Phases of the Moon Tattoo, Meaning, Design & Ideas

With its soft look and serene vibe it gives off, the moon has been attracting the interest of people for many years. In many cultures, the moon is honored and worshiped. There are many legends and myths that surround the moon and the specific phases of the moon.

If you talk to anyone who has studied the moon, they will tell you the moon has a powerful influence over us and nature. The full moon is said to be the most powerful and offers energy that is absorbed by all life. However, every phase of the moon has a different meaning.

Knowing the mystery behind the moon, it’s no surprise so many people have the phases of the moon tattoo. The moon alone is a mystery but then when you start to look at what each phase of the moon represents, then you have more information to digest. Therefore, we want to review the moon and all its phases. By doing so, we hope you will have a better understanding of why the phases of the moon tattoo are such a popular one.

Phases of the Moon and Symbolism

The cycle of the moon lasts 29.5 days. During the process of the full cycle, we pass through eight different phases of the moon. Below we will review what each phase symbolizes.

New Moon

There is no illumination that comes from the new moon. The only time it is visible is during a solar eclipse. Because it’s dark, it is the symbol of the beginning. Just as the seed starts underground, the new moon is in darkness on the verge of emerging to the world.

The time to set your goals and intentions is during the new moon. Because the energy of the moon starts now and gradually increases, it makes it the perfect time to start your journey along with the phases of the moon.

Waxing Crescent Moon

After the new moon, the moon goes through a β€œwaxing” process which means it’s growing in size while building up intensity and strength. The waxing crescent moon is only slightly illuminated. Less than half of the moon is visible. It is said that one can tap into the energy of moving forward and progressing as the moon is. Our goals are coming along, and we try to focus on things we want to grow in.

The time passed between the new moon and the waxing crescent is the time to set your new intentions into action. Stay positive and keep the process moving in route to finishing your goals. It is said the energy of the moon expanding is a supporting sign of meeting new people and supporting new ideas.

First Quarter Moon

This is also known as the half-moon. In terms of the germination process and a seed being planted, the seed now has sprouted roots and is in the process of moving forward and gaining strength. During this time, the symbolism is rooted in concentration, decision making and a vow to action.

It said that during the first quarter, you should keep pressing ahead. This might be the time when fears start kicking in and obstacles start to occur. It is important to forge ahead and not let those fears hold you back.

Waxing Gibbous

During this phase of the moon, it’s close to being fully illuminated but not there yet. Because it’s not completely full, this represents attaining and gaining. You can apply this idea to anything in life whether it is a relationship, money or friends.

The buds are fully showing but not quite blooming yet. At this point in the process of attaining your goals, you should start to fine-tune your ideas as the next step in the process is manifesting what is going on.

Full Moon

Ah, the full moon. It is illuminated and bright thanks to the position of the moon and being opposite the sun. This period of the moon phases, it represents change and completion of the goals. Your seed has finally bloomed into a beautiful flower.

The waning process has begun as the energy of the moon will never be as strong as it is when it is full. At this point, the energy starts to dissipate and get smaller. This is the time to release all the bad energy or relationships you have been dealing with.

This is also a time to be wary. You might have heard how strange things happen during the full moon and this is because the full moon is full of energy which creates intensity and tension. Use that energy to cleanse your soul and prepare for the next phase.

Waning Gibbous Moon

The moon is more than half illuminated at this but on its way down. This is the time to continue to release the bad habits and energy you started doing during the full moon. In addition, this time is also called the dissemination moon. It allows for revelation and heightened communication.

Last Quarter

The last quarter is when the moon is half illuminated and still decreasing. During this phase of the moon, it is the time for reflection on the goals you have accomplished. The seeds have bloomed, and the harvest has taken place. There is a sense of accomplishment at this time. It is also the time to keep releasing negative energy to get ready for the next cycle.

Waning Crescent Moon

This is also known as the Balsamic moon. It’s less than half illuminated at this point and the cycle of the moon is coming to an end before we start again. This is the time to rest and renew as when the new moon comes, it will be time to set new intentions and goals. This is the final release so rest and recuperate.

The phases of the moon tattoo can have a great deal of meaning depending on where we are in the cycle. The important thing is to remember that each phase holds new meaning so when the phases of the moon tattoo have been added to your body, you have essentially taken on the power to act responsibly. If you have any questions about your next tattoo or what artist to see, let us know.

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