and having discussion and an exchange of ideas. People born under the penguin totem flourish in these scenarios.

Someone might get a penguin tattoo if they have experienced heartbreak. Because penguins are monogamous, people with this tattoo might value relationships greatly. The give and take of a relationship is what gives them excitement. It also means that coming down off a relationship via a breakup is extremely hard. You can say people born under the penguin totem fall hard, love hard and hurt hard.

We also find that people with a penguin tattoo might where to represent their zest for friends and the social life. Penguins are extremely social animals. The people donning this tattoo might be too. They feed off the energy from conversation and being social.

However, don’t think of penguins as just wanting to fit in. Penguins are also symbols for opposites and duality. They have strong personalities and believe that you should too. Even though they value group setting and relationships, they also value being unique. The penguin tattoo would be a perfect fit for the tattoo enthusiast that truly values their individuality.

People might also get a penguin tattoo if they have dreams involving penguins. Penguins have a strong significance in dreams. If you happen to see a penguin in your dream it means you are going to be reaching some kind of peace. If you have been going through a tough time, you can hope for some resolution after seeing these guys your dream.

Now if you saw the penguin in the water while dreaming, it might represent your adaptability. Seeing a penguin in your dream might be a sign of adapting to a new change. People don’t like change, so this would be a welcoming signal in a dream.

You will also tend to see penguins in many children’s books. These cute, clumsy (as they can be portrayed), loveable animals seem to be kid favorites in books. Major movies have revolved around the penguin as well. If you have an affinity to penguins from childhood, it might be the tattoo for you. Fond memories are a great reason to get a tattoo. If a penguin tattoo can remind you of better times when we didn’t have a care in the world, we suggest getting it.

The most important part about getting your penguin tattoo is knowing what the animal represents. We hope we’ve covered enough of the symbolism of the penguin to give you a better understanding of this bird.

We would have to say the second most important thing about getting a tattoo is going to a reputable shop and finding an artist you are comfortable with. At Tattoo SEO, we help people get matched up with an artist and shop that will treat them right. Nobody wants to walk into a tattoo shop where you don’t feel wanted. If you are overwhelmed with the prospect of finding an artist, please let us know. We would love to offer our services.

In addition, take a look at the examples of penguin tattoos below. We hope that by browsing the selection, you might get a better idea on the style of penguin tattoo you want. Remember you will have this tattoo for a long time. If you do your research, you are bound to have a great experience and to have a tattoo you will love.

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