Pine Tree Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

Pine tree tattoos are a unique type of tree tattoo that expresses the meaning of a long life and the adapt to grow and adapt. More specifically, pine tree tattoos are seen as a sign of serenity that allows the wearer to represent all the meanings of a tree tattoo but specifically focus on the peaceful statement that a pine tree tattoo portrays.

If you want to get a pine tree tattoo, there are a few meanings that you can take from the tattoo. You can also get the tattoo simply because you love how beautiful trees are. Trees are seen as living, breathing entities of this earth that live a long time. This could be one reason that you choose to get a pine tree tattoo.

You can show get the tattoo to represent someone who has lived a long life. You can get the tattoo in hopes that you will live a long life, or you can get the tattoo as a representation for a child that you want to live a long life. Long life, is just one reason you might be interested in a pine tree tattoo.

Another reason you could also choose to get a pine tree tattoo to represent your endurance through a tough chapter in your life or another loved one’s life. Pine trees are known to be very resilient trees that can survive brutal storms and are consistently living in harsh elements.

This is seen as a sign of durability and fortitude. If this sounds like you, then a pine tree tattoo might be a perfect selection for your next ink. If you know someone who you admire and have always wanted to get a tattoo to show your appreciation for them, such as a parent or inspirational figure in your life, then again, this tattoo might be perfect for you.

Some people choose to get a pine tree tattoo to represent the beauty of the tree and nature as a whole. If you live in Colorado and are used to seeing gorgeous pine trees as you drive through the mountains, then consider getting a pine tree tattoo to show a part of your life that is special to you. Pine trees have a brilliantly simple beauty that can be appreciated by the wearer as well as the viewer. You don’t have to have a significant meaning or deeply rooted reason for getting a pine tree tattoo. You can if you want to but when it comes to pine trees, the beauty is in eye of the beholder.

Pine tree tattoos are versatile and can be tattooed in all sorts of styles. You can get a pine tree tattoo in color, black and gray, detailed, cartoon-like, with other pine trees around in, singularly, with mountains, with animals. The list could go on and on. Look up some examples to see what you think would best suit your style.

There are also quite of few species of pine trees, so it might be worth your while, if your intention behind the tattoo is to have a special meaning, to investigate a specific type of pine tree that would best suit your needs. Some also choose to get roots underneath the pine tree to show how deeply rooted they are or how deeply rooted the meaning of their tattoo is.

When it comes to the size of your pine tree tattoo. The options are infinite. Go small and get a pine tree tattoo on your wrist or ankle. People also choose to go large and get a pine tree covering their entire back or leg. If you decide to go with multiple pine trees, a half sleeve would be an outstanding way of showing off your love for pine trees.

The wonderful thing about a pine tree tattoo is that whatever size you choose, it will be easy for your favorite tattoo artist to make the design proportional to your liking. This is one tattoo when getting it larger or smaller shouldn’t make that much of a difference to your artist. Consider a custom drawing as well since no pine tree looks the exact same, no pine tree tattoo should either. Even if you decide to get matching pine tree tattoos with your bestie, a cool difference could be how the branches are aligned on the trunk.

Another option when it comes to pine tree tattoos could be adding script to the tattoo. This will more clearly identify your meaning for getting a pine tree tattoo to everyone who sees it. It could also be a reminder to you like” keep growing” or “strength.” With beauty in its simple design, a pine tree tattoo has a lot of flexibility when it comes to your tattoo design. If you don’t want a tattoo with a lot of size and shape, and style restrictions, then a pine tree tattoo might be perfect for you.

Placement of your pine tree tattoo as mentioned before can practically be anywhere you choose. Since a pine tree is not restricted by size and can still be proportional no matter how small or large you get it, this is a perfect tattoo for anyone looking for their first or tenth tattoo. This tattoo can be tucked in with some of your other work, or you can get a little pine tree behind your ear to conceal it with your hair. There are pine tree tattoos done on the knuckles, wrists, calves, forearms etc. If you can think it, you can get it. Be creative. Look up some pictures online that might give you some additional inspiration.

Remember, this tattoo is for you and will be permanently on your body if you choose to get it. If you decide that you want a pine tree tattoo, make sure that you are getting it for a meaning that is special to you or because you think it is beautiful. Do some research and find a style that fits you and know that this tattoo can be placed basically anywhere on your body. You will not regret getting this pine tree and everyone who sees it will be just as impressed.

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