Plant Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Plant tattoos, also known as botanical tattoos, are an excellent way for nature lovers to share with the world a small piece of who they are. Believe it or not, every plant tattoo that you see has some kind of meaning that represents the owner, and sometimes it is the most important ink that someone has on their body.

If you are interested in getting one of these designs, check out the information below to see why plant tattoos have become so popular and why they will probably continue to be popular for decades to come.

Unlike most other tattoo ideas, plant tattoos can work for just about everyone since there are so many plants to choose from and different meanings that are attached to each plant. The fact is that the majority of the plants that are out in the wild today have been around much longer than people have, so it’s not too surprising that they all have such significant meanings. Even better, most plants have multiple meanings that you can use, and you don’t have to use all of them if some don’t work for your personality.

Easily the most popular plant tattoos that people get are flower tattoos. In these cases you can get what are considered to be the most beautiful plants in existence and at least one fantastic meaning as well. Since there are so many great flower tattoos, it can be a bit tough to find the perfect one. We recommend first choosing five to 10 flowers that are attractive to you and then choosing the one that has meanings that make sense to you. You can get the flower by itself or combine it with other designs to add to those meanings.

Vine designs are certainly growing in popularity thanks to their cool looks and their excellent meanings. Vines represent evolution, so you can get one of these designs if you want to show that you are proud of the changes that you have made throughout your life or the changes that will be made. In one way it is a source of pride, in another it is a motivational symbol that people can use to get the most out of their lives.

Another great plant tattoo idea is the leaf tattoo. Similar to the vine tattoo, leaves symbolize the life cycle. This is an amazing tattoo to get if you want a design that represents your acceptance of life and death and your willingness to always put all of your effort into bettering yourself. As with flowers, though, the specific leaf you choose will have slightly different meanings than all of the others.

Tree tattoos are also quite common because they are both attractive and they allow people to honor their families in a unique way. Trees are sometimes used in landscape designs, but most people like to get trees to represent their family trees. Some of these designs have family member’s names on them, while others will just be the trees themselves. The type of tree you choose will mostly be for aesthetic reasons, but some do come with their own meanings.

Even though there are plenty of people who get their plant tattoos with just the plants in their designs, some people opt to instead include plants in larger designs. For example, you can include a flower in a larger love tattoo design. If you know all of the meanings that you want to be represented in your tattoo, then definitely consider adding in the plant you like and some other images that symbolize the same things.

One of the newest plant tattoo styles that people love is the floral sleeve tattoo design. When done well, these can be some of the most attractive tattoos around since they usually have vibrant colors and plenty of detail. Best of all, they hold the meanings of everything included in the theme, making them the total package for some folks.

After you’ve come up with a plant tattoo that means a lot to you, then it comes time to figure out how you want it to be designed. Plants have some pretty odd shapes most of the time, so it can be a challenge to fit them on your body correctly. Some people don’t mind them being a bit tilted on their skin, while others prefer to have all of their tattoos go along the natural lines of their bodies.

This will come down to your tastes and how you want your tattoos to be perceived. The key is to have your tattoo designed the way you want it and then figure out a place where it fits on your body. All that matters at the end of the day is that you are happy with your design and its placement.

Once you have a plant tattoo design that you love, then you will want to find an artist who can do the work for you. Many do have experience making plant tattoos, but you will want to find the best one that you can since you want to be proud of the plant tattoo that you get. There are a lot of great tattoo artists out there these days, so just a little bit of research should be enough for you to find one in your area who you can trust. Just don’t walk into the nearest shop and hope for the best.

Hopefully now you can see why plant tattoos have become so popular all across the globe. Most are quite beautiful and have meanings that do a great job of explaining who the owner is as a person.

While it’s true that there are hundreds of great plant tattoos to choose from, it’s actually rather easy to narrow that list down to the ones that make sense for you. Just do a little bit of research on the top plant tattoos and you should be able to find one or two that you will be proud to wear on your skin.

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