Pisces Tattoos, Meaning, Design & Ideas

Like most zodiac tattoos, Pisces tattoos come with some amazing meanings and could be the perfect design choices for people who happened to be born under that sign. There are a lot of images and meanings to choose from, though, so it’s a good idea to get to know some of your options before you commit to anything.

On this page we will look at what the Pisces is, some great Pisces tattoos, and some meanings you can attach to those tattoos.

The sign of Pisces is a symbol of duality and the fish, is a representation of the legendary sea creature Ichthyocentaur. The Ichthyocentaur is a centaur that features the tail of an enormous fish. They rule the tides in Ancient Greece and the two most prominent are involved in the myth of Aphrodite’s birth.

Two ichthyocentaurs lift the shell that holds newly born Aphrodites above the water. This is a very striking image that can look amazing in tattoo form, but anyone interested in it should plan to get it on an area of their bodies that can fit a larger tattoo design. You can also opt to get a silhouette of the creature if you want to save money and/or get a smaller tattoo.

In another legend, Aphrodite and her son Eros are forced to flee from peril into the sea, transforming into two fish in order to escape the clutches of a monster. They tie themselves together so that neither of them becomes lost. This can make for yet another outstanding Pisces tattoo image, but again, it is best as a larger piece for the back, chest, or stomach.

Both myths lend a duality to the sign of Pisces that explains the structure of the sign. The two curves, representing the fish, are inseparably tied, creating the perfect symbol of Pisces. What’s kind of great about both of those Pisces tattoos is that you can have a cool, large piece, but most people won’t recognize what it represents; that gives an added air of mystery to these tattoos.

Those born between March 13th and April 13th fall under this sign and are typically characterized as creative, compassionate, and incredibly kind. Anyone who happens to have all three of these qualities would probably love to have a Pisces tattoo. Even if you just take pride in one of those three, such as your creativity, you can opt to use just that one for your specific Pisces tattoo.

The Pisces sign is heavily connected to the element water and the fluidity that comes with it. That actually makes for multiple Pisces tattoo meanings. If you love the water and would love to be near it at all times, then you can use that meaning in your Pisces design. Likewise, you can also get a Pisces tattoo if you are the type of person who feels better when your life has a good “flow” to it. If these meanings are important to you, then you should try to incorporate water into your Pisces tattoo regardless of the symbol or image you choose to use.

The mythology of the constellation which the sign is named for is rooted in legends of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, which makes the Pisces that much more artistic and loving. You can use these meanings regardless of the Pisces symbol you get, but many people opt to get a larger design with one of the many classic images of Aphrodite in it.

Each Pisces symbol portrays the reliability and trusting nature of the Zodiac sign. If you are a Pisces and you take a lot of pride in being reliable or trustworthy, then any Pisces image could work to show those qualities off. There actually aren’t a lot of great symbols that represent trustworthiness, so this could be perfect for some Pisces who want to show pride in this trait. Similarly, people who know that you have a tattoo that symbolizes reliability will see how serious you are about being reliable and will often trust you quicker than they normally would.

Additionally, The Pisces sign shows the self-sacrificing and selfless Pisces lover who bonds easily to others in love and romance. Again, there simply aren’t very many ways for people to show that they have these types of qualities in tattoo form, so Pisces are quite lucky to have these meanings attached to their sign. You can get any Pisces tattoo that you want to show that you are an unselfish lover.

Dual fish are the most commonly used image to represent the sign of the Pisces in Pisces tattoos. The type of fish used can vary and adds different elements to the symbol. Most of these tattoo designs have two identical fish swimming in a circle, making it an excellent smaller Pisces tattoo. You can even be a bit creative with your design by picking specific fish that add even more meaning to your tattoo.

Koi fish are often used in Pisces tattoos as they serve as a symbol of friendship and love in Japan. Plus, they are very beautiful fish. This is a great design if two friends who happen to both be Pisces want to get friendship tattoos. The design is small enough that both people can hide them away on their feet or anywhere else on their bodies if they want to keep them private.

The long, beautiful and colorful-tailed Betta fish creates a more delicate and feminine image because their tails resemble flower petals. Women who don’t particularly care for the look of some of the more popular fish associated with Pisces tattoos might opt instead to get these Betta fish. Actually, these fish can add to the meaning that women take pride in their gender and love their feminine qualities.

Mermaids are sometimes used in place of fish, symbolizing a more modern form of the ichthyocentaur. Mermaids are already very popular tattoo images, so if you happen to like the look that they have in tattoos and you are a Pisces, then it might just be the perfect fit. These images work great as forearm tattoos or as larger pieces on the back.

Some people who were born under the sign opt to get their Pisces tattoos simply because they love the water. There are many tattoos that you can get to show you love the water, but you can check off two boxes if you also happen to love your sign. The two-fish symbol works well here since all you have to do is add some water in the background to add that extra meaning.

Because there are so many design options when it comes to Pisces tattoos, it’s very important that people who are interested in getting one of these designs take their time before settling on one. You might really like one of these Pisces designs mentioned here, but you might later on think that you should have added another image to complete the design. Like with all other zodiac sign tattoos, you really need to look over all of your options before you commit to anything.

If you plan on getting a Pisces tattoo, especially one of the more complex versions, then you simply have to find an artist in your area who can do the design justice. There are plenty of artists who either specialize in zodiac sign tattoos or have enough experience with them so you can know you’re in good hands. The huge advantage that you get from choosing one of these artists is that you know they understand how meaningful these pieces can be and they will take extra care to be sure that you end up with a Pisces tattoo that matches what you pictured in your head.

Pisces tattoos are both meaningful and beautiful, so if you do end up deciding to get one, there’s a great chance that you will end up loving it for the rest of your life. Just be sure to be patient when designing your Pisces tattoo and work with an artist who can give you what you imagined.

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