Planets Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Going back to childhood, the universe and planets were always a topic of discussion. Many kids wanted to be astronauts when they grew up, so they could visit all the planets we read about in the books.

We wanted to go to the moon to see if it was made of cheese. We wanted to go to Mars to see if there were any aliens living there. We also wanted to go to Saturn to check out those rings up close. No matter your favorite planet, space has always been a topic of interest for most kids and for many of us, the interest followed us into adulthood.

In this post, we will talk about the different variations of the planets tattoo and talk about the symbolism behind each of the examples. By the end of the post, we hope you have a better idea of what each planet represents and how one might be more fitting for your personality than another.

Planets Tattoo Variations

The planets can be tattooed in a plethora of ways and styles. You might find individual planet tattoos, or you might see a solar system tattoo. Like our universe, the options seem unlimited. Below we will discuss some of the variations of planet tattoos and what they symbolize. In most cases, it’s best to talk to the person with the tattoo to decipher its meaning but here we can talk about the symbolism we have learned about when it comes to these planet’s tattoos.

The solar system has been a main focal point since the beginning of time. Initially an incredible discovery, the planets have come to symbolize so much to many. Particularly through horoscopes, the planets have become a commonplace symbol. Though the solar system in its entirety holds significant meaning, specific planets and their meanings have significant meaning to those who’ve had them tattooed.

Earth’s Moon Tattoo

Closest to Earth of all listed, our moon tends to have a hold over emotional needs, feelings and wants. Intuition, instincts, and consciousness play a large role in what the moon tends to oversee. Emotions, and how you share with others, hold a significance that other planets don’t acknowledge.

The moon is particularly associated with family, which plays a large part in everyone’s life, though holds such significance in more apparent emotions such as anger, fear, pleasure, joy and confidence. The Moon is known to expose emotions that have been kept hidden, most likely controversial or confrontational, though can also expose such insecurities to those close to you who may have no knowledge.

Mars Tattoo

One of the most common planets to have tattooed is Mars, one of the planets leaving you the most energetically charged. Known specifically and scientifically as the “red planet,” Mars, though the second smallest planet in the galaxy, is known as the most likely inhabitable planet in the Milky Way galaxy. Typically, an indication of inner strengths, Mars is known for indicating motivation, confidence, strength, and stamina.

Popularly known as the ultimate motivator, Mars gives you the energy to power everyday life, to power and express your anger, and to promote sexual drive as well as insight into what you crave emotionally in a relationship. As it’s said, according to basic astrology, if you were born on stationary Mars, you’re known as a person of action. If born in retrograde, your energy comes internally, potentially even confined to internal.

Saturn Tattoo

Saturn is commonly known in astrology as the energizing planet. Typically expressing ambition, vibrant life lessons, and adequacy, Saturn is also known to be more practical, implying a need for limitations and boundaries, through many different outlets, spanning over career and life goals and beyond. If born in Saturn retrograde, you’re known for your choices in success and failure. Born in stationary Saturn, you’re known for your discipline and determination to succeed.

Mercury Tattoo

Mercury is known in astrology as the symbol of communication. Specifically, it defines communication style as well as the thought process and problem-solving. Typically, those who are born in a stationary Mercury are communicative thinkers. If born in stationary, you’re well known for thought and communication. In retrograde, you’re known for your intuition and introspection.

Venus Tattoo

Venus tends to hold a more romantic meaning in astrology. It is said to affect who and how you attract others. Those born under Venus tend to be more social and romantic, with more insight into what you want in your personal life, including relationships – both romantic and interpersonal, as well as your perception towards the quality of life in many various aspects and your social and personal abilities.

Born in retrograde, you’re known for being rich in finances both monetarily and in romantic relationships. Born in a stationary Venus indicates a predominant social life with heavy ambition for romantic and financial success.

Jupiter Tattoo

Astrologically, Jupiter is known as the more ethical, philosophical, and cautious personality. Suggested as a governing planet, Jupiter is said to point out your faults and truths, abundances and lack thereof, and a search for general knowledge. Jupiter is about understanding your environment and planet and seeking out how to better both. In retrograde, you’re known for being philosophical and holding strong beliefs in whatever strongly speaks to you. Born in stationary Jupiter, you tend to have very strong opinions and principles.

Neptune Tattoo

Neptune is generally considered a more gullible personality, pointing out illusion, imagination and deception. It also heavily includes a large sense of creativity. Blending the area between reality and illusion can veil situations that need to be in the open and seen such as addictions of all sorts, even pointing out a level of control over such.

Born in retrograde, Neptune tends to supply an escape from reality. In stationary, provides a sensational feeling of being artistic, though may be an unrealistic impression.

Whatever tattoo you decide to get, we hope you find the right artist to take care of it for you. If you would like a second opinion on where to get your ink done, let us know and we will do that for you. Happy hunting!

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