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David Corden

Tattoo Styles: Color Realism, 3D, Custom

Tattoo Profile: David went on to attend the Canterbury College of Art and Design. While he did gain a diploma in Graphic Design whilst there, he knew this wasn’t to be the career for him so upon leaving took a temporary job as a Ventilation Engineer. A temporary job that would become a career of over 15 years. During all of this time any thoughts of working as an artist left him but it was upon getting his first tattoo, a design of his own, that it all changed. His tattooist and one day boss, Jim Gambell, saw potential in David and asked to see more of his drawings. It would be four years before David walked back through the doors of Ritual Art Tattoo with his portfolio but Jim still saw the same potential and offered him a job as his apprentice. The rest, as they say, is history.

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