Playboy Tattoo Meaning

For young men, Hugh Hefner was always someone we looked up to. He was a legend to many of us because he was always hanging around beautiful women and who wouldn’t aspire to do that. Not only that, but women also aspired to be what we know as a Playboy Bunny. For the women, this is a title that means you are one of the most beautiful women around or you wouldn’t be part of the playboy crew or be in the Playboy Magazine.

There is a lot to the story of Playboy Magazine and all that it represents. It all starts with Hugh Hefner, who was the brainchild behind this iconic magazine and lifestyle. It is so big, in fact, that many people choose to have tattoos representing the company and lifestyle. In most cases, you will see the logo of the company, or what they call the Playboy Bunny, tattooed on the person’s body. It doesn’t matter if it is a guy or girl, this image is well known and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know what the image is.

In this article we are going to talk about Hugh Hefner and his prized creation, Playboy Magazine. We will talk about how it became what it was and how this magazine, along with the symbol of the Playboy Bunny ended up being so iconic. We will discuss the meaning behind the image and talk about what it means to those that have the tattoo. We will also talk about some of the variations of this tattoo and if it changes meaning when coupled with other images. We hope you have more informed view of the playboy tattoo when all is said and done.

The Story of Playboy

For most men, Playboy has long been a part of their lives in some capacity. Whether we were younger trying to sneak a magazine or trying to be like Hugh Hefner himself, Playboy has played a big role.

Hugh Hefner decided on January 10, of 2011 that he wanted to make the magazine a bigger part of his personal life by buying the rest of the stock that he didn’t already own. He wanted to take the magazine back to its roots and back to what it was originally supposed to be.

In talking about the roots of Playboy Magazine, we have to go back to Chicago in 1953 where Hefner had an apartment and had been working on starting his own magazine after he was not given a five dollar raise while working as a copywriter at Esquire magazine. To start his mission, Hugh raised over $8,000 to create the first ever issue of Playboy Magazine. In this issue, the main point of interest would be nude photos of Marylyn Monroe. The first issue of Playboy ended up selling 54,000 copies and ended up being an immediate hit with people. As the interest and popularity of the magazine grew, the team at Playboy tried to keep the magazine as classy as they could with a side of sophistication. They did this by allowing authors like Vladimir Nabokov and John Updike write fiction stories that would be placed right next to the centerfolds of the magazine. Even though Playboy helped spark the sexual revolution of the 60’s, they started to feel pressure from other racier and newer magazines like Hustler and Penthouse. They even played with the idea of showing more explicit pictures but ended up choosing to stay with a more tasteful style. Heading into the 70’s, it was said that a quarter of all college guys bought Playboy Magazine. They ended up going public in 1971 and by 72’, the circulation of the magazine got up to 7 million.

But alas, the days of glory have passed for the magazine and with the easy of finding online pornography and magazines like FHM and Maxim, Playboy has taken a hit. Part of the reason Hefner decided to buy all the stocks is because they were in debt of $115 million and so he figured he would get back to what the magazine was. In addition, the Playboy brand is on everything these days, so he took advantage of what he created.

Playboy Tattoo Meaning

So now we get to the meaning of the Playboy tattoo. In most cases you are talking about a tattoo with the Playboy bunny. It is an iconic American symbol but is well known all over the world.

For women, the Playboy bunny symbol is a sexy one to have. The image is linked to beautiful naked women so when a woman has this tattoo, she is saying she is on that level. She may not want to pose nude but as far as being a sexy, sensual woman, the Playboy bunny tattoo is a great way to represent that idea. Some might get the wrong impression from a woman having this tattoo but to us, it tells a story of having confidence and knowing or feeling like they’re sexy.

For men, the idea is a little different. Many guys getting this tattoo think or are trying to put off a vibe of being a “playboy” which means you are successful with the ladies. Whether you are or not, your Playboy tattoo will get you a lot of attention. Some women might be turned off by seeing that as they might think the guy is a player but in other cases, someone might appreciate that. Either way, the Playboy tattoo for a guy represents a fondness for women.

The Playboy tattoo meaning revolves around sexuality, playfulness, being a player, fantasy, eroticism, and seduction. If you end up seeing someone with this tattoo, know that they are probably pretty comfortable with the seductive side of life and look at things through that spyglass.

If you are looking for a tattoo artist to complete your own Playboy tattoo, take your time looking. You want to make sure you are comfortable with your choice and if you aren’t sure of a tattoo artist and need some help, reach out to us and we’ll make a recommendation.

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