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From witches to devil worshippers, the image of the pentagram is one that is jarring and confusing. Both of these adjectives come from what people know of the pentagram and what they believe it represents in the modern world versus what it meant years back. There are serious implications when talking about the pentagram and this is likely because of who wears them and what it represents to them. The five pointed star within a circle can be worn on a necklace or in this case, tattooed on the body.

The pentagram tattoo has been a provocative symbol for years and this is one of the reasons people tend to get this tattoo. Outside of the history of the pentagram, the pentagram tattoo is worn by secular thinkers of the new age. By doing this, they are taking the image back and challenging what is normal.

However, in order to really understand the pentagram, we need to look at the origins of this symbol and find out why it associations with the occult and other pagan groups. In this post we will discuss the history of the pentagram along with the meaning of the pentagram tattoo. By the end of this post you should fee more educated on the manner and be able to make a more informed decision on whether you want to get a pentagram tattoo for yourself.

Origin of the Pentagram

Used as a religious symbol throughout the world for years, the pentagram is as old as some of the first religions. In its most simple form, the pentagram is a star with five points drawn with one unbroken line and one point usually sticking straight up. We also know it today as a five pointed star enclosed in one or two circles. Sometimes the symbol has other markings drawn with it to conjure spells. You might also see this symbol upside down with the point pointing straight down. No matter which way the star points, it is a pentagram.

The pentagram used to be a religious symbol for ancient Japanese and Chinese culture. It represented the five elements of life. It was a magical symbol in Japanese culture and was even used to symbolize some gods to the ancient Babylonians.

Believe it or not, the pentagram used to be a Christian symbol as well. The five points of the star represented the five wounds that were had by Jesus. Soon, the symbol of the pentagram was replaced by the cross we all know today but the pentagram was still recognized as a symbol of Christianity hundreds of years after the resurrection of Christ. Some will even content that the continuous line used to draw the pentagram was a symbol of the Alpha and Omega.

Academia influenced by Christians during the Enlightenment caused a rediscovery of Pythagoras’ interest in this symbol. The pentagram contains the Golden Ratio, but Pythagoras’ study was about more than mathematics. He allocated water, earth, fire and air to the lower 4 points of the pentagram and then put spirit on the top point. This arrangement of the points, depending on the mythology, indicates the order of the world. The Eastern Star Organization and Free Masons also used the pentagram as their symbol and often added additional symbolism.

Now comes what we know of the pentagram. In the Wicca religion, the symbol of the pentagram is used for protection of some sort. Neo-pagan and pagan groups use this symbol in almost all of their rituals as it represents the binding of the five elements, infinity and self-protection.

During the middle of the 1800’s, a magic researcher professed the inverted pentagram was symbolic of evil because it offered an inversion of the natural order. Specifically, it places the physical over the spirit. Ever since then, the inverted pentagram had connotations with black magic and the occult. In fact, the Church of Satan has copyrighted the inverted pentagram as their logo. They added a framing around the star and a goat’s head.

This leads us to current day where the pentagram is associated with anything evil, horror movies and thrillers. What this does is reinforce the they pentagram as a symbol of black magic, neo-paganism and the occult. However, as you can see from above, there are ways to represent this symbol in a fashion that doesn’t represent evil. It’s really up to you.

Therefore, the pentagram tattoo can represent many things. It is up to you to make it a tattoo that has meaning for you. Keep in mind that people will assume things with the pentagram tattoo. It’s not up to you to tell them what it means but you should be prepared for the looks.

Pentagram Tattoo Variations

We touched on it a bit above but there are different ways the pentagram can be displayed in tattoo form. Much of the symbolism around the pentagram is going to be what gives it its meaning. Below are a few ways we have seen the pentagram tattoo inked on the body.

Pentagram Tattoo

The basic pentagram is exactly what you imagine it to be. A five pointed star on the body. Many times, you will see the tattoo in bold lining and usually with darker shades like black or red. On the other hand, be a risk taker and make it pink!

Pentagram and Baphomet Tattoo

The pentagram tattoo with Baphomet is a sign of the occult. There is no question about your intentions when you get this symbol of evil added to your pentagram. It’s a dark image but we’re assuming this is what you were shooting for if you got it. The pentagram and Baphomet tattoo will symbolize the occult and evil.

Carved Pentagram Tattoo

Some people get really creative and get the carved look. Someone might actually get a pentagram carved into their skin, but you can also get away with having a tattoo artist give it that look. Just make sure you do your research and find an artist that will tattoo you in the way you were thinking.

If you need a recommendation on an artist, let us know because we can help.

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