Plumeria Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

There may be a bunch of flowers that people think of before they land on the Plumeria, but the truth is that plumeria tattoos are right near the top of the list when it comes to great flower tattoos to get.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about plumeria tattoos so you can decide for yourself if it’s the right type of flower tattoo for you or not.

What’s great about plumeria tattoos is that they both look nice on the skin and they have a bunch of great meanings to choose from. This can create a bit of a problem for some people, though. Since there are multiple meanings to choose from, it can be a challenge for those who are looking for a tattoo that really nails down who they are. Well, that might be the wrong way to look at it.

Instead, if you like a plumeria tattoo design, then it’s more about finding just one meaning that represents a quality that you love about yourself. You don’t have to attach every plumeria tattoo meaning to your specific design.

The ancient Mayans were perhaps the first people to see the full beauty of the plumeria flower. There are glyphs and other pieces of Mayan art that prominently include this flower. No one knows for sure, but they seemed to find some kind of connection between the sun and the plumeria, which some people see as representing life itself. If you simply love life, then a plumeria tattoo, perhaps in the old Mayan style, might be a great option for you.

Plumeria flowers and plumeria tattoos have also long been very popular in Hawaiian culture. The meanings used are actually quite similar to those used by the Mayans, and Hawaiians included the plumeria in many of their art pieces and their tattoos. If you are Hawaiian yourself or simply want to show your pride in your Hawaiian ancestry, then you might be perfect for a plumeria tattoo. This is also one of the most popular flowers to add to larger Hawaiian tattoos.

Some people will get their plumeria tattoos simply because they remind them of the ocean. These flowers are often found right near the edge of bodies of water, so they work quite well for people who have a love of swimming or simply being near the water. Those who are looking to get a landscape tattoo, such as one near the beach, might find that adding some plumeria flowers to their designs brightens it up a bit and adds even more meaning.

Another simple yet great plumeria tattoo meaning is life. Those who have a true love of life might find this to be the perfect flower tattoo to show that since it is so beautiful and works both alone and with other images that have this meaning. The best way to express this meaning in a plumeria tattoo is to have the flower opening up. You can also add in the sun to make this meaning even more obvious.

As far as design goes, you can get plumeria tattoos in a variety of different ways. The most common way to get them is in their actual colors of pink, orange, and white. That’s not your only option, though. You might like all-black tattoos, in which case you might love the way that the plumeria looks in those colors.

You will also have to choose whether you want one flower or multiple since that can change the shape and size of your design. You might also want to add in more images, in which case you need to think about the whole size and shape of your design before committing to a place to put it.

A very popular way to get plumeria tattoos is to add birds to the design, especially if those birds add even more meaning to the tattoo. You can have the birds flying above or around the plumeria flowers depending on how large the design is and where it is placed. You’ll also need to think about how the colors of the birds you’re interested in work with the colors of the plumeria flower.

Since plumeria tattoos often represent one’s love for the ocean, many people decide to add other oceanic images. For example, plumeria tattoos can look great with crabs, sharks, dolphins, and just about any other sea life you can think of. Again, these creatures can add even more meaning, so you should definitely do your homework on them before you add them to the design. You might find that the creature you choose actually enhances the plumeria tattoo meanings that you are using.

If you plan on getting a plumeria tattoo, you will need to think long and hard about placement. If you are getting multiple flowers in your tat, then they might work well going along your foot or across your shoulder. A single plumeria flower could look amazing on your forearm. Get multiple designs drawn up so you can get a better idea of how your tattoo will look on your skin.

It’s also vital that you find a tattoo artist who can make your plumeria tattoo look as good as possible on your skin. Flower tattoos are very common, so you’re kind of in luck in this department. The majority of tattooists out there have done plenty of flower tattoos, so you should have no problem finding someone whom you can trust to do your plumeria tattoo design.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why plumeria tattoos could be the perfect flower tattoos for some people. There are a bunch of great design options to choose from, and even more meanings. If you feel like the look and symbolism of the plumeria is right for you, then all you have to do is come up with a design you like and find an artist in your area who can make it look great on you.

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