Peony Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

For every peony tattoo, there are multiple great peony tattoo meanings, so it’s not too surprising at all that people like to get these flower tattoos. These flowering plants have a number of different looks for people to choose from and they look absolutely fantastic on the skin when inked by top tattoo artists.

If you are interested in getting one of these tattoos or are just curious about the different peony tattoo meanings that can be attached to them, keep reading.

Because the flower grows in a variety of colors, the peony is a beautiful symbol with a broad array of natural hues. You will find out that each of these varieties can come with its own meanings or you can even attach your own meanings to it, which is rare with any type of flower tattoo. It’s the type of tattoo that you can very easily make your own by choosing a color, a type, a style, and meanings that work best for you rather than having to stick with a default image.

The peony flowers create a gorgeous image due to their mass of soft, delicate petals that layer as the bud grows into a large and intricate bloom. These are the types of flower tattoos that work well on their own or with other images in the design. That soft look can sometimes be tough to design by itself, which is why many people like to put them on top of other images or simply give the peony a darker background so it can stand out a bit more. If you do use an extra image to make the flower stand out, you can add even more personal meanings to the tattoo.

Peony tattoos can be designed in nearly any color and still achieve a natural appearance since there are over thirty varieties of the plant. A lot of people will choose their peony tattoo colors based on what those colors represent rather than just focusing on the look of the flower itself. For example, if you added orange to the flower, you would be able to add happiness and joy as your meanings, while red could add love and strength.

Peonies are found growing naturally all over the Western world, as well as areas of Asia. Many species are native to specific areas and their individual appearance serves as a symbol of that location. If you are thinking about getting a peony design, you will want to find out the specific peony tattoo meaning that is attached to the one you like. If you are making a heritage tattoo, you could even add in some peonies to make the design that much more beautiful and meaningful.

The California peony has less volume and appears in darker, maroon and burgundy hues. The bud usually hangs heavily with bright yellow petals on the inside. This is one of the default peony looks that people like to use in their tattoos because it is darker and can look great on the skin with or without any additional images.

The Chinese peony is one of the most frequently seen in floral gardens although it is native across the span of Asia. It blooms in softer colors ranging from white to soft pink to magenta with large, layered petals. If you see someone who has a huge bouquet of peony flowers in their tattoo, chances are they have the Chinese arrangement since people really seem to love that softer look that they have. Plus, the Chinese are known for attaching some great meanings to every single one of their flowers, and a lot of people find that those are the meanings that they want to use.

Tree peonies are by far the most intricate and full in appearance and have been bred for many years with other varieties to create a unique look. They are regarded for their beauty and have been anciently used in Chinese medicine. This hybrid peony flower is often rendered as realistically as possible in tattoo design because of its ornate beauty. Like other species, it blooms in dozens of colors from many hues of white and pink to yellow and blends of pink and orange.

Three of the most common general peony tattoo meanings that people like to use are honor, wealth, and romance. Honor and wealth kind of go hand in hand because many people like to use the peony to represent their abilities to honor their families by achieving success in life. Obviously, this flower also works quite well for anyone who wants to use it in a love tattoo but does not want to use a rose or one of the other flowers that are commonly used in love-related pieces.

Many species of the peony flower grow with two blooms, creating an even fuller appearance. A lot of people like this unique look, which is why you will find that people choose to get the peony as their flower tattoo before they even know what the peony represents. Having multiple blooms in your design can also help to add in even more peony tattoo meanings, such as friendship or love.

Even when rendered in greyscale, the intricacy of the peony is more than enough detail and does not necessarily demand color. Many people assume that they lose some of the meanings that they want to use with their tattoos if they decide to go with the greyscale look, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that no matter what type of peony tattoo design you get, you can use any of the meanings listed on this page. The greyscale look just happens to work really well on the skin and a lot of people prefer it to full-color designs.

When not done realistically, a traditional style or watercolor style design works well with the multiple layers of the flower and full foliage that it grows out of. This doesn’t add in any other peony tattoo meanings, but it does help to bring the entire tattoo together. If you know that you want a peony flower tattoo but you don’t want to go with the realistic look, you should definitely consider getting it in one of these alternative styles. It makes the tattoo have a more artsy look that a lot of people are looking for these days.

Flower tattoos are usually quite detailed and complex to make, so you should definitely get a good tattoo artist to make your peony tattoo for you if you decide to get one. It’s a smart idea to tell your artist any of the peony tattoo meanings that you are planning on using since this will help them know how important the design is to you.

This extra information can also help them to suggest certain tweaks that can be made to the design to make it look that much better on your skin. You can pretty easily find a top tattoo artist in your area these days by making a quick internet search and looking through some reviews.

We hope you now have a better understanding of the many peony tattoo meanings that you can use and some of the ways that you can get these flower tattoos designed. They certainly aren’t the most popular flower tattoos in the world right now, but that is actually a good thing to some people because it gives them a chance to have something that is a bit different yet just as beautiful as some of the other flower tattoos.

If you are thinking about getting a peony tattoo, be sure that you figure out the meanings that you want to use with it, come up with some designs that you like, and then hire an artist who you feel can make it look great on your skin. Do all of that and chances are you will always be a proud peony tattoo owner.

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